Best Mattress Topper 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

Although mattress toppers have been on the market for several years, there is still some confusion about what they are. Quite simply, it's a thick pad that is placed directly on top of your existing mattress which then adds a layer of support and protection when you sleep.

The majority of people are likely to be sleeping on the same deteriorating mattress for many years. It's when it starts to become saggy, dip and become uncomfortable to sleep on.

Although the quality of sleep is essential, it's understandable that many people do not know to go out and select the best mattress topper for their needs. Also, the cost of a mattress can be a significant financial outlay for many, while mattress toppers are much more affordable.

Many people also have problems with their existing mattress due to back or joint pain as a result of a lack of support. A more affordable solution is to purchase a mattress topper which can be used to alleviate all these problems at a fraction of the cost.













Visco Mattress Topper

+ Cover







Sleep Kings Mattress Topper



1. Silentnight Impress 5cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review


Silent Night is one of the largest and best well-known manufacturers and retailers for bed related goods. This category is no different as they've created a 5cm ultra thick mattress topper to breathe life into your old worn mattress.

As always with Silentnight, this is a well-constructed product, and they have left no stone unturned as the topper brings firmness while also being extremely comfortable.

The mattress topper comes complete with a washable polyester cover that the majority of other competitor products don't come with. This further protects your mattress from damage, bacteria and general wear and tear.

This is the best mattress topper that we thoroughly recommend because not only does it come complete with a cover but also because it is made by one of the largest reputable companies in the industry.

Although at 2" thick it's slightly less than its competitors, it more than makes up for this by using top quality materials which makes the product long lasting and comes complete with a 5-year manufacturers guarantee.

Sometimes it's necessary to pay a little money for real quality, and the reviews speak for themselves.


  • High quality memory foam to provide support and comfort 
  • Free washable cover
  • Helps to relieve pressure, stress, lower back pain and cure aching joints.
  • High max weight limit
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 5 Year Guarantee

2. Bodymould Mattress Topper review


Bodymould is slowly building a strong reputation for their UK-made memory foam mattress toppers that contour your body while you sleep to give you a comfortable night.

Bodymould mattresses is a family run business located in West Sussex and have been manufacturing foam products for many years and are the leading supplier to a large number of chiropractic clinics and osteopaths.

This mattress topper may not be quite as good as the Silentnight version. It is an excellent alternative if you're more price sensitive. Though if you end up buying a cover, it will be a similar price to the Silentnight version.


  • Made using genuine memory foam
  • Delivered rolled and packed
  • Helps to relieve pressure, stress, lower back pain and cure aching joints.
  • Made in the UK
  • Optional extra of mattress cover

3. Visco Mattress Topper Review


With almost 500 reviews on Amazon, the Visco mattress topper is one of the most reviewed toppers, and the results speak for themselves with many happy customers.

At 3 inches thick it can support your body weight throughout the whole night, even on a poor mattress.

The Visco mattress topper is a good alternative if you're price sensitive. It must be noted that although a free cover is included, it has been reported by several users that it is paper thin and not fit for use. However, they claim that the topper itself reduced any back and joint pains they were suffering from.

When you first receive the product, it may have a distinct smell, but this fades in just a few days.


  • 3 inches thick to cover sagging or lumps
  • Helps to ease aches and pains
  • Includes free removable cover

4. Southern Foam Mattress Topper Review


This Southern Foam mattress topper is made from UK memory foam which provides superb consistency giving a great nights sleep when placed on top of a traditional mattress.

The memory foam has a density of 40kg and provides a massive amount of comfort to aid sleep while reducing muscle soreness and joint issues.

The Southern Foam mattress topper is definitely for the price conscious as it's significantly lower than its competitors. Of course it is less effective than the Silentnight alternative; however, it still has good pressure relieving properties. You must allow around 24 hours for the foam to expand to its original size.

With over 1200 reviews on Amazon and 4.3 stars, customers are happy with what they get for the price.


  • 3 inch thick memory foam
  • Low cost
  • Option of purchasing removable cover

5. SleepKings Mattress Topper Review


Sleep Kings are an independent retail company dedicated to supplying high-quality products direct to the consumer passing on substantial savings along the way. All their products are made in the north of England.

This is not a mattress topper that should be avoided as it has the characteristics to support your body throughout your nights' sleep and relieve any existing aches and pains.

The main downside is that it is not a heavily reviewed product through Amazon; however, the reviews it does have are incredibly positive.


  • UK manufactured memory foam
  • Great cost value
  • Long standing company and strong reputation

What is a Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper is a thinner version of the traditional full-size memory foam mattress that you may already have. Although they are smaller in thickness, they're usually made from the same materials that are found in their full size thicker counterparts, namely foam and latex.

They are usually between 1" and 5" thick and vary in price depending on quality and brand. This topper is then placed directly onto your existing mattress and then put your standard bedding on top of the topper.

Benefits of a Mattress Topper

Buying a mattress topper brings several benefits to the user; however, the main two are the following:

1. Additional Comfort Layers:

The main advantage is the additional cushioning effect which works to support your entire bodyweight when you sleep. There is only so much a traditional mattress can do, and at that point, a mattress topper can further enhance your sleep. It should be viewed as a necessary accessory.

If you decide to sleep on your mattress without a topper, then you will soon notice that it will completely compress under your body weight. This will still happen with a mattress topper, but it will happen at a much slower rate

Not only can it improve an existing poor sleeping experience but it can also make a great mattress even greater.

2. Increase Longevity of the Mattress

If you directly sleep on your traditional mattress then there are three main elements that you can't avoid:

  • Bacteria & Dead Skin Cells 
  • Body Perspiration
  • Indentations and Sagging

Individually they are all alarming and are problems that shouldn't be avoided when they start to occur. These are not myths, and they happen over time and are some of the main reasons why a mattress topper should be used regardless of how high quality your existing mattress is. In fact the more you pay for your mattress, the more vital a topper is.

The numerous other benefits that you gain from using a topper pays dividends in the long run. Because of this, you shouldn't look at this as an unnecessary expense, but as a way to extend the life of your mattress which allows it to stay newer for longer.

It costs much less to replace a worn, used topper than it does a full mattress.

Do I Need a Mattress Topper?

Whether you need a topper varies from person to person, however, you must first understand that a mattress topper is a continuation of your existing sleeping surface.

We have found that there are two different types of mattress consumer.

The first prefers to have a thick traditional mattress instead of an additional topper. This is perfectly acceptable; however, the cost associated with this is considerably higher.

The second group who make up the majority, place an extra layer in the form of a mattress topper and are entirely content with this option in addition to not having to spend large amounts of money on a new mattress.

Now answer the following questions:

1. Is your current mattress uncomfortable to sleep on?
2. Is it beginning to sag in places and become worn over time?
3. Do you have a low budget?

Now if you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you are an ideal mattress topper user, and you should consider purchasing one.

Do I need a Mattress Cover?

Whether a topper comes complete with a cover will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Sometimes they'll be included, and other times they will be sold separately.

A general rule is that covers are not usually necessary, mainly because your usual bedding should be enough to provide adequate protection on the surface. However, it's a bonus if it's included with your purchase.

Buying Guide

There are several things you need to consider before purchasing a mattress topper:


You must be aware of the size of your current mattress and be sure that the topper you buy will match the dimensions. They come in identical sizes to mattresses- Small, Double, King and Super King.


Different toppers come with different densities, which will determine how effective it is for you. The average trend is that the higher the density, the higher the cost; however this is entirely justified.

A higher density mattress topper has a higher capability of effectively distributing your bodyweight which relieves pressure points when you sleep through the night.

Initial Odour

As mentioned in our reviews, when you first unwrap it you may notice a distinct smell that is given off. These chemicals are not harmful and are a result of the manufacturing process that is used to create the foam. The scent usually disappears after a few hours.


The thickness that you require for your mattress topper will be determined by the position you sleep in, the condition of your existing mattress, any spine, joint issues that you're currently suffering from and your current body weight.

If you sleep on your stomach, then a 2-inch topper will be a suitable choice
If you sleep on your side or back, then a 3-inch topper will provide the necessary support you need.
If you currently weight over 18 stone, then a 4-inch thick mattress topper will be more suitable as it provides more support than the traditional 2-3 inch topper.

Closing Remarks

So there you have it! These are the best mattress toppers available to buy today, so you don't have to do any guesswork. Don't allow your body to suffer when you have such a great accessible alternative. All that's left for you to do now is to decide which one's the most suitable for you.

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