Best Toddler Duvet – 2021 Buying Guide

Toddlers are at the age where they're growing fast, so they need high-quality sleep with a high quality toddler duvet to help them develop. This means that their sleeping environment needs to be well suited to long deep sleep which makes the duvet very important. We've reviewed the best toddler duvets on the market, including all the features you need to consider along the way.

1. Panda Kids The Cloud Bamboo Duvet 4.5 Tog


The Panda brand established itself with a range of high-quality Bamboo pillows, and this success has developed into other supporting sleeping products. ThePanda Kids Bamboo duvet is excellent for children as it's naturally anti-bacterial, which means it can effectively resist the development and growth of mildew and dust mites to provide them with a cleaner sleeping environment.

The is 4.5 tog kids duvet which makes it suitable all year round in every season. Due to the Bamboo nature, it can keep them warm in the winter months and cool throughout the hot summer months. The duvet is supplied with a bamboo cover that is made using 100% rayon originated from bamboo (300 Thread Count).

The duvet filling is 50% Bamboo and 50% Nano Microfibre which is designed into a pocket construction which means that cold spots are avoided due to an even distribution of material which means your child will remain warmer throughout the night.

Bamboo is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for children who suffer from eczema, hayfever, sensitive skin or other allergy-related issues. The duvet has been tested, passed and certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100 meeting the highest quality certification.


  • 4.5 Tog Duvet
  • 50% Bamboo And 50% Nano Microfibre Filling
  • Certified By Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Designed To Remove Cold Spots
  • All Season Duvet

2. Egypto Anti-Allergy Cot Bed Toddler Duvet


The Egypto duvet cover not only looks great but will keep your child cosy and warm throughout the night. The duvet is made from all-natural material with a 100% soft hollow-fibre filling, which is also durable so you can expect it to last a significant amount of time before needing to be replaced.

The duvet is washing machine friendly, so you can quickly and easily wash it if your child has any spills or accidents. Also included is a 100% money-back guarantee too if you aren't happy you can send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

The duvet has a 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester cover, which is durable yet warm and has a micro stop treatment that provides added protection against allergies, asthma and dust mites. The duvet has struck a balance between being lightweight and breathable while also being thick enough to keep your child warm all night.

Also included is a lovely soft pillow for your child to rest their head while they sleep, so you don't need to purchase them separately.


  • 100% Soft Hollow Fibre Filling
  • Protection Against Allergies, Asthma And Dust Mites
  • 50% Cotton And 50% Polyester Cover
  • One Cot Bed Pillow.
  • Money-Back Guarantee

3. Night Comfort 7.5 Tog Toddler Duvet


The Night comfort duvet is an anti-allergy solution that is ideal if your child suffers from any allergy symptoms leading to smoother nights sleep without any disturbances. The duvet is made from High-Quality Synthetic, Hypoallergenic Hollow Fibre, so it isn't overbearing for your child, giving them a peaceful nights sleep without disturbance.

The duvet has a Polypropylene cover with channel stitching which is removable and washable but also means that the filling stays in the same position without having any cold spots. The duvet is very affordable for the high quality so you can be assured that your child will remain warm for the whole night even in the winter.

Your child will inevitably have a spillage at some point and to make this easier the duvet is machine washable and also tumble dryer friendly. Also included is an anti-allergy soft pillow, so you have everything covered to give your child a great nights sleep.


  • High-Quality Synthetic, Hypoallergenic Hollow Fibre Filling
  • Anti Allergy
  • Includes Anti-Allergy Pillow
  • Machine Washable And Tumble Dryer Friendly.
  • Polypropylene Cover

4. Cuddles Collection Cot Bed Duvet (4.5 Tog)


The Cuddles collection has brought a soft poly-cotton outer cover duvet filled with hollow polyester fibre. This makes it lightweight and breathable, so your child feels comfortable but also effectively resists the threat of allergens and dust mites.

The duvet is manufactured in the UK and has a 4.5 tog rating which makes it ideal for all-season use all through the year. The duvet is lovely and fluffy and doesn't lose this over time, so you won't need to frequently replace it, but it will provide your child with a cosy sleeping experience.

The duvet is also machine washable and measures 120cm x 150cm while also being suitable for children aged over 12 months. The duvet is also low priced so won't break the bank and means you can make sure you have a spare at all times.


  • 4.5 Tog Duvet
  • Soft Poly-Cotton Outer Cover
  • Hollow Polyester Fibre Filling
  • Suitable For Children Aged Over 12 Months
  • Lightweight And Breathable

5. The Gro Company Toddler Duvet


If your child is just moving up to a junior bed and you want to make the transition smoother, then The Gro Company have got you covered. The duvet has a side zip that keeps the duvet on the bed which stops your child from falling out of the bed, so you don't have to worry.

Keeping the duvet in place also makes sure they stay warm through the night and has a 4.0 tog rating which can keep them warm in the winter but also cool in the summer months. It is thin, which makes it lightweight so it won't feel too heavy on your toddler so they can breathe comfortably.

The duvet is washing machine compatible and has a 65 per cent polyester, 35 per cent cotton cover with 100 per cent polyester filling.

For it to work effectively, it needs to be used with the Gro-to-bed bedding set; otherwise, there's nothing to attach the poppers to keep it in place.


  • 100 Per Cent Polyester Filling.
  • 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton Cover
  • 4.0 Tog Rating

Toddler Duvet Buying Guide

Is a Toddler Duvet Different?

Yes, it may be easy to think that all duvets are the same, but it's important to have the best toddler duvet for several reasons. Firstly they are sized for a toddler so a baby duvet will be too small, but an adult duvet would be too overwhelming. They are often more breathable because children find it harder to regulate their temperature, so this means they're more reliant on a duvet to do it for them.


The material of your toddler duvet is an important consideration, and you have a wide choice of options. Still, ideally, you should choose one that is soft but also breathable as this will mean that they will stay cool during the night but won't irritate their skin.

If you end up with a duvet that's too heavy, then this can be uncomfortable or even painful in some cases which will lead to them having a poorer quality sleep. This will be noticeable the following day as they will be more irritable and have a lower mood.

Your child will spend around a third of their life sleeping, so it's a good idea to make their sleeping environment as nice as possible. We'll run through the main duvet materials that you're likely to come across, including their main benefits to help you make a better buying decision.


This is one of the most common types because it's not only affordable, but it's comfortable and soft to touch, which makes it cosy for your child. It's also durable, but because of its low price it's straight forward to replace when the time comes, plus it's simple to maintain and is washing machine friendly so you can keep it clean and fresh.


Bamboo is quickly becoming one of the more popular duvet fillings due to its eco-friendly nature and versatility. It's lightweight yet warm, so it won't weigh your child down but will keep them warm even in the winter months. Bamboo is also great for the skin due to its hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties, so its suitable for most skin types without the threat of triggering a reaction.


Polyester is one of the classic duvet fillings because they're easy to machine wash but are also warm depending on the tog. Polyester duvets can be thin and lightweight, so if you require it for the winter months, be sure to choose a higher tog option.


Down feathers started as a premium product, but due to the number of manufacturers producing them, this has caused the selling price to drop, making them more accessible to all people. Down Feathers are extremely warm because they are designed to trap heat in winter but also promote airflow in summer. Down can be a little trickier to wash and keep clean because not all are washing machine friendly and may need to be dry cleaned.


The overall construction and workmanship of a toddler duvet is important because at times kids won't be the calmest sleepers and will be tossing and turning all night so you need a duvet that won't fail or tear under this pressure.

It's vital to have a duvet that always holds the material in place without wrinkling and becoming weaker over time. All duvets will need replacing at some point, but those that use higher quality materials will last longer.

Toddler duvets will often have box stitch layers which are essentially top and bottom layers which are stitched together to form a box pattern. This type of stitching means that the duvet material is evenly distributed throughout, which avoids there being any cold spots so your child will remain warm and cosy all night long.

By choosing a Duvet that's made of tougher and higher quality materials, this means that it will last longer even after months of weekly washes and nightly use.


You need to understand the duvet size that you need to buy. So this will also be in relation to the size of your child's bed because you don't want it hanging to far off the side of the bed and touching the floor.

Avoid buying an oversized duvet or one that's too small, so the best way is to measure the size of your child's bed and compare this to your choice of duvet. It doesn't need to fit exactly, and slightly larger gives you child room to grow into it.


Toddler duvets vary in price depending on a range of factors. The filling material will make a huge difference because higher quality fillings will lead to a higher selling price; however, this will provide your child with a better sleeping experience.

It may be tempting to just buy the cheapest one, but it can cause them to have a poorer quality sleep leading to them feeling tired in the morning and the last thing you want is an irritable child for the whole day because you wanted to save money.

Higher quality duvets will also last longer, so will need replacing less often. This doesn't mean that the more you spend, the better your duvet will automatically be, so it's important to read reviews from users to ensure that you're buying for the quality and not just the brand name.


We know that all items that toddlers come into contact with need to be cleaned and fresh, and it's no different for a duvet. First of all, you should always have a cover on the duvet because this not only protects the filling from spills and mess, which is normal for children. It also prolongs the life of the duvet so it will need replacing less often.

You should understand how the duvet needs to be cleaned before you buy, so there are no misunderstandings. Most duvets can be machine washed, but some may need to be dry cleaned depending on the filling material. Ideally, you should choose a duvet that can be hand or machine washed because duvets can get dirty quickly so you may not always be able to go to the dry cleaners every time.

We would recommend having more than one duvet so that if there's an accident, you can quickly change it for a spare while you clean the other. This is handy if an accident or spill happens in the middle of the night.

What Duvet Tog is Best For Toddlers?

Tog is a measurement of thermal resistance that relates to duvets. It's a simple scale where the higher the tog, the better it retains heat and thus the warmer it will keep yours. Your chosen tog will depend on several factors; if your child sleeps hot or it's the warm summer months, then a lower tog such as 4.5 will be better suited.

However, during the winter months, a higher tog above seven will be better suited although we'd recommend meeting in the middle so you have a duvet that can be used all year round. As long as you have the heating on in your home or well-insulated living space, then a 4.5 tog duvet should be more than sufficient.

You also need to take into account your child's personal needs. For example, if the sweat a lot when they sleep then you'll be better off buying a lower togged duvet. On the other hand, a higher tog duvet may be more suitable if they tend to always feel cold at night.

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