Everything You Need To Know About A Mattress In A Box

A mattress in a box is identical to the standard and traditional mattress. The one and the only variation is that it is pressed and rolled tightly before the dealer ships it to you in an air-tight bag. It's then packed into a shipping box. This neat package is arranged this way since it is considerably easier for you to manage when compared to transporting a regular mattress.

However, the box mattress only accommodates mattresses without an innerspring. Thus, you can only receive a boxed mattress if you want to ship a memory foam mattress. However, you are shipping an orthopedic mattress, the boxing method will not suit your needs.

The mattress in a box method will help you ship mattresses of all sizes as long. Similarly, you could use the box mattress with a box spring and a bed frame if you have one.

Is a Mattress in a Box worth it?

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines, you are faced with the need to eliminate physical shopping options. Thus, the mattress in a box option comes in handy since you can receive your packed mattress at the comfort of your doorstep. The only effort you have to make is unrolling the mattress out of its package and giving it a little time to attain its original shape.

The memory foam mattress has flexibility properties that ensure its contours flatten away if the pressure exerted on it is retracted. Consequently, you accrue time and cost benefits by eliminating the need to physically visit the store.

The Advantages of Buying a Mattress in a Box

There are different benefits of purchasing a mattress in a box as illustrated below;

Cost -Cutting

Like other online purchase methods, the purchase of the bed in a box eliminates the middleman and reduces other costs including transport to and from the business premise. Subsequently, you can acquire the same high-quality mattress you would have purchased at the comfort of your mobile phone.


When ordering most products online, you have the benefit of contrasting the quality and pricing of the same brand of mattresses within different stores. In addition, you do not have to send someone or leave your place of work or household to purchase your product. Indeed, purchasing a box mattress is convenient and serves you well when you make up your mind about what mattress you want. 


Opting for the bed in a box  does not mean that you are limited to a certain mattress brand. You can choose between varieties, and when doing this, look out for the authenticity and the warranty of the foam mattress. There are different options you can choose from including a traditional foam mattress, memory foam, and the Hybrid Wave Mattress depending on the level of comfort and firmness you want.


Simplified Assembly

The mattress in a box option allows you to easily move the mattress even after the purchase. Instead of moving around with the often big-sized mattress, you can fold, and unfold it after arranging your room. The package makes it easier to carry the mattress around.

Returns are Simple

Most mattresses in a box package come with a hundred-day warranty. Hence, if you do not like the comfort of the mattress within the trial period, you can contact your vendor and let them know what the problem with the mattress is. Similarly, most online stores always consider and address customer feedback. They can help you do an exchange for free where applicable.

Purchased Directly from the Manufacturer

Remember, the elimination of the middleman during online purchase ensures you interact directly with the brand. Thus, you benefit from extended warranties and free trial periods which are available when you buy your new mattress straight from the manufacturer rather than from a mattress dealer. Similarly, the brand offers customer support through a team that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you if you have any questions or are unsure which mattress type to choose.

How to Pick the Right Mattress Size

You've come to the right site if you're trying to figure out what mattress size to get. You will, however, need to consider the dimensions of your bedroom, Moreover, you might for a bigger mattress if you and your spouse or friend will be sharing a bed, Similarly, take into account how much space you have in your room.

casper mattress in a box

If you are shorter than six feet, for instance, you would probably feel at ease in a twin bed. A king-size or California king mattress would be suitable for someone taller than six feet. The mattress in a box is often offered in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes, so you're covered no matter what you require.

Not sure how to care for your memory foam mattress? We got the ultimate guide for you! Read our How to Care for a Memory Foam Mattress post for tips!

Cons of the Mattress in a Box

Be aware that your current bed frame may not be suitable for a memory foam mattress when you buy a mattress in a box. Memory foam mattresses necessitate a sturdy foundation, such as a platform. Otherwise, they may sink or acquire unwanted indentations, and the damage will not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Box springs aren't required, but if you don't have a platform foundation, a box spring will ensure that your bed frame provides adequate mattress support. To get the most out of it, you'll need to invest in a platform bed frame as well as a new mattress.


The mattress in a box method offers convenience more than the regular mattress as it allows you to ship mattresses of all sizes hassle-free. To unwrap, you just have to carry first the wrapped box to the desired room where you want the mattress laid. Second, carefully unwrap the mattress from the box and flatly lay it on the floor or bed, depending on where you desire to sleep. Finally, remove the plastic cover, and allow the mattress to expand.

Remember to follow the same procedure when moving out or shifting your mattress in a box to another room to maintain its great quality.

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