9 Reasons Why You May Need A Custom Mattress

custom mattress

Are you having constant sleepless nights? Perhaps, you’re waking up with horrible joint pain which makes your day miserable? Have you ever thought that maybe, it’s time to finally get yourself your own custom mattress for a better sleep quality?You need not think twice!A custom made mattress contributes to a quality sleep and helps you achieve … Read more

9 Things You Need to Know About a Waterproof Mattress

waterproof mattress protector

Waterproof mattresses are a lifesaver especially if you have kids or pets. Spilling liquids on the mattress can damage or destroy the components within. Buying a good mattress protector can be a solution. But let’s face it, it moves when you toss and turn around; leaving the mattress exposed. Small kids can also soil the … Read more

What Is a Dorma Mattress and Why You Should Consider One

dorma mattress

A Dorma mattress is among the finest mattresses in the world. It is often accoladed for the comfortable experience and the profuse craftsmanship that manufacturers use to make this type of mattress. A Dorma mattress features two springs: the posture flex innerspring and the memo flex individual pocketed spring.The memo flex spring comprises a coil … Read more

Emma vs Nectar Mattress: The Ultimate Mattress Showdown

emma v nectar mattress

Emma v Nectar is the ultimate mattress showdown in the UK this year. On one hand, Emma has become a dominating force in the sleep industry, with over a million sales and a couple of awards to boot. On the other hand, Nectar is designing high-quality hybrid mattresses with an unrivaled warranty and trial period … Read more

A Foldable Mattress: Is It Worth It?

foldable mattress

The most incredible innovation among the different types of mattresses in the market is the invention of foldable mattresses. Although there have been notions that foldable mattresses are of poorer quality than the traditional unfoldable mattresses, they are easier to store and move from one place to another.If you are a person who loves traveling, … Read more

Sleep on It: Simba vs Eve Mattress Compared

simba v eve

Simba v Eve — which mattress is best? This question is one of the most common considerations for sleepers shopping for a new mattress. And not without reason. Simba and Eve are renowned brands known for the quality, performance, and durability of their hybrid mattresses. Over the years, these two brands have set an impressive … Read more