A Japanese Futon Bed: Is It Worth It?

After a long tiring day, wouldn't you want to relax and rest well to be ready for the next day's activities? We sure do! Good sleep should always be a top priority. However, not everyone can sleep on and prefers the traditional bed. Others choose to lay their mattresses on the floor. If you're one of those, the Japanese futon bed comes in handy.

Moving into a new home requires planning and organizing that it may take a while to unpack. You might also be hosting sleepovers and need to offer your guests a comfortable place to sleep. A Japanese floor mattress is easier to roll out and roll away after use. It occupies little space on the floor and in your storage.

This floor mattress offers you adequate support, keeps you comfortable, cools you down during summer, and is cozy during the winter cold. It also helps relieve back pain, ensuring you enjoy peaceful and relaxed sleep. The floor bed can also serve as a children's playground to protect them from hurting their fragile bodies as they jump around and fall.

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Is Sleeping On A Japanese Futon Bed Good For You?

Sleeping on a Japanese futon mattress is suitable for everyone. So if you are the kind of person who doesn’t like sagging mattresses, the Japanese futon mattresses will serve you the best!

Laying on a good mattress such as a Japanese mattress does not only support your whole body, it also helps align your spine to minimize any possibility of getting back pains.

If you’re struggling to clean, is on a budget, or want to save some space, you should consider having a Japanese futon bed in your house. This type of floor mattress will allow you to get rid of the traditional bulky frames and heavy mattresses. Since the mattress is lightweight, it’s an easy job to fold it and tuck it away. If you’re using it for extra sleeping space, you can also slide the mattress just under your bed for wider expanse.

Benefits of a Japanese Futon Bed

1. Sleeping on a Japanese floor mattress is better for your back

What the Japanese futon bed does best is align your spine and engage your lower back muscles while you sleep. If you are experiencing back pains while lying in bed, the Japanese floor bed can help ease your pain and makes your muscles stronger.

Since the Japanese futon mattresses are designed with soft and conforming materials, it helps naturally curve your spine. In turn, it relieves the pressure from your back which reduces your discomfort. The light padding is easy on your muscles, too. It allows you to wake up relaxed and happy. Overall, the mattress is super comfortable and supports your lower back perfectly. Even if you lay it down on the floor, it protects you from the harshness of the cold floor.

2. Japanese Futon Beds save space

Japanese futon beds are made up of sheets of cotton so they are easy to fold and store when not in use. Having this kind of floor mattress in your home allows you to save space and create a multipurpose area for other important household activities.

3. They are easy to clean and portable

If you experience difficulties in cleaning conventional mattresses since they collect a lot of hair, dust, and other dirty stuff, you need to go for a mattress that is easier to clean. With a Japanese futon bed, you won't be struggling to wash it.

Aside from being easy-to-clean, Japanese futon mattresses are also portable. You can easily carry it outside and knock the dust out while sanitizing it to kill any bugs living in the mattress. After you’re done, let it sit under the sun and air dry to prevent molds from appearing.

Their portability nature also allows you to pack them in your car ready for an adventure. You can use it during camping trips, place it in RVs, and bring along to holiday homes if there are no extra beds for everyone. After use, you can clean it then put it away for storage.

japanese floor bed

4. Japanese Futon beds are super comfortable

This floor mattress has layers of soft cushion that protects you from the harsh cold floor. You can expect maximum comfort during a peaceful night sleep.

For maximum comfort during sleep, wrap yourself in snuggly blankets. Read our best heated blankets review to see why it's worth getting one!

Disadvantages of a Japanese Futon Bed

  • It’s not for people who have joint pain since they’ll have difficulties lying down or getting up from the Japanese floor bed
  • It takes a lot of time to roll up and tuck the futon mattress away or take it down every night
  • Lower-quality futons can start to wear out, especially if repeatedly transitioned from a futon bed to a couch.

How Long Does a Japanese Futon Bed Last?

The lifespan of a Japanese floor bed depends on the quality it was made with and how you use it. A typical Japanese futon mattress is stuffed with cotton inside and is roughly 2 to 3 inches thick. This makes it flexible enough to be folded after use.

Moreover, most of them are designed to last for up to 15 years. This lifespan is longer than your ordinary mattresses, which is a good reason for you to consider it.

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Can You Sleep on a Japanese Floor Mattress Every Night?

As long as you have a comfortable Japanese futon that offers both support and cushioning, you can always choose to sleep on it every night.

Still, even though you are sleeping on a Japanese floor bed, you must ensure that you are comfortable laying on it since lack of support and comfort can immediately cause you back pains.

Final Thoughts

Your sleep quality is vital to your health. Therefore, you should choose to sleep on the most convenient and comfortable surface. If you don’t get enough rest, you wake up tired or grumpy which can ruin your day.

Always make sure that you choose a bedding type that will provide you with a relaxed, cozy sleep. If you love a bedding that will help you save space, add benefits to your health, and offer you a comfortable sleep, a Japanese Futon bed will be your best choice.

An actual Japanese futon bed is easily portable, foldable, and has an outstanding balance between soft and hard. With that, you can kiss your cranky joints and back pains goodbye. It also offers support and ample cushioning to help in your natural spine alignment. You can also buy a Japanese futon bed for your guests so that they will surely have a comfortable mattress to sleep on you have sleepovers.

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