10 Strategies For When You Are Too Tired To Sleep

too tired to sleep

Have you ever felt too tired to sleep? So exhausted, yet you cannot go to sleep? After a long day of work, your greatest desire is to get to bed and have some quality sleep. Oftentimes, when you are overtired, your body will have trouble dropping off.Overtiredness causes many changes in your mental health, making … Read more

Too Tired to Sleep? Here are 5 Ways to Beat Over Tiredness

Imagine after having a long day at work and when you finally get into bed, you’re too tired to sleep. It’s frustrating, right?In normal circumstances, when you are exhausted, you are supposed to fall asleep immediately after hitting the bed. If you have been struggling to sleep even after being too exhausted, there must be … Read more

Sleep Affirmations for Anxiety: How and Why They Can Work For You

sleep affirmations for anxiety

Sleep affirmations for anxiety can help you squash fear and worry, promote self-love and change, and help you sleep better at night. They are self instructed and can help you save the time and cost of visiting a therapist to cure your anxiety. Before discussing how and why sleep affirmations for anxiety can work for you, … Read more

Rest Easy Weighted Blanket – Ease Your Stress and Sleep Better

rest easy weighted blanket

If you believe you deserve a goodnight’s sleep (and you know you do!), then you need a Rest Easy Weighted Blanket. This blanket is exactly what you need for your relaxation. This weighted blanket is made of 100% cotton cloth that is durable and super comfortable, ideal for everyday use. It can help you with … Read more

Best Weighted Blanket – Reviews & Buying Guide


Snuggle up and stay calm with this buyers guide to help you find the best weighted blanket for you. Reduce your stress and worries with a warm, weighted blanket like hug! Read on to find out more.  Table of Contents Snuggle Up With These Top Rated Weighted BlanketsWhat Weighted Blanket Should You Buy?How Do Weighted … Read more

How to Beat Insomnia – The Ultimate Guide


Difficulty falling asleep each night over and over again could be a sign of insomnia. Many people around the world struggle with this condition and want to know exactly how to beat insomnia. This sleeping condition or disorder affects millions of Americans every year.Some people are lucky, in that they only experience insomnia under unusual … Read more

How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Really Need?


Sleep is incredibly important to your well-being but how much sleep do you really need? Without it, you can become moody, be unable to think clearly or function well, and struggle to get through the day.Sometimes, caffeinated products like coffee, tea or soda can help you get a small boost, but it won’t be enough … Read more