Small Dehumidifier – Compact, Portable & Mini Solutions

Humidity can be an issue for many homes and living spaces, and although it may feel okay at first, this can develop into more serious issues such as mould and condensation which can be costly to fix. However, we also understand that you may not have space which makes a small dehumidifier better suited for you.

Due to the dehumidifier market being crammed with options, we've created this guide to show you the best small dehumidifiers available. We've also detailed the factors and features you need to consider before making a decision.

Meaco MeacoDry 12L


The Meaco MeacoDry dehumidifier uses ultraquiet technology which means that when you activate its low fan speed. It's only 35dB and 40dB when on the highest setting, which makes it an ideal bedroom dehumidifier.

Meaco has used there decades of experience to make a compact and powerful dehumidifier. It's only 10kg in weight and 30x25x46cm in dimensions which means you can easily move it from room to room.

It's eco-friendly low energy consumption components means that it costs only 2.45p per hour to run so you can reduce the moisture of your home without it becoming too costly. The unit also has a laundry mode so you can use it to dry your clothes and you can control it using the easy to use control panel where you can select your target humidity to the closest 5% humidity level.

This makes it easy to improve your living conditions. The unit also has automatic defrost to protect the internal components, and you can leave it unattended to operate by setting its auto-off timer so you can schedule when you want it to turn off in combination with its child lock.

The excess water collects into its in-built 2.6l water tank and has an auto shut off feature that automatically turns the unit off when it reaches capacity.


  • Compact Size
  • Ultra Quiet Operation
  • Lightweight


  • 2.6l Water Tank
  • 10kg Weight
  • Tank: 0.5litres
  • Noise 34db
  • 12litre Extraction Per Day
  • Power 160 Watts

EcoAir DD122 Mini Compact


The Ecoair DD122 is a compact and effective small dehumidifier for your home to control both mould and condensation build-up. The unit uses E7 Technology that both optimise performance & increases energy saving.

It has an inbuilt deodorising filter that filters out unwanted odours and has anti-allergic properties that improve the air quality of the unit. It measures just 27cm in width and weighs 5kg making it small and compact but is still effective in operation plus has an easy carry handle to make transporting it very easy.

Its space-saving design is one of the main benefits of this product but also includes the classic controls and performance that Ecoair has built its reputation around. The unit removes up to 6 litres of excess moisture per day which collects into the 1.8L water tank on the side of the unit which can be easily removed and emptied.

To ensure that the 'clean air;' is circulated your room effectively, there is also a three swing Louvre so you can choose the direction.

The unit has an easy to use digital control panel where you can set the humidity level, timers and overall functionality to your needs.

In terms of safety, this compact dehumidifier also has tilt protection, auto restart and over-drying protection. A two-year manufacturer warranty is also included with all purchases to give you added peace of mind.


  • Compact Size
  • Lightweight
  • 6 litres of extraction per day
  • Two-year warranty
  • Adjustable Louvre


  • 1.8l water tank
  • 6kg weight
  • 32dB
  • Noise 34db
  • 6-litre extraction per day
  • 270 watts

Pro Breeze Compact


The Probreeze mini dehumidifier is great for small spaces due to its compact size of just 22cm in height but is still effective for lowering humidity levels in your home. Its size means it can be placed in your bedroom or a small corner while using its technology to be energy efficient, which means it has no issues being on all day.

It has quiet whisper technology which makes it ideal for the home and bedroom without being disturbed. The unit has a 500ml capacity water tank inbuilt which has the capability of removing up to 250 ml of moisture each day.

Its portable nature means that you can easily move it from position to position. It's easy to empty once it's full and has an auto shut off feature that's activated when the tank gets full to avoid overflowing.

The unit is easy to set up, and you can begin using it straight out of the box, and you'll start to see water collect in the first few days. It's compactness, and silent operation means that you won't even realise that it's on. It's size also means that you have more flexibility about where you place it as it can fit in areas that other dehumidifiers can't such as window sills.


  • Compact Size
  • Lightweight
  • Effective Moisture Extraction


  • 500ml water tank
  • 1kg weight
  • Up to 250ml of extraction per day
  • 25 Watts

Meaco DD8L Junior


The Meaco DD8L is one of the most popular models on the market which has been solidified with its numerous award wins both nationally and internationally, making Meaco one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

The unit is capable of extracting up to 8 litres of moisture per day and is incredibly energy efficient costing just 5.02p/hour to run. Due to its graphical control panel, you can reduce running costs by up to 80% compared to other types of dehumidifier.

The unit is small and compact in size weighing just 6kgs and measuring 500 x 351 x 188mm so you can place it in numerous positions around your home without it standing out. It's also powerful enough to be suitable for up to a five-bedroom home.

It has energy-saving qualities, so when it reaches your selected humidity level, it will switch itself off to conserve energy. It will continually check the current humidity and will only switch back on when it senses a rise in humidity levels. If you have a well-sealed living space, then you can save considerable amounts of electricity.

It can remove up to eight litres of excess moisture each day which collects into its water tank but is also compatible with a continuous hose, so you don't need to empty the tank yourself.

Naturally, this dehumidifier will increases the room temperature, which means you can turn down your central heating. Overall this unit is ideal for home use and will greatly reduce or eliminate mould spores, condensation and other damp issues.


  • Compact Size
  • Lightweight
  • 8 litres of extraction per day
  • Three-year warranty


  • 2Litre water tank
  • 6kg weight
  • 39/43/48dBA - depends on the selected mode
  • 8-litre extraction per day
  • 0/30/330/650W - depends on selected mode

EcoAir DD1 Classic MK5


It's no surprise to see multiple models from this manufacturer because they've established themselves as one of the product leaders in the market due to their compact yet effective dehumidifiers, and this is no different.

The unit weighs just 6kg and measures 17.5 x 29 x 47.5 cm making it portable so you can simply move it around your home or store it away when it's not in use. It also has a carry handle to make things easier to both carry and empty.

It's ideal for home use due to having a super quiet mode which emits just 34dB while also allowing you to activate a shut-off timer, so you don't have to constantly monitor it.

It uses ECO E7 technology which means it consistently monitors the current temperature and humidity level and switches between the full power, economy power and standby modes. This can lead to your energy bills falling by up to 40%.

The unit has an ioniser which works as an air purification feature to remove unwanted particles from the air plus it has a silver filter that kills bacteria on contact. It can extract up to 7 litres of excess moisture per day which is collected into its 2 litres water tank that can be simply removed and emptied down the drain.

There is overdry protection technology, so it can switch between modes when the air gets too dry. There is also tilt overprotection, and the unit will also automatically switch off when the water tank gets full.


  • Compact Size
  • Lightweight
  • Effective Moisture Extraction
  • Adjustable Louvre
  • Energy Efficient


  • 2 Litre Water Tank
  • 6kg weight
  • 34dB
  • 7-litre extraction per day
  • 580 Watts

What is a Small Dehumidifier?

As its name suggests, a small humidifier is a more compact version of a standard dehumidifier that you can find elsewhere on the market. This is because we often reside in smaller living spaces whether this is a flat, bedroom or bungalow, which means that allow a normal-sized dehumidifier may fit, it'll take up too much room.

Also, because you have a smaller living space, you don't require the power of a standard-sized solution. Smaller living spaces are prone to developing mould, which is made worse if you're close to a water source such as a drain, river, or it constantly rains.

This develops over time and can have symptoms such as odour, stains on the walls or the formation of mould. A compact dehumidifier will work by removing the excess moisture from the air to reduce the humidity back closer to normal levels.

This will also save you the hassle of having to manually clean mould off the walls or feeling like you can't breathe properly due to the humid air.

Benefits of a Small Dehumidifier

Reduces Mould

Nobody wants to see mould starting to form in their home. Not only does it look horrible on the walls, but it's equally as bad for your health, especially if you already suffer from allergies, then this can worsen them.

Mould is something you need to treat as soon as possible because if left untreated, it becomes harder to get rid of. You're able to manually wash the mould off your walls, but this is not only time consuming, but if you don't change the humidity of the room then the mould will only regrow, and you'll be back to square one.

Even a small dehumidifier can effectively remove moisture from the air to reduce its humidity, and once you change your environment, you can say goodbye to the mould.

Lightweight & Portable

Although a larger sized dehumidifier can work faster and treat larger areas, they're also bulkier and heavier. A small dehumidifier is easy to carry and move into position, meaning that they don't require wheel as you can just use their handles.

A smaller unit is also more versatile and can be placed almost anywhere, including a cupboard or bedroom. They're also less noisy, so you can be more comfortable while it's in your home, including being able to sleep in the same room.

Protects your Interior

High humidity doesn't just cause mould to form on your walls, but all the expensive furniture will also suffer. Humid air can cause rot to develop on your wood furniture, which will not only make it look worse, but it'll also be weaker.

The smell of rotting wood also isn't pleasant, but a compact dehumidifier will decrease the humidity and lessen the impact it has on your furniture. If you let the rot set into your furniture, then it can be very costly to replace.

Easy to Maintain

If you buy a larger sized dehumidifier, they can often be more complicated and difficult to run and maintain. However, a compact dehumidifier is easy to clean due to having fewer parts and components, and you have often just vacuum or wipe down the filter without having to get professional assistance.

Larger units are also more expensive to run due to having higher power demands. In contrast, compact-sized dehumidifiers are cheap to run and usually eco-friendly, so you'll save money on your electricity bill.

Improves your Living Environment

A humidity home just isn't pleasant to live in, and it can make it feel stuffy and causes a bad smell to linger. A small dehumidifier will make it more comfortable to live in your own home and will also improve your health.

This is especially important if you have young children in the same environment because if mould starts to form, then this can negatively affect them.

So, what makes the best bedroom Dehumidifier?

Several factors will contribute to making the best small dehumidifier, and this will depend on your personal needs and living environment. Firstly, you need a unit that will fit in the space that you have assigned it while being discreet.

It also needs to be quiet, especially for a bedroom dehumidifier which will often be in your sleeping space, so you don't want to be kept awake with its sound. All units will have their decibel sound in the specifications so you can understand how loud it's going to be.

Desiccant dehumidifiers are usually the quietest, so you should stick with that if you're going to be dehumidifying your sleeping area. Compressor options will often have a low buzzing operating sound which can be disturbing especially if you need complete silence to sleep.

The size of the water tank is an important consideration because you don't want to be required to empty the tank every few hours. There's a trade-off here so the larger the water tank, the larger the unit so you'll want a unit that has a tank that only requires emptying every 24 hours.

The best bedroom dehumidifiers will usually have an auto shut off feature that means that it will automatically stop when the tank is full to prevent overflows or other accidents.

Best ways to Dehumidify your Bedroom

The best way to dehumidify a room in your home is by using a unit because it means you can just switch it on and let it work unattended. There are, of course, natural ways to do this if you don't have access to a dehumidifier.

It just means you have to be a bit more creative and the first thing you can do is improve your home's airflow, which can be done by simply opening a window. More effective ways of improving airflow are to have an electric fan which generates cool air which stops the humid water particles from forming in the air. Of course, it can be costly to run an electric fan, so in most cases, it's more price effective to buy a bedroom humidifier.

Another alternative is to place the raw desiccant material in and around the issue areas which will attract the moisture into the material and reduce the moisture in the air. This is the reason many dehumidifiers use desiccants, but they can do this at a faster and effective rate than just placing the material around your room.

So, if the humidity of the air in your home is consistently high, then this won't be a surprise because you've most likely seen all the symptoms developing in your home. This can make living in your home uncomfortable, but you're in luck because this can be fixed with a small dehumidifier which can even be used in your bedroom.

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