Sleep Affirmations for Anxiety: How and Why They Can Work For You

sleep affirmations for anxiety

Sleep affirmations for anxiety can help you squash fear and worry, promote self-love and change, and help you sleep better at night. They are self instructed and can help you save the time and cost of visiting a therapist to cure your anxiety. Before discussing how and why sleep affirmations for anxiety can work for you, … Read more

Considering An At Home Sleep Study? Everything You Need to Know

at home sleep study

Organizing an at home sleep study may be a great way of identifying and treating sleep disorders. There are numerous reasons people may be unable to sleep or find it difficult to fall asleep. It could be due to one’s sleeping composure, sleeping habits, or a biological issue.Whatever the case may be, an at home … Read more

Is It Good to Put a Pillow Under Your Knees?

pillow under your knees

Here’s a not-so-fun fact for ya: Research suggests that sleep deprivation makes you more sensitive to pain, and more pain means it’s also harder for you to fall asleep. The good news is—strategic pillow placements can help dull down this brutal cycle. And that, of course, includes putting a pillow under your knees.Generally speaking, placing … Read more

How To Sleep Better with an Orthopedic Mattress for Back Pain?

orthopedic mattress for back pain

Are you experiencing persistent back pains after sleep? Those back pains might be caused by the regular mattress you are using. As experts say, sleeping on the wrong mattress affects your spine health. If you keep experiencing such condition, it’s the perfect time for you to try an orthopedic mattress for your back pain.The term … Read more

How Your Mattress Could Be Causing You Back Pain

can a mattress cause back pain

How Does Your Mattress Cause Your Back Pain?When back pain comes suddenly, especially after sleeping, it can get confusing and inconvenient to an individual. You might be thinking, can a mattress cause back pain? Possibly! Getting persistent back pains after sleeping, particularly when you have not changed your schedule, lies on the type of mattress … Read more

Your Ultimate Guide to The Different Types of Mattress Foam

different types of mattress foam

Finding a mattress foam that suits your needs can be quite challenging and confusing. Especially since there are different types of mattress foam available in the market today. These types are also made by various brands, comprised of different materials, and serve distinct purposes.  If you find yourself asking which type of mattress foam is … Read more

Is the Kuddly Pillow the Key to Your Next Cosy Sleep?


Kuddly pillows are becoming more and more popular thanks to the unmatched comfort they bring unlike any other pillows in the market today. If you’re wondering how it feels like to cuddle in your pillow or night and have that feeling of someone hugging you, try Kuddly Dream Pillows. There’s more to Kuddly pillow than just … Read more