Best Headphones for Sleeping

Finding the best headphones for sleeping can make a huge difference to the quality of your sleep. Anyone who has to sleep with a snoring partner knows how much this can negatively impact how much sleep you get each night.

Noise cancelling headphones for sleeping can be a great solution to block out external noise and provide you with your own choice of comforting music to help you get to sleep quicker and stay asleep for longer.

Even if you don't sleep with a noisy partner, you may find it easier to sleep with music, or you may be a light sleeper that is often woken up by other external noises such as traffic, noisy neighbours or planes.

There are a large number of new brands that are entering the market each week so with all the choice it can be different even to know how to separate the products and know which ones are superior. We will show you the best headphones for sleeping and all the factors you need to consider before making a decision.

Find the Best Headphones for Sleeping

Product Name
Navly Sleep Bluetooth Headphones
VZ Sport Mate Sleep Earbuds
AcousticSheep SleepPhones
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Multi Bluetooth Headband Sleep Headphones
Navly Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sports Headband...
Sleep Earbuds Sleeping Noise Isolation Headphones...
AcousticSheep SleepPhones v.6 Classic Fleece...
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Product Name
Navly Sleep Bluetooth Headphones
Navly Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sports Headband...
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Product Name
VZ Sport Mate Sleep Earbuds
Sleep Earbuds Sleeping Noise Isolation Headphones...
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Product Name
AcousticSheep SleepPhones
AcousticSheep SleepPhones v.6 Classic Fleece...
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Most Popular
Product Name
Multi Bluetooth Headband Sleep Headphones
Sleep Headphones,Wireless Headphones...
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1. Navly Sleep Bluetooth Headphones


Easy and Comfortable Listening

This Bluetooth headband makes it easy and comfortable to listen to music while you sleep.

This means you don’t have to use uncomfortable earphone and you can connect the headband to any Bluetooth enabled device within a 45-foot range. The headband has an ultralow-power inbuilt 240mAh high capacity battery that is also rechargeable. This battery requires just 2 hours of charging that will provide you with 8 hours of playtime.

Perfect Headphones for Side Sleepers

The headband speakers are 12.5mm stereo which stays securely in place whether you’re sleeping or even running. These are even suitable for side sleepers, and they effectively block out noise without falling out as earplugs would.

Because the speaker is slimline and one-third thinner than the average speaker, it makes it comfortable to sleep on your side. The speakers in the headband aren’t in a fixed position so you can adjust them to your desired position to make sure that you’re completely comfortable.

Washable Headphones For Sleeping

In terms of hygiene, the fabric liner can be detached from the Bluetooth component, which means that you can give the fabric a full wash to get rid of any bacteria or germs.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 45-foot range
  • Blocks Out Noise Effectively
  • Ultra-Low Power Rechargeable Battery
  • Suitable for Side Sleepers

2. VZ Sport Mate Sleep Earbuds

Best Earbuds For Sleeping


Earbuds For Sleeping

Finally, there is an earbud solution for sleeping with these VZ sport sleep earbuds. Made from ultra-flexible soft silicon that has an ultra-sleek design which means they are compact enough to fit in your ear without feeling them even if you sleep on your side.

They also won’t fall out of your ear throughout the night, and the silicone material provides you with 24 hours of comfort.

Noise Cancelling Earbuds For Sleeping

Whether you like to listen to music as you sleep or white noise, these earbuds will make it easier for you to fall asleep. The earbuds have double-layered earplugs which are not only suitable for all ear types but also have noise isolation technology to block out exterior sounds. These are ideal for people who struggle to fall asleep.

Optimal Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, it has a balanced and dynamic range of sounds for you to enjoy while only weighing 10g, so you’ll barely feel they’re in your ears. It has a gold plated plug for added quality and durability plus it also has in-line controls so you can quickly take calls using the microphone or pause/play music.

The cord measures 1.2 metres and has a tangle-free design so you don’t end up with unwanted knots.


  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Noise Isolation Technology
  • Suitable for Side Sleepers
  • In-line Control
  • Excellent Sound Quality

3. CozyPhones Sleep Headphones


Comfortable and Easy To Wash

Introducing the original CozyPhones which incorporate an ultra-thin cushioned speaker that is removable so you can easily wash the headband. There is a durable 52-inch cable which gives you ample room to move throughout the night without it disconnecting from your device.

Lightweight Sleep Headphones

The headband is lightweight, comfortable and can be pulled down over your eyes to double up as a sleep mask. This gives you the perfect way to relax and fall asleep, especially if you have trouble drifting off.

The sleeping mask feature also means that you can block out external light, giving you a more peaceful sleeping experience.

Built to Last

The headband is built to last and has a durable 52-inch braided cord which won’t tangle or twist. It has a sturdy 3.5 mm stereo plug is compatible with all your favourite music devices to you can easily connect them.

Also included is a 100% money-back guarantee to give you added peace of mind if for any reason you’re not happy. There is also a handy travel bag included so you can keep them in the best condition.


  • Ultra-thin Cushioned Speaker
  • Ideal for side sleepers
  • Doubles up as sleep mask
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Includes Travel Bag

4. Multi Bluetooth Headband Sleep Headphones

best Sleep-Headphones

3 in 1 Headphones

These sleep headphones have a 3-1 capability which can be used as Sleep Headphones & Eye Mask & Sports Headband.

This allows you to listen to music using extra headphones over a sleeping mask and is comfortable even if you sleep on your side. The headphones have an inbuilt battery that is chargeable via USB which can charge in just 2 hours to provide you with 10 hours of playback time.

High Quality Sound and In Built Technology

The headphones have high-quality sound with lossless music, which can be controlled with its in-line volume function, which also allows you to answer hands-free calls. There is also a microphone so you can clearly make and receive calls.

Comfortable and Lightweight Headphones

The headband is comfortable to wear due to being soft and lightweight, which is delivered through a durable braided cord with a mesh lining that promotes airflow to keep you cool. This material stretches to accommodate all head sizes whilst also being hypoallergenic.

Machine Washable

The speakers are also washable as long as you remove the battery first! The speakers are only 0.25 inches in width, so they are still comfortable for side sleepers, and they’re compatible with any device that has Bluetooth capabilities.

365 Day Peace Of Mind Warranty

You will receive excellent after-sales service, which is also accompanied with a 365 warranty which entitles you to a refund or replacement if you aren’t 100% happy.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Soft and Lightweight
  • 3 in 1 capability (Headphones, Sleep Mask & Sports Headband)
  • In-line Volume control and microphone
  • USB Chargeable

5. AcousticSheep SleepPhones

acoustic sheep sleepphones

Most Comfortable Headphones for Sleeping

SleepPhones have made a substantial positive impact in the US market and have now made their way over to the UK. The brand claims that they are the worlds most comfortable headphones for sleeping, so of course, with a claim like this, we had to check them out!

Designed With Sleep in Mind

First of all, the product has been designed by a medical doctor who suffered from not being able to listen to music comfortably when sleeping and knew there had to be a better way.

SleepPhones are the first set of headphones that were designed specifically for sleeping in bed. Since then there has been a flood of brands trying to break into the market.

Great Headphones For Side Sleepers

These headphones have built-in flat speakers which are within a comfy headband which allows you to sleep in any position, even on your side. The speakers make it great for listening to sounds of any types such as music, white noise, audiobooks or podcasts.

Smart Phone Integration

The audio jack can fit into all modern MP3 players and smartphones so there should be no compatibility issues.

Full Adjustable Sleep Headphones

The Headphones feature a full range of padding to make them comfortable for the whole night. They also come in a variety of sizes and colours depending on your head size or the amount of hair you have. The actual headphone part of the headband is fully adjustable so you can position them, so they are comfy for you.

Perfect For Room Sharing

A great thing with the headphones is that although you can hear the sound clearly, no else can listen to them, which is ideal if you share a bed or room with another person that you don't want to disturb.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Headband can be removed easily and machine washed
  • Comfortable even for side sleepers
  • Blocks out noises effectively
  • 1 year manufacturer guarantee

Sleeping Headphones Benefits

Noise reduction sleeping headphones are effective at blocking out external noises that will usually disturb your sleep. This means you will be disrupted less through the night giving you a higher quality of sleep.

The better quality sleep you have has a great impact on your general wellness throughout the day, and you won't wake up feeling tired and groggy.

Choice of Sounds

Sleeping headphones give you the option of listening to music of your own choice. This is especially important if you share a bed with a partner as there will be no arguments or disagreements about the music choice.

Alternate Uses To Sleeping Headphones

The great thing about sleeping headphones is that they are not limited to only bedroom use but also have many other applications. The noise cancelling and isolating capability means they are great for studying, travelling, running and generally any situation where you need to block out sounds that may disturb you.

Superior to Traditional Headphones

When most people want to listen to music when sleeping, the first thing they try is traditional in-ear headphones/buds.

The problem with these is that although the sound quality is great, they can be uncomfortable to sleep in, especially if you sleep on your side. Sleeping headphones allow you to sleep on your side without feeling discomfort.

best headphones for sleeping

Best Sleeping Headphones Buying Guide

There are several key things to look out for if you're trying to buy the best sleeping headphones.

Sleeping Headphones Brand

It's essential to purchase a recognisable brand, not one that's likely to be a fly by night company. It doesn't need to be a huge worldwide company, but at least an established brand that's been trading for many years and has received a substantial number of reviews.


The quality of the product is closely linked to the brand that has manufactured the product. The higher quality the product, the longer lasting it will be and be less likely to develop any faults.


Comfort is one of the most important considerations as you're going to be wearing them for many hours without removing them. You don't want to them to prevent you from sleeping if they're digging into the side of your head and ears.

When you first receive them, you need to try them on and ask yourself if you could wear them for eight straight hours.

Battery Life

Battery life is for wireless sleeping headphones. Battery life should be considered and taken into account because you don't want them to run out midway through your sleep.

You also don't want to have to be charging them every single day, because you don't want to get ready to go to sleep and then realise that they've run out of battery and you can't use them for the night.

Sound Quality

Although you'll be asleep, you will be actively listening to the headphones for at least a certain period each evening. Because of this, you need to ensure that the sound quality is strong.

It's difficult to find a pair of sleeping headphones that are both comfy and provide quality sound, but we have found them and included them in our recommendations.

Are They Sleeping Headphones?

There are many headphone headbands, however many of them aren't actually for sleeping use but are for outdoor activities. This can often make them uncomfortable to sleep in, especially on your side.

It's important to check that they were actually made for the purpose of sleeping. Making this mistake can be easy.


With an electrical product of any type, no matter how well the product is manufactured there is still the chance that it can develop a fault and become defective. Because of this, it's essential to discover whether a product comes with a warranty or guarantee.

Wire Length

If you're somebody who stays relatively still throughout your sleep, then you'll have little problems with the headphones being plugged into a physical unit.

 However, if you're someone who moves around in your sleep, you need to be aware of how long the wires are to be sure you have enough room to move around like you usually do.


Your budget will have a significant impact on the sleeping headphones you end up choosing. If your budget is too low, you will end up with a low-quality set of headphones that will likely not last a long time.

This will cost you more in the long run as you'll need to replace them. The best sleep headphones will cost slightly more but will be worth it.

Verdict - Finding the Best Headphones For Sleeping

If you're currently suffering from a loss of sleep due to being woken up by noise that is out of your control, then you shouldn't just live with it. The best sleeping headphones can be a calming way to restrict the amount of external sound you hear. Pillow speakers can also accomplish similar results.

The AcousticSheep headphones are the product we'd recommend you first try on your journey to finding the best headphones for sleeping

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