A Foldable Mattress: Is It Worth It?

The most incredible innovation among the different types of mattresses in the market is the invention of foldable mattresses. Although there have been notions that foldable mattresses are of poorer quality than the traditional unfoldable mattresses, they are easier to store and move from one place to another.

If you are a person who loves traveling, going to parties, or you have a large family, then a folding bed with a mattress is ideal for you. A foldable mattress enables you to keep a spare bed in the closet for sleepovers, and also makes it possible to go on camping and other outdoor adventures.

That is exactly why fold up mattresses are suitable for small spaces. It's easier to fold a foldable mattress into sections to facilitate easier storage when the mattress is not in use.

When you decide on buying a foldable mattress, make quality the biggest priority. When you have a high-quality foldable mattress, you will sleep comfortably. Besides, with a foldable mattress, your back is well supported when sleeping, and it can easily be created and moved from one place to another.

A folding mattress can work effectively with a foldable bed to save spaces in small flats or children’s bedrooms. With a folding bed and mattress, you can leave the floor space valuable for other activities during the day or when the guest leaves.

foldable mattress

What a Folding Mattress Looks Like

  • The structure of a folding mattress contains several components connected by a cloth.
  • In each mattress block, there is a filler in the decomposed form.
  • All the products in the mattress are stored easily by adding them up in a stack.
  • Some foldable mattress models contain a belt that enables you to fix it in folded form.

Pros and Cons of a Folding Mattress


  • Folding mattresses provide comfortable rest when you decide to take guests overnight
  • They are less expensive
  • They are compact. A foldable mattress does not only have a fold up design, it also has less weight which enables you to carry it anywhere or store easily at home.
  • The material used in a foldable mattress is easy to care for and long-lasting
  • In the store catalogs, you can find different varieties of foldable mattresses. There are also different sizes depending on your preferences
  • The foldable mattress can also act as a playing mat for children and fitness classes in the house
  • Foldable mattresses offer extra support and comfort. They have foam which warrants higher comfort
  • Foldable mattresses are also easy to assemble. They contain fold-away bags which makes them easier to assemble
  • Foldable mattresses, especially memory foam, may provide pressure and joint pain relief. With a foldable bed, you do not require a pillow for head comfort and support since the mattress got you covered
  • A foldable mattress will ease your blood circulation throughout your body as you take a rest
  • A fold up mattress also prevents sagging. The foam and thickness of the mattress make it firm to support even heavyweight without sagging
  • A fold up mattress minimizes movements which is beneficial to people who share a bed. It is possible because a foam mattress conforms to your body weight


  • Foldable mattresses can cause pressure points pains, especially, to individuals who sleep on their side
  • You can also experience shoulder and hips pain if you sleep on your side
  • As a result of the pain a foldable mattress causes when you sleep on your side, it is not recommended if you suffer from muscle and joint pains
  • If you have a restless sleeping partner, you may experience discomfort due to motion transfer

Are Foldable Mattresses Comfortable?

  • A mattress manufactured with foam of high quality will definitely offer the required comfort.
  • However, it is worth noting that the degree of comfort varies depending on the model of foldable mattress you purchase.
  • Each foldable mattress has its own level of comfort. A foldable mattress has a thickness standard of 4-inch which is excellent enough to provide you comfort and support.
  • Thickness and foam are fundamental in offering body comfort when lying on the mattress.

Is It Good To Sleep On A Folding Bed?

  • It is very okay to sleep on a folding bed.
  • A fold up bed offers support and excellent support to those sleeping on them.
  • Sleeping on a folding bed will help you rest during the day since it contains a spring mattress that offers good comfort.
  • You should note that a folding bed that can get compressed and extended as you wish is the most effective use of small spaces in your house.
folding bed with mattress

Types of Foldable Mattresses

The main types of foldable mattresses are memory foam, polyurethane, and latex. Each of the kinds of foldable mattresses has its own pros and cons.


Polyurethane is the material used to make the most basic foldable mattresses. Poly-foam is known to be lightweight and less expensive. This type of foldable mattress is the best option for young adults searching for affordable foldable ones. However, polyurethane foam has a lower destiny and shorter lifespan than the rest.

Memory foam

Memory foam contains additional compounds from polyurethane to change how it feels and acts. It provides more comfort and support than polyurethane. Memory foam type of mattresses hold much heat, which could cause discomfort when sleeping.

Get some tips to ensure that your memory foam mattress maintains its quality. Check out our How to Care for a Memory Foam Mattress article now!


Another type of a foldable mattress is the latex. Latex is the highest quality material you will find for a foldable mattress that will offer enough comfort and support for your body. Aside from that, latex foam is also durable which will give ensure that your mattress has a longer life.

Final Thought

Before buying a foldable mattress, ensure that you identify first how you are going to use it. There are many reasons for having a foldable mattress, like camping and extra foam for having guests over.

If you are looking for a sleeping surface that is comfortable, easy to store, and portable, the folding bed with a mattress should be your option. The folding mattress is a blessing if you have a small space since it can fit almost anywhere. It is designed to offer the best comfort and support that your body requires.

When choosing between different types of mattress, always make it a point to check the mattress's size, thickness, price, and quality to ensure it best meets your needs. For foldables mattresses, do yourself a favor by investing in a thicker and densely packed one since thicker mattresses offer more support and comfort. Also, see to it that you choose a foldable mattress with an excellent cover to keep it safe once you store or transport your mattress. With the benefits associated with the foldable mattress, having it in your home is definitely worth it.

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