Best Ear Plugs For Sleeping

Are you always being woken up throughout the night by outside noises? If you live in any metropolitan area, then you're likely to have cars, neighbours, planes, a snoring partner or even just people walking by disturbing you sleep.

If you're anything like me, you need total silence to be able to fall asleep no matter how tired I am. Ear plugs can be a great solution to this problem allowing you to get to sleep quickly.

But how much difference can there be between different earplug products? This is a common question, but there are many differences between each product, and this guide will walk you through the things you need to look out for and the features that will benefit you. This will allow you get a higher quality of sleep that you're currently missing out on.

Once you've finished reading the guide, you'll have the knowledge of the best earplugs for sleeping.

1. Moldex Spark Ear Plugs


Moldex earplugs are one of the market leaders when it comes to the earplug market. To give you an idea of how effective they are, they are commonly used within the construction industry, and they are the best that we have found for blocking out external noise

These earplugs are made of extra soft and light foam and are shaped to fit into the ear canal perfectly. The snug fit seals gently without adding any pressure. They are so comfortable that it's easy to forget that you're even wearing them

Because they are made using foam, the foam will expand or contract to fit the shape of your ear, as foam contours to the shape.

The earplugs have received an independent noise reduction rating of 33 which is the highest rating an era plug can receive so its clear to see that they will be effective. Due to having this rating, it is also the best earplugs for snoring, so you can easily block out the noise of a disruptive partner.

Even if you're a side sleeper, they are still comfortable, and although a standard box of 200 may seem like overkill, it is hygienic to replace them regularly, so you'll soon see that 200 is an adequate amount.

Moldex earplugs are head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to earplugs. They have an almost universal fit due to the foam expanding and contracting so you don't need to worry about whether they will fit you. They also come in a range of quantities to suit your budget, though you won't go wrong starting with a pack of 200.


  • Can fit even the small ear canals and can expand to fit the largest
  • Smooth surface that will not irritate your skin
  • Noise reduction rating of 33 - the highest possible rating.
  • Comfortable regardless of your sleeping position
  • Extremely affordable

2. Howard Leight Laser Lite Ear Plugs


Closely behind the Moldex earplugs are the Howard Leight laser lite earplugs. Constructed from low-pressure polyurethane foam that expands slowly within the ear canal for a comfortable noise-free experience.

Similar to the Moldex Spark earplugs they also have the maximum noise reduction rating for earplugs at 33. This means it will comfortably block out external noise. However, you may need to set your alarm slightly louder or have it on vibrate.

It has a distinct T-shape which allows fitting snugly into the ear so you can also sleep on your side just as comfortably. This T shape contour also prevents the earplug from slipping too far into your ear canal.

If you decide not to purchase the Moldex earplugs, this is a great substitute and is equally just as affordable while being just as effective. The bright pink and yellow colours may put some people off, but it's about function not looks, and these will improve the quality of your sleep.


  • T-shape to contour your ear for easy insertion.
  • Cell foam skin prevents dirt and bacteria build up
  • Foam material expands to block out external noise
  • Noise reduction rating of 33 - the highest possible rating.
  • Extremely affordable

3. Macks Soft Silicone Ear Plugs


Mack's silicone putty earplugs mould to the unique contours of any ear. The earplugs are made from non-toxic and non-allergenic silicone and are perfect if you live on a busy street or next to a snoring partner. 

Silicone earplugs are easy to fit into the ear, but they can take a few days to get used to as they feel slightly different from the conventional foam earplug. However, they can provide a better more comfortable fit than the traditional earplug.

They can also be used to help prevent swimming infections and used post surgery so you can see how effective they can be at protecting your ears from loud noises.

Silicone earplugs are still relatively new to the market; however they are quickly becoming very popular amongst ear plug wearers as they provide a more custom fit to conventional earplugs while not costing much more.

For some people, they can take a few nights to get used to, but then you will see the quality of your sleep rise significantly.


  • Silicone ear plugs contour to the shape of your ear for a snug fit
  • Don't need to be fully inserted deep into the ear canal like traditional ear plugs.
  • Comes in a handy shatterproof carry case for easy storage
  • Made from non-toxic and non-allergenic materials
  •  A superb alternative to the traditional foam ear plug

4. Macks Ultra Ear Plugs


Some wearers need the utmost comfort when wearing earplugs and Mack's ultra soft earplugs are one of the comfiest earplugs on the market. They are crafted using state of the art low-pressure tapered foam which when inserted into the ear expand inside the ear canal to block out any outside noise.

This tapered design makes them easy to remove once you're finished wearing them. Tests have also shown that they have a noise reduction rating of 32 decibels which puts it among the best earplugs.

They don't block out as much noise as the earplugs higher in the list, but this could be useful if while you sleep, you still need to be alert for example if you have a baby in the same room.

These earplugs allow you to sleep on your front back or side without any discomfort throughout your sleep. Products often come over from the US with unnecessary hype, but these live up to their reputation.


  • T-shape to contour your ear for easy insertion.
  • Ultrasoft foam for the most comfortable experience
  • Foam expands within the ear canal to block noise
  • Noise reduction rating of 32 decibels
  • Come in a handy jar for easy storage

5. Bio Ears Soft Silicone Ear Plugs


Introducing another set of silicone earplugs by the name of BioEars. These silicone earplugs are not inserted into the ear canal but sit on top of the ear which can make it more comfortable for sleeping. You press the silicone down gently until it fits snugly.

They are not quite as effective as Macks silicone earplugs, but they are still very comfortable and do not cause pressure on the ear canal like some traditional earplugs tend to do by nature.

It has to be noted that the noise reduction rating is significantly lower than the other products listed in the guide and has a decibel rating of 22. This rating is fine for moderate noises and sounds, but if you want to block out heavy snoring or loud, disturbing traffic then you'll want to choose earplugs with a higher noise reduction rating.

These silicone earplugs can be effective if you don't like the fit of traditional earplugs, however, these will not block out as much noise so you may still be woken up throughout your sleep by external noises. If you want to go ahead and try a silicone ear plug, we'd recommend Mack's version that was listed earlier in the guide.


  • Silicone is softer compared to foam earplugs and easier to fit
  • Each earplug has a anitmicrobial layer to keep it germ and bacteria free
  • Can be used up to three times before they need to be replaced

What are Sleeping Ear Plugs

An earplug is a small device inserted into a users ear which blocks out the sound of external loud or disrupting noises. Once the user has finished using them, they are easily removed from the ears and can often be used many times.

Types of Earplugs

Custom fit sleep ear plugs

These are made by a hearing healthcare provider where a professional takes an impression mould of your ear, which is then sent off to an earplug manufacturer who then uses the mould to create a custom pair of earplugs just for you.

These are often the best solution but hugely expensive and not necessary for the majority of people unless you sleep next to an airport runway.

Disposable sleeping earplugs

Earplugs are normally made from a soft foam type material which gives added comfort. They are designed only to be used once or twice then need to be disposed of and replaced with a new pair. Because of this, they are more affordable and usually come in a tub with a minimum of around 20 pairs.

Mouldable earplugs

If the traditionally shaped earplug doesn't fit comfortably in your ear or you don't like the feeling of the foam, then a mouldable earplug is the perfect solution. These ear plugs are made from silicone or wax material and then can be moulded into the shape of the ear by the user.

Reusable sleeping earplugs

These are usually made from more durable plastic or soft silicone material. This durability means they can be used for several nights of sleep before they need to be replacing.

Best Sleeping Ear Plugs Buying Guide

There are several factors that you need to understand and take into consideration before you purchase ear plugs for sleeping. We have explained each of these factors below to make the buying process even easier.

Type of material

Ear plugs are typically made using either foam, silicone, polymer or wax. We'd recommend that you either use earplugs made from either foam or wax.

Foam earplugs are made from a polyurethane material which once inserted into the ear will expand slightly to plug it, entirely blocking out all noise effectively.

Wax earplugs melt slightly when it comes into contact with the warm inside of your ear, which then allows it to mould to the shape of your ear canal to stop you from hearing any outside noise.


The majority of people select the cheapest earplugs that are available, and when their quality of sleep doesn't improve, they conclude that earplugs don't work. When in fact it was because they purchased ineffective earplugs.

Even the most pricey sleeping earplugs are still inexpensive so the price shouldn't have such a tremendous impact on your final decision.

Noise reduction rating

The amount of noise you're trying to block out will alter the noise reaction rating that you need your earplugs to be. However, for the average person trying to block out the usual external noises, the standard earplug rating will be enough.

Comfort when sleeping

It's essential that the earplug fits snugly in your ear and are comfortable. Do not fight through this if it's not comfy as it will make it harder for you to get to sleep. Foam and wax earplugs are incredibly comfortable and will enhance your sleep quality.

Easy to use

You don't want to buy a set of earplugs that are complicated to use that will waste time. The earplugs within this guide are all easy to use and insert into your ears so you can get straight to sleep.

Dermatologically safe

The ear is a vital part of the body so you shouldn't just use any. The earplugs recommended in this guide are safe to be placed into your ears, but be sure to follow the instructions carefully.


It's essential that you choose an earplug that fits your ear, so it effectively blocks out the external noise. For example, if you have small ears, but the earplugs are too large then they will protrude making sleeping on your side uncomfortable.

Foam & wax earplugs both shape to the inside of your ear without causing damage or pressure.

Closing Remarks

You now have all the knowledge you need to purchase the best earplugs for your needs. You can't go wrong with any that are recommended in this guide. If earplugs still aren't your preferred method of blocking out noise, then a white noise machine could be your solution.

But of course, we recommend the Moldex Spark ear plugs as the product that is the most effective and provides the most value.

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