Best Hot Water Bottle Guide

Find the best hot water bottle with this buyer's guide. Ease joint and muscle pains or simply stay warm during winter. Whatever your needs, we have the right hot water bottle for you. 

 We've created this guide to show you the best hot water bottle on the market as well as the features and specifications that you need to understand to ensure that you purchase one that meets your individual needs
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We all love the summer months, but as we start to wind down and move into the winter months, this brings the cold weather with it. At this point, it's time to bring out the hot water bottle which is not only great for keeping you warm but can also help to relieve you of any aches or pains.

Our Best Hot Water Bottles

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1. Cryopaq Luxury Large Water Bottle


This is one of the best hot water bottles available on the market today and comes complete with a lovely fleecy cover that gives you a soft surface between you and the bottle. The plush cover also works as an insulator to keep the contents warmer for longer so even if you plan to use it while you sleep you can be certain that it will retain heat for most, if not all, of the night.

This isn't just capable for use to keep your body warm but also as a bed warmer so you can leave it in your bed as you prepare to sleep. Then when you're ready to sleep, you can get into a pre-warmed bed that will make it easier to fall asleep.

Using this hot water bottle will save you money in the long run as you won't need to turn your central heating on. The hot water bottle also meets the highest British standards BS1970:2012 so you can be assured of its overall quality.


  • Soft Plush Double Stitched Cover
  • 2 Litre Capacity
  • Durable Design
  • British Standards BS1970:2012

2. Homealexa Long Hot Water Bottle


This long water bottle has a capacity of 2 litres and is made using premium natural rubber with a leakproof design. It's also CE compliant and meets British Standards of quality. The bottle is suitable for use by both adults and children and while providing you with the warmth you need on cold days or for pain relief.

The long shape means that you can provide relief to the neck, shoulders, back and abdomen while the rubber material can retain heat for an extensive length of time. The bottle comes complete with a matching soft cover which has a velvety feel making it ideal for skin contact.

Its two-litre capacity matches its long length so you can effectively provide warmth to the full length of your body and has overall dimensions of 73 cm x 13 cm. Its shape means that it can be used in many different ways


  • Long Shape
  • Provides The Whole Body With Warmth
  • 2-Litre Capacity
  • Durable Rubber Material
  • Plush Cover Included

3. Blumtal Hot Water Bottle With Cover


Blumtal has committed themselves to create a range of home products for everyday use that are not only effective but look great, and they've added a hot water bottle to this collection­­. This hot water bottle is great to stay cosy on those cold evenings

The bottle has a large capacity of 2 litres which means you can rely on it to retain heat for a long time. The product also comes with a lovely velvety soft polyester cover that is free of any harmful substances of contaminants, so it's safe to be in contact with your skin.

The bottle is also CE compliant and washing machine friendly, so you can keep it clean and fresh. Each unit purchase is provided with a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren't fully satisfied.


  • 2-Litre Capacity
  • Ce Complaint
  • Lovely Soft Cover Included
  • Free Of Harmful Substances

4. Cassandra Hot Water Bottle


The results of this product speak for itself with over 3 million units sold since 2013, making it a customer favourite all over the globe. This hot water bottle is excellent for warming up your body on those bitterly cold winter nights.

Each bottle is hand made, and each one exceeds the British Standard requirement for the minimal wall thickness of 1.4mm by having a thickness of 1.6mm. Before distribution, every batch of bottles goes through testing to ensure that they meet their necessary safety requirements to ensure that you receive a product of the highest quality.

The bottle has a new unique stopper design which means that the washer isn't needed, so this means its life will be extended. Also included is a 5-year manufacturer guarantee which gives you the peace of mind that you're buying a high-quality product.


  • 1.8 Litre Capacity With Smooth Surfaces
  • Unique Stopper Design
  • Surpasses British Standard Requirement
  • Five-Year Manufacturer Guarantee

5. The Body Bottle Long Hot Water Bottle

Best Hot Water Bottle For Cramps


The long hot water bottle is the latest development from the traditional square bottle and gives you a larger surface area so you can treat more of your body parts simultaneously. The bottle has a soft fleece cover which makes it lovely to snuggle up to on a cold night.

The bottle also has a pocket so you can add some Lavender or other type of ingredient to create a relaxing atmosphere. The cover is removable and washing machine friendly, so you can keep it clean and fresh.

The hot water bottle has an extendable strap so you can wear it around your back and waist. The hot water bottle is high quality and is made of premium biodegradable rubber which doesn't contain any harmful PVC.

The unique design also features small bumps on the surface which works to trap air under the bottle fabric which helps to retain heat for longer.


  • Long Shape For Multi Limb Warmth
  • Biodegradable Rubber
  • Extendable Strap For The Waist And Back
  • Removable Cover
  • Retains Heat Effectively

Best Hot Water Bottle Buying Guide

Hot Water Bottle Size

Hot water bottles are no longer just manufactured in a one size fits all model so now you can choose from a range of sizes that fit your needs.

Large Hot Water Bottles

As the name suggests, these hot water bottles are larger so they can hold a larger volume of water. Larger hot water bottles aren't as effective at retaining heat because of their larger surface area, but it also means that you can treat a larger area of your body which means you can reduce your pain quickly.

A larger hot water bottle does make it heavier, which can be an issue for the elderly or if you suffer from joint issues.

Small Hot Water Bottles

In comparison to large hot water bottles, these are smaller in size, which makes them more compact and easier to carry. Their size also makes it quicker to fill, and they are great at retaining heat for long periods, which makes it ideal if you plan to use it while you sleep.

Small hot water bottles are ideal if you have a specific spot that your pain is coming from while also being small enough to take on your travels when you leave your home.

Long Shaped Hot Water Bottles

As with any product category, hot water bottles now come new shapes and sizes with some having a long sleek design while still having all the benefits of a traditional hot water bottle. This stylish, long shaped design means that it has a greater number of application uses, so, for example, you could wrap it around your bicep if you have an arm injury.

This also means that it will stay in place more securely if you're using it while you sleep. This shape gives you greater versatility so you can have one hot water bottle for all situations.

Small hot water bottles are ideal for smaller children or if you have a small area of pain, whereas the average hot water bottle has a capacity of around 2 litres which is adequate in most circumstances.


You need to consider the material of your chosen hot water bottle because this will determine its overall quality and durability. The main materials are:


Hot water bottles have long been made from a rubber material and can range from naturally manufactured rubber or recycled rubber. Rubber has many great benefits, including being flexible so it can bend to make it feel comfortable.

Rubber also has strong heat retention capabilities so it won't feel too hot and burn your skin when you use it, but will also stay warm for longer periods, so you don't have to keep refilling it.

It's common for the rubber to not be see-through so this makes it difficult to know how full it is when you're filling it with water.


You can also choose a hot water bottle that's made using thermoplastic which similar to rubber, has a high heat retention level so you can fill it once and it'll last many hours. There are also thermoplastic hot water bottles that are transparent, so you don't have to guess the water level when you're filling it up, which is also a greater safety feature.


Although it's unlikely you'll find a hot water bottle that's made completely of Copper, it's normal that some of the components such as the bottleneck will be made of Copper. Copper is very corrosion resistant but is also great at transferring heat energy, and because of their firmness, it means you have something to hold while you refill. Copper is also long-lasting and easy to clean.

Hot Water Bottle Filling

Nowadays the filling for hot water bottles isn't only water. If your children are going to be using it and you're worried about them being around hot water, then you can now get microwaveable bottles that have material built into the fabric. The fabric heats up and can reach the same temperature as a standard hot water bottle.

Due to them not having the threat of bursting or your children, opening them it makes it great for kids to use. Of course, bottles that use hot water can retain heat for longer periods depending on the model, but this is a great alternative.


Hot water bottles come in a range of sizes and materials, which means that the selling price can vary massively. The cost will also be determined by the brand of hot water bottle with more established brands often using higher quality materials which increases the selling price.

We'd always recommend spending more on a higher quality product because this often will get you a longer-lasting product so it'll need replacing less often and will have a lower chance of developing a fault.


You must ensure that you choose a durable and well-made product because you're going to using hot water. Hence, you must be well protected especially if younger aged children will be using it too.

You should try and avoid low-quality materials and choose the highest quality option such as rubber or thermoplastic, that is less likely to split or burst. Durability is closely linked to the brand and cost of the item.

Protective Cover

It's normal for manufacturers to provide a colourful fabric cover with the water bottle, which helps to extend the life of the product.

They're usually made of a comfy material which makes it nicer to cuddle up to and keep warm. These covers will often also be stain-proof and give additional protection for the bottle to reduce the chance of a puncture occurring.

Although it's not 100% necessary, a hot water bottle cover is an excellent addition to your purchase to give added durability and protection. It also allows you to have a unique looking product versus the standard look of a hot water bottle. We'd recommend a fleece material as they are soft and cosy.


Due to you having to handle hot water, you must check whether your chosen hot water bottle meets any British manufacturing standards. This will give you the added peace of mind that you're buying a higher quality product that is less likely to fail on you.

You want to avoid any cheaply made hot water bottles, but safety also comes down to how you use the product and not just the manufacturer's responsibility.

You should never use water that has been boiled to the max but instead stop it just before, so it's still hot but just not boiled otherwise this can be a burn hazard.

You should also never fill the water bottle to the rim and makes sure that at least 25% of the bottle is unfilled before you close it you should gently squeeze out excess air which stops the threat of it bursting.

Verdict - Best Hot Water Bottles 

Ease any pain and discomfort or simply just keep yourself warm on those cold winter nights with one of these hot water bottles. We hope this guide has helped you find the best hot water bottle for you!

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