Emma vs Simba Mattress – Which Mattress is For You?

Emma v Simba mattress has become the topic of the day for many good sleep enthusiasts. These manufacturers are trying their best to produce mattresses that meet diverse customers' needs. And with both performing pretty well when it comes to quality, customers at crossroads are settling for the one that meets their expectations the most.

But as you look for the best mattress to enhance your sleep, you've got to know the features that set each apart. So, if you're looking for a hybrid mattress to get a new sleep experience, you're in the right place. Thanks to this article, you'll get an in-depth comparison of Emma v Simba mattress so you know the best value or best overall-rated mattress between the two.

emma v simba mattress review

Emma vs Simba Table Comparison


Emma Hybrid Mattress

Simba Hybrid Mattress


Best overall mattress

Best value mattress

Overall Score



Bottom Line

  • The Simba hybrid mattress has 5 layers that offer edge-to-edge comfort. 
  • It has a temperature control mechanism and with no harmful chemicals.
  • Emma mattress is a quality durable mattress with a top cover that wicks sweat.
  • It's also affordable and distributes your weight for better support.




Comfort and Support



Temperature Control



Durability and Stability



Number of Layers



Any other key comparisons (weight, size, etc.)

Comes in various sizes with the main difference being on the number of layers.

Have varying sizes that differ in weight.

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Best Overall Mattress: Simba Mattress Review

simba hybrid mattress

While comparing Emma v Simba, you'll realize that the Simba mattress is the best overall mattress. It has five layers of engineered comfort that ensure you enjoy your sleep. The first breathable layer prevents the mattress from overheating, while the layer with 2500 conical springs helps reduce pressure on the body. The aerocoil spring comfort layer minimizes movement whenever your partner turns, allowing you to sleep uninterrupted.

The Simba mattress also offers edge-to-edge support, so you can sleep on the corners without rolling over. But the multi-zoned foam base supports your weight and protects the mattress from getting thinner within no time.

Another thing you need to consider while doing Simba v Emma mattress search is how the mattress controls temperature. Simba mattress has a better temperature control mechanism which allows for 30 times airflow as in memory foam. The open cell mattress is also infused with graphite which helps keep heat away from it.

The mattress also contains chemicals that is safe for both the human body and the environment. Simba mattress undergoes various tests by CertiPUR to ensure it meets all the required standards and is free from harmful chemicals like mercury.

Also, you'll enjoy using this mattress with an aerocoil micro spring comfort layer. This layer is slimmer than the others but offers the best support for your body. The titanium micro springs of 0.9mm thickness and a height of 25mm help create your body curves on the mattress. This prevents disturbance whenever your partner moves.

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  • It contains no harmful chemicals
  • Has better temperature control mechanism
  • Its comfortable to use


  • It's expensive

Best Value Mattress: Emma Mattress Review


If you want a mattress that gives you value for your money, you've got to consider several things. For example, if you look at this Emma v Simba review, you'll realize that both offer comfort but different pricing. So, while deciding between Emma v Simba hybrid mattress, you need to look at your budget against the features.

The Emma mattress assures you of the quality, long-lasting mattress as it's made of high standard materials and fabric. It has an airgocell and Emma ultradry original cover that prevents you from sweating. It also has an innovative open-pored HRX layer that improves airflow and repels moisture making the mattress durable.

Additionally, the halo memory foam and the Emma HRX supreme give your body the necessary support on the joints that come into direct contact with it. Your weight will be equally distributed on the mattress, reducing pressure and ensuring all the sleeping positions are comfortable. The bottom layer holds firm and protects the mattress from sagging.

What's more, there's no motion transfer with Emma's mattress, allowing you to have a peaceful night. When you look at all these features vs. the price of this mattress, it shows great value. So, you'll save some cash but get a worthy, comfortable bed for quality sleep.

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  • It is durable
  • It offers enough body support
  • Its cheaper


  • It's not too firm or soft

Emma v Simba Mattress Comparison

Before settling for any hybrid mattress, it's good to know the features that make each standout. That's why this Emma v Simba mattress mattress review is helpful for you. The first notable difference between the mattresses is on the layers. Simba has five layers which enhances your comfort during sleep time, but Emma mattresses have four layers. However, all the layers in each mattress ensure you get the deserved comfort and uninterrupted sleep.

Another thing that should differentiate the two when you do a Simba v Emma comparison is their body support mechanism. Simba mattress has 2500 aerocoil springs, which offer personalized support to both of you sharing the bed. This ensures no one interferes with your sleep as they turn. Emma mattress consists of halo memory foam and Emma HRX supreme, which personalizes support for your body. It distributes your weight across five zones to reduce pressure on any part.

Both mattresses are top quality from respectable brands. But why you need to do in-depth research on Emma hybrid v Simba hybrid is to know their cooling mechanism. The Simbatex, an open cell foam, will enable airflow on the Simba mattress while the graphite disperses heat. Emma mattress has the best techniques that ensure your body stays cool and dry on a hot night. It also enhances airflow and repels moisture to make your mattress durable.

Our Score


Our Take


Simba Hybrid Mattress

It’s comfortable and highly innovative.


Emma Hybrid Mattress

It’s cheap, high quality, and durable.

Why You Should Trust Us

Just like our previous reviews, we always aim to provide authentic products that will meet your expectations. For this Emma v Simba mattress review, they offer you a 200-night free risk trial to authenticate the quality and features of both mattresses. These mattresses also have a ten-year warranty.

What To Consider When Buying a Mattress

Before you invest in any mattress, it's best to look at what makes it worth the money you'll spend. As seen in this Emma v Simba comparison, several factors set each apart while others make them a worthy choice. Below are the things you need to consider before settling for a hybrid mattress:

Comfort The Mattress Offers

One of the reasons you need a mattress is to make your sleep comfortable. A comfortable mattress should offer enough body support that prevents you from pain and pressure while asleep. It should also distribute your weight and prevent disturbance whenever your partner turns. Doing your Emma v Simba features checklist ensures comfort tops the list.

Note that what's comfortable for you might differ from the other person's choice, so stick by your preference.

Temperature Control Mechanisms

The temperature level of the mattress you've got determines how cozy your sleep will be. So, if you want quality, uninterrupted sleep, consider the temperature control mechanism of the mattress. A good one should be able to enhance airflow as you sleep. It should also have a cooling technique that regulates heat and prevents you from sweating. An additional sweat-wicking capability is also a plus, as the Emma hybrid v Simba hybrid comparison guide has elaborated.  

Your Sleeping Position

You need to have a mattress that supports your sleeping position without causing discomfort. Remember, a bed that doesn't support your sleeping position will cause body pain and interfere with your sleep pattern. If you sleep on your back, it should support your spine better. But if you move a lot while asleep, it should be capable of preventing you from rolling over and also reducing interference on your partner's side. This means a stable mattress with edge-to-edge support is a good pick.

Body Type

Your body type largely affects the kind of mattress you opt for. If your lower body is weighty, you need a firmer mattress than someone who weighs less for support purposes. You can, in this case, go for a hybrid mattress with innerspring coils and comfortable foam that's long-lasting. But don't forget to check on the size of the mattress, as a smaller one will leave your body parts hanging. Sleeping with your feet hanging off the bed will be uncomfortable and might force you to look for a replacement which is an additional cost.

Mattress Price

It's evident in this Emma v Simba guide that each attracts different pricing. This amount depends on the materials used, the brand, and the production process. You need to go for a mattress that meets your needs but is within your budget range. You can make price comparisons before the purchase date to get value for your money.


Which one is the best mattress to go for between Emma v Simba mattress?

Both mattresses are a good pick and will make you enjoy your sleep. However, the best pick relies on the features you're looking for. We personally love the Simba Mattress

How long can my mattress last?

A mattress can last up to 10 years. However, how you use it and take care of it matters greatly.

Should I buy a cheap or expensive mattress?

The choice depends on your budget. But you need to consider the mattresses features that meet your demands and make it stand out. Remember a mattress is an investment, spending a little bit more for a high quality, comfortable mattress will pay off in the long term not only for the longetivitiy of the mattress but also your quality of sleep and overall health. 

simba v emma

Our Verdict: Emma v Simba Mattress Review

Getting a worthy mattress will enable you to sleep soundly and forget some of your pains and worries. Before settling for a good quality hybrid mattress, it's best to look at features and narrow them down to what meets your expectations. You can go for either a foam or spring mattress. But don't forget to check on their cooling techniques, support, and breathability, as we’ve discussed in this Emma v Simba review.

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