Nectar Pillow Review – Buyer’s Guide

If you're looking for a high-quality pillow to help you sleep softly through the night, then this Nectar Pillow review will make you want to have one! Read on for more details on this amazing memory foam pillow.

Getting a great pillow that has a lot of benefits is always a smart decision. Did you know that pillows are one of the factors that influence our sleep positively or negatively? When you have a pillow that is too high, you compromise the natural spinal alignment. When it’s too low or soft, your head tilts downwards adding pressure on your neck and shoulders.

That’s why you might end up tossing and turning all night trying to find the right head position. In fact, physicians have pointed out that the wrong pillows have contributed largely to recurrent headaches, snoring, back, and neck pain.

The Nectar Mattress Company identified the need for adaptive and high-quality pillows in the market. They designed premium units back in 2016 and are now available for purchase.

nectar memory foam pillow review
Nectar pillows are infused with memory foam, to create a desirable unit. The pillows are supportive, comfortable, and durable. These pillows are of high quality and slightly costly. Since Nectar is a luxury brand, you can expect a top-tier pillow each time you order.

In this Nectar pillow review, we’re going to break down the amazing features of Nectar pillows, and why you need them for yourself.

Key Features of the Nectar Pillow

Nectar Memory Foam Pillow Construction

The Nectar pillow comes in a design known as “pillow-in-a-pillow” which means that the cover of the pillow has fillings of its own separate from the standard inner fillings. This design allows the user to adjust the volume and overall height of the pillow. In this way, you can increase or decrease the volume of the memory foam pillow to your desire.

The Nectar pillow is also stuffed with three types of shredded memory foam that provides the perfect contour to accommodate your head and neck. Its inner shell is stuffed with three types of premium shredded foam for comfort and contour. You’ll find the Visco-elastic, Dunlop latex, and Up foam combined to create a good rebound and responsiveness. The foams are held with a Tencel cover that has a zipper enclosure allowing you to take out as much foam as required to create the perfect pillow with the support and comfort you need.

Meanwhile, the pieces of the memory foam come in different sizes and are protected by the inner pocket of the pillow. The pillow cover is made of Tencel fabric that gives it a unique stylish look, similar to the Nectar mattress. Also, the Tencel cover is made of soft and breathable cotton, which is environmentally friendly and can always be recycled.

The shredded memory foam allows proper circulation of air through the pillow and wicks away heat preventing stickiness like other memory foam pillows. That way, if you are a hot sleeper, the pillow takes in moisture and the gel-infused shredded memory foam keeps you cool all night.  

The cover is removable and machine wash friendly. It comes with a zipper and a soft fabric cover that protects the memory foam fillings and ensures your pillow lasts long.

Maximum Comfort

Nectar pillows are built for maximum comfort and head support allowing you to have a good night’s sleep. This pillow offers better support for your head and neck while enabling proper alignment of your spine and back. It is also medium-firm to prevent pressure on your shoulders.

Since you can customize your pillow, all you need is to increase or decrease the pillow fillings to your liking. The Nectar pillow accommodates and adapt to all sleeping positions or body types without causing any discomfort or pain to the neck or upper back.

Sleep Position Performance

The neck pillow performs differently in various sleeping positions. Bear in mind that the best pillow is not a standard one and different sleepers prefer different pillows. There is no one standard pillow that serves all.

For instance, if you are a back sleeper, you’ll love the level of comfort that comes with a Nectar pillow. The memory foam starts to contour to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders after a short while of using. This offers a cuddling sensation ideal for back sleepers.

Side sleepers also like the high-lifted pillows with a medium-level firmness. The firmness prevents craning of your neck that might cause neck stiffness and pain. That way you can rest well with your head and spine aligned to alleviate pressure from your shoulders and hips.

Stomach sleepers find new Nectar pillows loft too high, thus, creating an uncomfortable curve. On the other hand, people who sleep on their bellies need a low loft pillow with a touch of softness to make sure they have a good night’s sleep. It's advisable to pick an adjustable pillow to enable you to increase or reduce the fillings and to accommodate your sleep requirements.

nectar pillow review

Price & Warranty

Compared to other pillows, the Nectar memory foam pillow is a bit costly. But considering all the wonderful features that you get with such amount, it is a reasonable price for an extraordinary design and high-quality materials.

On the downside, you don't get a free trial for this product. But you have the privilege of a 90-day refund policy if the pillow is unused and a 30-day refund policy if the pillow is used. As soon as you receive your pillow, make sure to check it immediately for any defects before using it.

Nectar Pillow Filling

Inside the Nectar pillow, you'll find shredded memory foam in a small ping pong ball size. This ensures that the dense memory foam responds slowly to the pressure applied. The Nectar fillings are accommodating, soft, and contouring. Since they are made of shredded memory foam, you can expect your neck and shoulder to be fully supported.

This ensures your neck will be safe from stiffness and pain in the morning. As mentioned above, this pillow allows you to adjust the fillings to promote super pressure relief. The shredded memory foam also allows proper ventilation and prevents the stuffing from sticking together.


The memory foam pillow fillings are practical and durable. You can buy this pillow and have it for years to come without it losing shape. To increase the lifespan of the pillow, use a washable pillowcase to protect your pillow. 

Avoid washing this pillow in a washing machine. If you need to clean it, you can always spot clean with a damp cloth but never soak the pillow. Otherwise, you risk damaging the pillow permanently. Remember to read the labels carefully before you decide to clean them.

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Pillow Height

When you first order, you'll receive a pillow measuring about 5 inches high to 7.5 inches. This may be too high for some people, but you can always adjust. You can also order more stuffing if you require increasing them in the near future. It's best that you test your pillow first to feel the level of firmness if it's something you like, if not, you have the freedom to adjust it to the right level.

Pros and Cons of Nectar Pillow


  • The Nectar pillow fillings are made of memory foam that conforms to pressure from your head and neck. It comes with medium-level firmness that is able to support your head and neck without applying any pressure or causing a stiff neck. Your head will be supported all night with breathable materials to prevent you from sweating.
  • This pillow favors side and back sleepers thanks to the lofty 5.5-inch profile and medium-level firmness. High loft pillows relieve pressure from the shoulders and hips while aligning the spinal cord.
  • Adjusting the memory foam pillow levels by manipulating the firmness of the stuffing to your liking can be done. You can create the perfect balance by reaching your ideal comfort zone.
  • Enjoy a long trial period of up to 50 days after purchasing it. Just make sure you use it carefully if you think you're going to return it, otherwise the brand will reject it. In addition, Nectar offers free shipping and returns to all USA dwellers.


  • Nectar pillows don’t favor stomach sleepers as they find it too firm. If you are a stomach sleeper, you have to consider removing a considerable amount for it to be comfortable. Note that stomach sleepers only need a soft low lofted pillow for better spine alignment.
  • Although this pillow is readily adjustable, you cannot remove stuffing from other pillows and place it in this one. If you do, it won't work as well as you'd expect and the cover fabric gets rough with time.
  • When it comes to cleaning, you can only spot wash this Nectar pillow to avoid damaging it. Avoid cleaning or drying in a machine. Otherwise, you risk damaging the components used to create the pillow. To clean, only use a damp cloth with mild detergent to spot clean the stained area. Make sure you don't get your memory foam pillow too wet to avoid damaging the foam.
nectar pillow

Our Verdict - Nectar Pillow Review

The Nectar memory foam pillow is definitely a cool unit, and it's best for comfort and adjustability. Its cover is made of high-quality Tencel fabric that is easy to remove, wash, and put back. This pillow helps you sleep deeply through the night with its cooling effect so you can sleep without sweating or feeling hot.

If you need extra stuffing, you can always order from the Nectar company the gel-infused memory foam for better results. To test it out, you can order a Nectar pillow and use it for the first 50 days to see how it works. If you have a problem, you can immediately call their customer care for help.

The key features, pros and cons, and other great value of this amazing memory foam pillow are all highlighted in this Nectar pillow review. Now, don't hesitate to get one and experience the comfort and quality that the Nectar pillow can surely provide you with.

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