Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry Mattress Review

In this Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry Mattress Review, you'll discover the unique features of a hybrid raspberry mattress and why it's the mattress for you. This mattress is a new entry to the market and has already proven to be one of the best in terms of providing quality sleep.

Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry Mattress review

Waking up tired and feeling drowsy in the day could mean your mattress doesn't offer enough support and comfort you deserve.  A good mattress provides sleepers with a balance of comfort and support, keeping their body posture and spinal alignment in place. That way, it enhances the quality of sleep, which is precisely what this Hyde & Sleep mattress offers. 

The hybrid raspberry mattress has a lot to offer, especially to anyone suffering from back pain. It's relatively firm, with different layers to ensure comfort and support and more benefits that you just can't miss. 

Now let’s dive straight to the Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry Mattress to learn more about all it’s features and benefits.

Key Features Of Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry Mattress

Perfect Construction

This single-sided mattress has a fantastic construction to provide sleepers with good enough comfort and support. It's a perfect blend of three layers, comfort, pocket springs, and base foam layer, shrouded in a luxurious and highly breathable cover. 

Both the pocket springs layer and base foam layer provide the much needed support. These two layers combined make this Hyde & Sleep Mattress a hybrid type. 

1. The Pocket Spring Layer

The pocket springs layer helps distribute your body weight across the mattress evenly. Since pocket springs are smaller, they sit above the foam base layer, providing enough support needed for your body's full contouring. 

2. The Foam Base Layer

Its foam base layer consists of ventilation channels, enough to create seven different airflow zones to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Thanks to its ventilation channels, any sleeper who struggles with being too cold or hot while sleeping will find this Hyde and Sleep mattress ideal. This layer is of high density for a purpose. It keeps you well supported while sleeping. 

3. The Comfort Layer

On to its comfort layer, this Raspberry mattress also contains a thick sheet of premium memory foam to keep you comfortable. This layer lies on top of this mattress, so it's where you sleep. The premium memory foam helps maintain this mattress at a low temperature and relieves your body from pressure. With the breathable cover on these layers, you won't ever find yourself sleeping hot. 

Highly Breathable Cover

The Hyde & Sleep mattress has a breathable cover made of high-quality materials, 2% elastane, and 98% polyester. What's selling this mattress more is its breathability feature. The design of every smart layer in this Hyde and Sleep hybrid mattress allows adequate air to flow so you can get quality sleep. 

Besides breathability, the cover also helps keep your mattress clean, prevents odor, and maintains maximum hygienic standards. It's so unfortunate that you can't remove or wash it. But overall, the construction of this hybrid raspberry mattress cover is superb. 

Firm Comfort Grade

Anyone suffering from back pains will find this mattress comforting enough to provide perfect relief. It's relatively firm to support sleepers and soft enough to keep them comfortable. The firm surfaces of the hybrid raspberry mattress will help relieve your back muscles from stress, which is what you need to cure your back pain. 

The firmness of this mattress also works well for both side and stomach sleepers. Sleeping on your side, you'll experience a low sinkage and a huggy feeling that usually comes from memory foam mattresses. This sinkage is ideal for keeping your weight evenly distributed and your spine in good shape. Remember, this mattress is not too soft or too firm, letting you sleep comfortably. A too-firm mattress sometimes causes pain to your side bones. 

For stomach sleepers, sleeping on this mattress applies the right amount of pressure to your stomach. You also get to receive the right support on your stomach and hip areas. 

Single-Sided Mattress

This Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry Mattress is single-sided, meaning that you shouldn't flip it over. Instead, you have to rotate this mattress for better maintenance. Rotating also provides enough time for the parts you've slept on to recover from sagging as you shift to a different part. Additionally, you get to prolong the lifespan of your mattress by rotating it regularly while still new. 

Due to these reasons, you must rotate this Hyde and sleep mattress weekly from head to toe in the first three months after purchase. Afterwards, rotate it once every single month.

Being single-sided shows you that this mattress has the comfort layer only at the top. Therefore, turning it over means that you won't enjoy the benefits of premium memory foam in it. Also, it may become too hard for you to sleep on. All single-sided mattresses require less maintenance, saving you money. 

40 Nights Trial Period

What happens if you find out that you don't like a mattress you just purchased online? This is where you'll find the 40 nights trial period helpful. The 40 nights guarantee period doesn't mean that the mattress is bad. It only shows that it could turn out not suitable for you. 

With this guarantee, you get 40 days to determine whether this Hyde and Sleep mattress is right for you or not. The countdown starts on the day you purchase your mattress. If within these 40 days you realize that this is not the mattress for you, you just call the company to come for it. 

To qualify for this 40-night sleep guarantee, you have to use a mattress protector on your mattress from day one. Also, as the company picks it from your home, they can deliver a different one of the same size that suits your needs. However, there is a charge that you must pay for the re-delivery cost. 

The company won't charge you extra for the exchange of the same-sized mattress. But if you select a higher-priced option, you'll have to top up the difference before they can deliver. Unfortunately, there will not be any refund if you choose a lower-priced alternative. 

Good Customer Service From the Company 

The Hyde and Sleep Mattress Company offers free delivery services to their customers. On their website, while placing your order, you can also choose a convenient delivery day for you. They deliver from Monday to Saturday, from seven in the morning to six in the evening. 

The mattress comes either flat, which is the standard delivery format, or rolled. A roll-up mattress format is pretty convenient if there would be challenges getting the mattress in your room in a traditional format. Additionally, the roll-up mattress format is convenient when getting up the stairs. 

Most mattress manufacturing companies are now adopting this format because of its lower price point, storage, and delivery costs. 

Besides free delivery to your home, this hybrid raspberry mattress also has a one-year warranty period for your peace of mind. You can get your mattress exchanged at no extra cost within this period should you experience any shortcomings. 

Performance Comparison - How Does the Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Mattress Compare?

Compared to other hybrid memory foam mattresses, the firm comfort of this mattress covers the needs of most sleepers. The mattress lies in between since it's not too soft and too firm either. Regardless of your sleeping style, you'll find it suitable. 

Not forgetting its tiny pocket springs for the bounce effect and the premium layer for comfort and body regulation. This Hyde and sleep mattress will surely give you the best performance. 

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Pros and Cons of Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry Mattress


  • Relatively firm mattress
  • Offers 40-night comfort guarantee
  • Three layers to provide excellent airflow
  • Ventilation channels at the base foam layer help keep your body temperature regulated
  • It contains 1462 tiny pocket springs to help cradle your body as you sleep

    Comes in four different sizes
  • Highly breathable cover made of high-quality materials
  • Excellent construction that provides both support and comfort to its sleepers


  • You can't remove or wash its cover
  • There's no refund if you choose a lower-priced alternative for the exchange service
  • Requires you to use a mattress protector to qualify for the 40-night comfort guarantee, which could be expensive for other users. 

Value of Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry Mattress

This hybrid raspberry mattress has so many benefits to offer to its users. It keeps you cool and comfortable, provides the support you need, and keeps your body temperature regulated all night long. Additionally, you also get the highly breathable cover that comes with it. What more can you ask for?

Although this mattress is a bit expensive, it's worth your time and money considering all the admirable features that come with it. Buy it today to experience all these benefits and more. 

hyde and sleep hybrid mattress review

Our Verdict

In this Hyde and Sleep Mattress review, we’ve discovered that this mattress is perfect for anyone looking for the best hybrid mattress. Medium-firm with a bounce effect, good support for all types of sleepers, and high breathability functions are all the features everyone desires in a mattress.

We hope that this Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry Mattress Review provides you with all the information you need to get the best mattress money can buy.

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