How Your Mattress Could Be Causing You Back Pain

can a mattress cause back pain

How Does Your Mattress Cause Your Back Pain?When back pain comes suddenly, especially after sleeping, it can get confusing and inconvenient to an individual. You might be thinking, can a mattress cause back pain? Possibly! Getting persistent back pains after sleeping, particularly when you have not changed your schedule, lies on the type of mattress … Read more

Your Ultimate Guide to The Different Types of Mattress Foam

different types of mattress foam

Finding a mattress foam that suits your needs can be quite challenging and confusing. Especially since there are different types of mattress foam available in the market today. These types are also made by various brands, comprised of different materials, and serve distinct purposes.  If you find yourself asking which type of mattress foam is … Read more

Is the Kuddly Pillow the Key to Your Next Cosy Sleep?


Kuddly pillows are becoming more and more popular thanks to the unmatched comfort they bring unlike any other pillows in the market today. If you’re wondering how it feels like to cuddle in your pillow or night and have that feeling of someone hugging you, try Kuddly Dream Pillows. There’s more to Kuddly pillow than just … Read more

The Practical Guide on How to Transport a Mattress


Are you finally moving to a new home? Or are you planning to get your current one renovated? Either way, you’ll have to transport your mattress. That can be a handful, right? Well, worry no more, this article will let you know how to transport a mattress easily.Moving is normal at some point in your … Read more

What Are The Best Pillows For Sleeping?

best pillows for sleeping

Pillows enable you to sleep comfortably all night. But finding the best pillows for sleeping can be quite challenging, too. Everyone has different preferences for sleeping positions, filling materials, and firmness levels. For instance, stomach sleepers prefer thin soft pillows, side sleepers prefer thick firm pillows, and back sleepers prefer medium pillows. The idea is to … Read more

How to Care for A Memory Foam Mattress

care for memory foam mattress

A memory foam mattress has a more extended lifespan than most regular mattresses. It can last for 10+ years and still be in good shape to provide the same comfort you get when you first bought it. However, you need to know how to care for a memory foam mattress to maintain its long-lasting durability.Now, … Read more