Simba Sleep Hybrid Pillow Review

Simba Sleep don’t make simple sleeping products and their products are manufactured meticulously using scientific data to create market leading products that are designed to take your sleeping experience to the next level.  

The Simba Sleep pillow is the result of a full year of investment into prototypes using the newest innovative technology to bring you one of the most advanced pillows available on the market. The Simba Sleep Hybrid pillow is no exception and we’ll show you why in this review guide.



The pillow uses unique Nanotube technology which has never been used in any other pillow. The pillow has a memory foam filling which is moulded into hundreds of tubes which can be added or removed from the pillow so you can create a custom height and firmness for your pillow.

This makes it suitable for all sleeping types whether that be front, back or side because each Nanotube responds to changes in your position to provide support to the vulnerable areas of your head, neck and shoulders. The pillow is supplied with a supporting mesh bag which allows you to store away any excess Nanotubes.

The pillow also contains duck down which is extremely soft and lightweight which not only gives the pillow a comfortable feel but also promotes airflow.

The pillow also uses smart microfibre which gives the pillow hypoallergenic qualities, whilst the pillow also promotes active temperature regulation with in built side panels that work in combination with the Nanotubes to allow air to circulate which works to regulate your body temperature so you don’t overheat throughout the night whether this be in summer or winter.

Simba have split the pillow in to two halves which brings you multiple benefits depending on your sleeping preferences. On one side of the pillow there is OUTLAST material which is combined with soft duck down, this regulates the temperature of your body whilst the down gives a soft feel.

On the other side of the pillow is a 300 thread count jacquard cotton material which also has in built smart microfibre. This is what gives the pillow that cloud like light feeling which also ensures that the pillow retains the plump feeling.


Aesthetically the pillow case has a nice, clean and modern look with a powerful white colour with silver trim where the ventilation panels are housed. The cover is made from 100% cotton which is removable and machine washable. You can also spot clean the pillow with a cloth if stains manage to get through the pillow case.

Feel & Support

The pillow offers excellent support while you sleep and has a degree of comfortable sink but then also has punchy support to keep your spine aligned for the full length of your sleep. Because you can adjust the number of Nanotubes it’ll be difficult to find a person that can’t use this pillow and create their custom height and firmness to match their sleeping style.

It will take a few nights to get used to it which is to be expected with a customisable pillow, but once this has been completed you’ll find that you wake up in the morning feeling more refreshed especially if you currently suffer from neck pain.

This makes it one of the leading pillows on the market because not only do they claim that it suits all types of sleepers, but it actually delivers on this promise. The pillow is slightly more pricier than competitor brands however you will feel the difference when you use it and it's well worth the price.


Who is it for?

This pillow is great if you’re looking for a pillow with a greater level of customisation or you’re used to having pillows that don’t quite meet your requirements. Regardless of the position you sleep in this pillow will be suitable for you, and even more so if you’re looking to back a British based brand.

Most pillow manufacturers are focused only on the performance but forget about the aesthetics, but Simba have done both. so not only is the quality of your sleep better but also the pillow will not look out of place in even the most design focused households.

Other Details

The pillow comes with a 3 year warranty which is one of the leading time periods in the industry, so if at any point the pillow develops a fault the you can return it to Simba in exchange for a new pillow.


  • Nanotube Technology
  • Height & Firmness Customisation
  • Ventilation Panel
  • Smart Microfibre
  • 3 year Warranty

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