The Best Pillow for Front and Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers can find it difficult to find a pillow that’s suited to their sleeping style so finding the best pillow for front (or stomach) sleepers is really important.

Sleeping on your stomach is considered as one of the worst positions to sleep in, but it hasn’t stopped an estimated 1 in 5 people from adopting the sleeping position.

Sleeping on your front can cause issues such as neck strains due to the position your head is put in, or spinal strain due to your weight be distributed unevenly. The impact of these issues reduces by buying the best pillow for front sleepers.

The current pillow market offers you dozens of potential options which makes the buying process slightly harder but we’ve created this guide to make it easy to decide which pillow is best suited to your needs.

Find the Best Pillow for Front Sleepers

Mastery Mart Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
Yanis Latex Plus Slim Profile Dunlop Latex Pillow
Do4U Slim Sleeper Natural Latex Pillow
Top Pick
Supportiback Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow
MASTERY MART Cooling Shredded Memory Foam Bed...
Yanis Latex Plus Slim Profile Dunlop Latex Pillow
Do4U Slim Sleeper - Natural Latex Pillow, Thin,...
Memory Foam
Memory Foam
Mastery Mart Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
MASTERY MART Cooling Shredded Memory Foam Bed...
Memory Foam
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Yanis Latex Plus Slim Profile Dunlop Latex Pillow
Yanis Latex Plus Slim Profile Dunlop Latex Pillow
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Do4U Slim Sleeper Natural Latex Pillow
Do4U Slim Sleeper - Natural Latex Pillow, Thin,...
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Top Pick
Supportiback Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow
Memory Foam
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1. Mastery Mart Shredded Memory Foam Pillow


Introducing the fully adjustable loft pillow which makes it great for sleepers of all positions. It uses elastic memory foam which you can add and remove to suit your sleeping position giving you a customised experience.

The shredded memory foam has excellent ventilation qualities which allow for air to flow in and out of the material to keep you cool throughout the night.

This makes it more effective than solid pillows because the bamboo fibre gives it moisture-wicking capabilities to add to the breathable foam, so you don’t need to worry about your sleep being disturbed by over-heating.

The pillow has an ergonomic design, so it doesn’t go flat and uses high-quality Certi Pur memory foam that provides excellent support to your head, neck and shoulders, so you wake in the morning feeling pain-free and refreshed.

The foam is free of any harmful substances and comes complete with a warranty to cover you against any future defects. Also included is a removable and washable microfiber cover to protect your memory foam.


  • Adjustable Loft Pillow
  • Relieves Pressure
  • Removable Cover
  • Effective Ventilation
  • Ergonomic Design

2. Yanis Latex Plus Slim Profile Dunlop Latex Pillow


The Yanis comfort pillow is an effective solution for front and back sleepers. It’s made using natural Latex which has been sourced from rubber trees through the Dunlop process, which is an environmentally friendly procedure.

It has a slim profile design which makes it ideal for front sleepers plus it has a extra soft cotton cover to protect the latex material.

The pillow has a deluxe feel and moulds to the shape of your head and neck to give you the comfortable support that you need. After you’ve been sleeping on it springs back into its original shape so it never needs fluffing.

The Latex used means that it’s mould, dust mite and mildew resistant to give you added peace of mind. Due to having breathable Latex, this keeps you cool throughout the night and warmer in the winter.

Its comfort heightened by its live-cell structure which all work together to support your head and shoulders. This level of relaxation means that you wake in the morning feeling well-rested.


  • High Quality Latex Pillow
  • Slim Profile Design For Front Sleepers
  • Moulds to Head & Shoulders
  • Dust mite and Mildew resistant
  • Environmentally Freindly Produced

3. Do4U Slim Sleeper Natural Latex Pillow


The Do4U slim sleeper is a flat and thin latex pillow which makes it extremely comfortable for stomach sleepers. It measures 1.2 inches high and is 2.7 inches at its highest point, so if you’ve been having trouble finding the right pillow thickness, then this could be the choice for you.

The pillow has a low/medium firmness which means that whilst it’s not too hard it’s also not too soft, so your head doesn’t sink into your mattress and gives you the support that you need for a restful sleep.

It’s made from 100% natural Latex which is chemical-free and hypoallergenic so you won’t suffer from any unwanted allergic reactions. The Latex used is long-lasting due to its anti-fungal and mildew resistant properties.

There is pin-hole technology which offers strong ventilation which regulates your temperature and ensures air ventilation is maintained throughout the night. The thin flat design means that your spin will be well supported if you sleep on your front.

Also included is a 100% money-back guarantee in the rare event that you’re not happy with the product so you can contact them and receive a no questions asked refund.


  • Soft/Medium Firmness
  • Slim Profile 100% Natural Latex Pillow
  • Provides Support and Comfort
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Retains Shape

4. HOMEFOCUS Pair Goose Feather and Down Pillows


The Homefocus pillows are filled with 85% goose feather and 15% goose down, giving it great support making it ideal for front sleepers. They are super soft while also providing great shoulder, head and neck support throughout the night.

This material ensures that even if you sleep in the same position for the whole night, in the morning, it will spring back into its original position.

This shape retention is helped by having a shell made of 100% cotton, which has double-needle corded edges which stops loose threads from forming so your pillow keeps its shape for longer.

The pillow is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 verified, hypoallergenic, allergenic & dust mite proof. These certifications ensure that you aren’t going to suffer from any allergies reactions when you use the product, which gives you added peace of mind.

This pillow is versatile and long-lasting due to it also being fade, stain-resistant while also being washing machine friendly requiring just a gentle cold water cycle.


  • Goose and Down Feather Filling
  • 15% White Goose Down, 85% White Goose Feather Filling
  • 100% Down Proof Cover
  • Meets European Oekotex Standards
  • Machine Washable Pillow

5. Supportiback Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow


Supportiback is one of the leading brands for supportive sleep products, and this is backed by their 100-night sleep guarantee plus a five-year warranty to cover any defects that occur within this time.

The pillow is constructed using memory foam which maintains positive alignment for your head and spine, which reduces headaches, stiffness and pain.

The pillow is fully adjustable so you can add or remove memory foam to suit your sleeping position and overall preferences. Before the pillow hits the market, it undergoes strict third-party lab testing to ensure that they are CertiPUR and GREENGUARD Gold certified to guarantee safety and quality.

The pillow itself has a blend which makes it not too hard and not too soft, which also means that it will retain its shape and not flatten even consistent use.
Also included is a free back pain cure ebook which is worth Β£39.


  • Fully Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow
  • Thin Yet Soft and Comfortable Pillow
  • Perfect for Front Sleepers
  • CertiPUR and GREENGUARD Gold certified
  • 100% Cotton Removable Cover
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Benefits of Sleeping on Your Stomach

There are several notable advantages to sleeping on your stomach:

1. Decrease Potential Snoring

Stomach sleepers are less prone to snoring than back sleepers. This is due to the muscles in the breathing passages relaxing when you sleep on your front. This ensures that the passages are less restricted so air can flow freely through them, while there is also less of a chance of your tongue blocking the airways.

2. Reduces Pressure

Although it's said that sleeping on your front can be bad for the spine, this is only when you have a poor quality pillow.

With the best front sleeper pillow, it will help to align your spine which reduces pressure and pain that usually develops due to the stress placed on the shoulders and hips. The added relaxation helps you to get better quality sleep.

3. Lowers Effects of Menopause

Women can experience an added advantage that sleeping on your stomach can bring, which is decreasing the effects of menopause. This sleeping position reduces body pains, anxiety and gastrointestinal symptoms.

4. Fewer Wrinkles

Side sleepers are susceptible to developing wrinkles on the side that makes direct contact with their pillow, and they are likely to appear more pronounced on the side of your face that you regularly sleep on. Stomach sleepers have the benefit of not developing wrinkles as quickly.

5. Loft Height

Pillow loft refers to the thickness or height of the pillow, and this is very important for stomach sleepers. There are three main categories for pillow loft.

Low Loft: Pillows with a loft of fewer than three inches

Medium Loft: Pillows with a loft of between three and five inches

High Loft: 
Pillows that have a loft of over five inches

What Does Loft Height Mean For Your Pillow Choice? 

Different lofts have their benefits and negatives for stomach sleepers. High loft pillows are not suited to front sleepers because this puts the spine and neck in a vulnerable position which can lead to strains. However, some poor quality low loft pillows are too thin in thickness to provide the necessary support to the sleepers head.

For stomach sleepers these high lofts will also make it uncomfortable to sleep decreasing the amount of quality REM sleep that you get each night, not to mention waking up in the morning with a stiff neck.

So a slimmer pillow which has suitable firmness is the best option for a front sleeper. 

This may not seem right at first because thin pillows don’t look as comfortable as the plusher alternatives that are stuffed full with fillings. The pillows with a high loft are better suited to side and back sleepers.

Low and medium loft pillows are the best for stomach sleepers with a thickness of between two and five inches. The
pillow loft that will be best suited to you will depend on other factors such as body weight, should width and the firmness of your mattress.


Front Sleeper Pillow Buying Guide

Pillow Brand

You should consider the brand of pillow that you decide to buy because when it comes to stomach sleeping pillows, there are a few market leaders due to creating high-quality products that last years.

These well-established companies also often have better customer service if you do run into issues, while also offering product guarantees and warranties to give you added peace of mind.


Sleeping on your stomach can be hot business. If you’re regularly finding yourself overheating throughout the night, then look for a pillow that has cooling technology within it. It usually comes in the form of the material that’s constructed inside the pillow to allow air to flow freely in and out of it.

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The price you’re willing to pay will vary from person to person, but you should set a budget before you start looking.

Pillows for front sleepers are relatively affordable, and it’s important to remember that they last for many years before losing shape so you should look at it as a long-term investment that you’ll gain benefits from every night. It’s common that the better the brand and quality of the pillow the higher the price.

Ability to Mould

It’s usual for sleepers to try and reshape their pillows into a more comfortable shape to accommodate their sleeping position. This refers to the moulding ability of a pillow and is essential for people who generally find it hard to sleep throughout the night and regularly move their pillow.

Pillow Filling and Material

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Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam is one of the best pillow fillings for front sleepers because it moulds around the user's body to provide support while springing back to its regular size when pressure is released.

Memory foam helps to cradle the neck and head area to relieve tension. Also, Memory foam generally has a low loft which decreases the amount of strain on the neck, and this higher quality reflects in its slightly higher price.

Latex Pillows

Latex pillows are similar to memory foam and have strong firmness to provide support while also contouring to the exact shape of the body making it great for stomach sleepers. Latex pillows also have efficient cooling capabilities, so you don’t overheat throughout your sleep.

Down Pillows

Down filling is sourced from the underbelly of either Geese or Ducks and is soft in feel. This softness makes them adjustable in loft while also being lightweight and cool to sleep on. Because of their low loft, this makes them comfortable for front sleepers.

Feather Pillows

Feathers are found on back or wings of Geese or Ducks and are similar to Down which is extremely lightweight and soft, plus they're mouldable so the loft can be altered to your individual needs.


Verdict - Best Pillow For Front Sleepers

Although sleeping on your front may not be the healthiest position, it may be the most comfortable for you. All you have to do is make sure that you get the best stomach sleeper pillow that keeps your neck and head in a healthy natural position.

So the key factors are the loft and firmness of the pillow, so ideally you need the best stomach sleeper pillow listed in this guide that's both relatively soft and thin.

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