Best Cot Bed – 2021 Full Review Guide

Your baby will spend a significant amount of their lives sleeping, so it makes sense to ensure that you choose a high-quality baby cot bed. The issue often is that it's challenging to know which one to buy, so we've created this guide to show you the best baby cot available today including the important factors you need to consider.





Tutti Bambini Katie Space Saver Sleigh Cot Bed



Loveforsleep White Wooden Baby Co



White Solid Wood Baby Cot Bed



MCC Grey Wooden Baby Cot Bed


1. Tutti Bambini Katie Space Saver Sleigh Cot Bed


The Tutti Bambini Katie Sleigh Cot is constructed using solid wood to give it a lovely finish while also displaying excellent craftsmanship that will look great in any child's bedroom. The Katie model is made using pine wood sourced from New Zealand, which also makes it extremely durable and stable to give you extra peace of mind that your child is safe.

This cot can be used by your child right from birth until the age of four because the bed can convert into a bed once they have outgrown the cot. It features a three-position adjustable mattress base which means that you can increase the height as they grow without the safety issue of them being able to climb out.

The cot also has teething rails on each side which are designed to protect your child's teeth and gums. The cot bed also offers you additional storage space underneath adding extra practicality to the product.

In terms of safety compliance, the cot bed meets the UK regulation standards for BS EN 713, BS EN 716, BS EN 8509 so you can be sure that this is one of the best baby cots.


  • Constructed From Durable Pine Wood.
  • Three-Position Adjustable Mattress Base
  • Teething Rail
  • BS EN 713, BS EN 716, BS EN 8509 Safety Compliance
  • Underbed Storage

2. Loveforsleep White Wooden Baby Co


The Loveforsleep cot bed is made from natural solid pine wood which gives it a weight of 23kg so you tell straight away that it's a sturdy, durable product that will last many years. The cot allows you to adjust the base between three height positions.

It's recommended that you start your newborn at the highest height and as they grow in size and age you then progressively lower the height for added safety as they become more mobile.

The cot also has a Large rollaway drawer to give you ample room for baby essentials while there is also a natural teething rail which provides extra protection for your baby's teeth and gums.

The cot uses non-toxic materials, including the natural paints that are used to finish off the product, so it's safe for your baby.

Also included is a free foam 6cm mattress with an aloe vera zip cover that is certified as antiallergenic and antibacterial. Aloe Vera will benefit your child by promoting blood circulation while also being smooth on their young skin. The mattress meets the British requirements BS 1877


  • Adjustable Three Height Positions
  • Solid Natural Pine Construction
  • In-Built Teething Rail
  • Free 6cm Aloe Vera Mattress

3. White Solid Wood Baby Cot Bed


Extreme Furniture gives you a great combination of a cot bed that is not only versatile but also looks great in any setting. The product is manufactured in Europe and complies to all the necessary safety standards so your child will be a sale, even the wood is sourced from FSC certified sustainable forests. The cot is easy to assemble once to you'll have it ready to go in under an hour.

The cot bed has a split end panel which means that when the time comes, you can convert it into a junior bed so your child can gain more independence.

Also included is a free 6cm deluxe foam mattress which gives your child a soft yet supportive sleeping surface. The mattress also comes complete with a cover that is hypoallergenic and antibacterial providing a clean and fresh surface that also has Aloe Vera properties for added softness.

The cot bed has a three-position base so you can progressively alter the height to keep up with your babies growth.


  • Solid Wood Construction
  • Three-Position Height Base
  • Included Hypoallergenic Mattress
  • UK Safety Compliant

4. MCC Grey Wooden Baby Cot Bed


The MCC baby cot bed is made using Organic New Zealand pine wood which makes it strong and sturdy, making it significantly better than inferior plywood alternatives. The cot bed measures 126x66cm and is suitable for babies from birth right up until the age of 5 years old due to having a height-adjustable base.

Safety standards are a priority with this product, and it exceeds the latest EU standard BS 1877 Part 10 for safety and performance, BS 7177 and BSD5852 Part 1:1978. The cot bed comes with a mattress has an open cell structure which maintains good airflow, so your child doesn't overheat.

The mattress is supplied with a breathable cover, water repellent and non-allergenic while also being extra soft for comfort.

The cot bed has a split end panel which makes it simple to convert into a junior-sized bed plus it has an inbuilt protective teething rail. It's finished off with non-toxic paint and has no sharp fixings for added safety.


  • Organic New Zealand Pine Wood
  • Suitable Up Until The Age Of Five
  • Supplied With A Breathable Mattress And Cover
  • UK And EU Safety Compliant

Best Cot Bed Buying Guide


Safety is the most important thing to consider when choosing a baby cot bed because after all, this is where your baby will be spending the majority of their early life split between the cot. So you need to ensure that your cot meets the highest regulation and safety standards.

For years, baby products such as car seats were designed with safety at the forefront, and now this has started to be a high priority for baby cots.

Traditional baby cots used to have drop-sides which meant that one side of the cot could lower down to make it easier for the parent to reach their baby. These have been subsequently banned due to them being a hazard for babies so you should always avoid buying any cot that has this feature.

There are currently safety standards that refer to the distance between the slats, but older cots may not reach these standards which means that a baby could trap their head in between these slats or even an arm or leg.

You should avoid any cots that have parts a baby could either be trapped in between or snag on to. Luckily the best baby cots cover all of the potential safety hazards to give you the added peace of mind that your baby is safe.

The best baby cot will be certified BPA, which means that it's free of dangerous chemicals in the manufacturing stage, which makes it safer for your baby. You should also check the build quality of the cot to ensure that it has a high load strength and stability so it won't just collapse under any pressure.

You can check the safety track record of a company by looking up its recent history where you can see if they've ordered any product recalls or have low customer ratings for quality. Any company that has had multiple products recalls for different product models should be approached with care as a recall suggests that the quality of their products has been compromised or doesn't meet the required standards.

The cot itself doesn't just determine the safety of your baby's sleep, but also the mattress. There's no good buying the highest quality baby cot and then buying a low-quality mattress. Luckily we've taken all the necessary safety precautions into account when we've formulated this list.

In addition to a high-quality mattress, you should avoid, thick blankets, pillows and crib bumpers. When it comes to a baby cot, less is more. You should have as little items and products as possible in your baby's sleeping environment to reduce the risk of any accidents occurring.


Traditional cribs have gone through a lot of development in recent years to now be convertible. Usually, you'd need to buy multiple sized cots as your baby grows in age to accommodate their new size. However, now you have cots that change in size and shape to suit their current development stage.

For example, small infants can start in the smallest size convertible cot, which has standard built four sides. However, the cot has a feature that allows you to alter the height of the mattress so you can move it lower as the baby grows. This means that you can still easily reach your baby when you stand over the cot but ensures that they can't climb or pull there way out as they get bigger and stronger.

This means that you can have one single cot bed from birth through to toddler age when they're ready to use a toddler bed. Some convertible cots can convert into a bed as they will allow you to completely remove the sides altogether and install a toddler rail.

So you can provide your toddler with the independence they need to grow but also stop them from falling out of the bed. There will come a stage when you need to buy them a child-sized bed, but this will be at around aged 4.

Where possible we've included cot beds that will allow you to use them at least up until toddler age which will not only save you money but also save you time. It's become a new phenomenon for brands to claim that they have a 10-in-1 convertible crib, but you should ensure that you understand all of the uses because some may not even be needed, so you should avoid being pulled in by the marketing claims.


When you're preparing for a new arrival, the price will always be an important factor because there are so many different things to consider. Most parents will have a budget, and we'd recommend having one regardless of how much you're willing to spend. Having a budget will make it easier to make a buying decision because it will instantly remove products from your wish list.

Most cot beds will be under a few hundred pounds; however, you'll have premium cot beds above this which will also depend on the brand. In general, the price doesn't just relate to the safety but mainly the look and style of the cot so it'll look higher end.

Spending more doesn't offer you additional safety or extra features, so it isn't always wise to just go out and buy the most expensive option especially because you're only going to be using it for a few years.

The cost can correlate to the materials and build quality of the cot, but you shouldn't just assume so from the price. However, higher-quality cots will use better materials which can make them more sturdy and long-lasting.

Style is always subjective, so will differ depending on the parent.


In theory, there are several plausible reasons why you may consider a used cot bed with the main reason being that you may have a limited budget which prices you out of buying a new cot. There's also a sense of pride that a family member feels when passing down an item that was used by another family member, but you need to ensure that any baby product you use is safe.

Although there are many safety precautions that manufacturers now need to meet, this doesn't mean there aren't still cots out there that were sold before these regulations came into place such as drop-side cots.

So, in theory, it may sound like a used cot could be a good idea; it often isn't great for your child. So there are several reasons that you need to consider:

The cot may have been constructed by the previous owner wrong, which now puts your baby in danger.

The manufacturer may have recalled the cot model for having a safety flaw.

Could have old and worn parts that you can't replace and can lead to the cot failing in the future.

Used cots won't have a warranty or the warranty may have already expired. This means that if anything breaks or a defect develops, then you might not be able to source any replacement parts, so you might have to end up buying a brand new replacement anyway.

It would be wrong to claim that every used crib is unsafe, but you should be aware of the potential flaws and issues before making a final decision.


There's no point buying the best baby cot bed if it doesn't make your life easier. You want to ensure that your cot allows you to adjust the height by at least a few levels, which means that you can start your newborn at the highest level and then move it lower as they grow in size and develop mobility.

Ideally, you should choose a cot that has a low profile which means that it isn't mounted onto tall legs. This makes it easier for you to reach into the cot for your baby and means you don't have to strain.

You also want a cot that's easy to assemble and doesn't take hours of assembly or require you to go out and buy separate tools. The best cots will be easy to put together and have four sides with a base for the mattress to lay on. You should understand before buying whether it comes supplied with all the tools required so you can be prepared when it arrives.

A warranty is also an important factor to consider before buying and provides you with a period after purchase where you can send the product back to the manufacturer if a defect or fault develops.

This gives you extra peace of mind that you have the support of the manufacturer; warranties can vary in length from several years up to a lifetime but will differ from brand to brand.


Space is often limited in our homes, so it's important to consider how much room you'll have. It's a good idea to measure the space that you plan to put the cot and then compare this to the cots that you're considering to ensure that it can fit when you receive.

Cots come in a range of sizes with some being large and others being compact, so it's up to you to decide which works best for your living environment.


Depending on your lifestyle, you may need a cot that can be moved from room to room or perhaps if your baby regularly stays at another home. In this case, you'll want a portable cot that can be folded up quickly but also remains sturdy when it's in use.

If you plan to keep your cot in the same position and space for the whole time, then this isn't something that needs to be considered.

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