Best Sleep Eye Mask Reviews & Guide

If you already have the perfect pillow, mattress and earplugs and you're still not getting the ideal sleeping experience, then you may be missing an essential item that will maximise the quality of your sleep, and using a sleeping eye mask is likely to be the missing component.

This is especially relevant if you require total darkness to get to sleep and the smallest amount of light disrupts your sleep as this can have a long term adverse effect on your sleep pattern and overall mood.

Using a sleep mask is a great way to block out any light that may be present in your sleeping area especially if it's a source of light that you can't control such as a bright sunny day or when travelling on a plane.

The eye mask industry is saturated with many different products, which can make the purchasing phase difficult, confusing and time-consuming.

To aid this, we have created an up to date buying guide to make it easy so you can rest assured that the products we recommend are the best sleeping mask on the market designed to bring you the best nights sleep.










LifeStance Natural Silk Eye Mask





Memory Soft Eye Mask


1. Tempur Sleep Eye Mask + Ear Plugs Review


Tempur is one of the best well-known brands in the memory foam industry and was the first company to bring it to the everyday consumer. This revolutionised the industry because for millions of people this was the solution to their back and neck pain issues.

Tempur uses NASA accredited memory foam , and this is the best selling product for the category in the US and has now found its way to the UK. The memory foam contours to your face perfectly to provide you with a comfortable fit every time you wear it.

The lovely design blocks out sleep-disrupting light which allows you to sleep in total darkness for the whole night. Regardless of the position you sleep in, or how much you fidget during your sleep the mask will stay secure and in place.


  • Made from high quality grade Tempur memory foam 
  • Covered in a high-quality soft velour material that's both allergen/dust mite free.
  • supplied with free ear plugs
  • itted with an adjustable elasticated strap 

2. Bedtime Bliss Eye Mask + Ear Plugs Review


Bedtime Bliss has created a sleeping eye mask that blocks out external light allowing you to get to sleep easily, and stay asleep! Of course, this is never going to be as comfortable as the top rate Tempur eye mask; however, it is still comfortable to wear.

It has a contoured design making it comfier than traditional masks, which then allows for optimal REM sleep so upon waking you'll feel revitalised and refreshed.

The mask also features raised eye pads, which provides the eyes with room to move comfortably when sleeping.

The eye mask also has an adjustable strap, so it's suitable for people of all head sizes and shapes. The mask stays in place no matter the position that you sleep in and even if you move a lot during your sleep.


  • Risk free 60 day 100% money back guarantee
  • Ideal for men, women and children
  • portable so will easily fit in your bag
  • Machine washable and lightweight
  • Raised eye pads, to decrease pressure on eyes
  • Includes free carry case and ear plugs

3. Lifestance Natural Silk Sleeping Eye Mask Review


Introducing the Life Stance eye mask for sleeping which blocks out all outside light allowing for you to sleep comfortably. It is built with an adjustable elastic strap so it will fit regardless of head size meaning that it's suitable for men, women and children.

The adjustable band also makes the mask secure so even if you sleep in a range of positions the mask will stay in place.

The Lifestance Natural silk double-sided eye mask is not sensitive to the skin and is chemical free by only using natural dyes. The 100% natural Mulberry silk is breathable, lightweight and ergonomic so it doesn't add unnecessary pressure onto your face.


  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Super lightweight yet blocks out external light
  • Easy to wash and keep clean
  • Larger than your average size mask to block even more light than competitors
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Adjustable strap to fit all genders and ages
  • Deep V design to relieve pressure on the nose

4. Jasmine Filled Sleeping Eye Mask Review


This handmade silk eye mask is an excellent alternative to the traditional eye mask. The mask is filled with 100% mulberry long silk floss covered in a 100% smooth and super soft charmeuse silk. This supplies the face with essential amino acids enhancing your sleep.

This mask not only blocks the light out but also helps to reduce the formation of wrinkles. The silk used is hypoallergenic, so it's ideal if you suffer from allergies.

The eye mask is effective at blocking out light and still works well even if you're a side sleeper or move throughout your sleep.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Adjustable elastic strap to fit all head sizes and genders
  • Over 1000 positive reviews via Amazon
  • Comes in a range of different colours
  • Easily washable
  • Hypoallergenic

5. Memory Soft Sleeping Eye Mask Review


This memory soft eye mask has a 3D patented contoured shape with stretch adjustable velcro straps so it can fit men, women and children of all ages and sizes.

This patented shape provides maximum eye and nose coverage to block out external light, but there is enough space to open your eyes if you need to throughout the night.

The memory foam within the mask is soft and lightweight with maximises its comfort, while contouring to the shape of your face. This product is ideal if you're regularly woken up by external light plus the included ear plugs will work to block out external noise as well.


  • Memory foam contours to your face regardless of the position you sleep in.
  • Adjustable strap ensures it stays secure throughout the night
  • Includes free travel pouch and ear plugs
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Adjustable elastic strap to fit all head sizes and genders

What is an Eye Sleeping Mask?

The majority of people do not get the recommend 8 hours of sleep per night and a lack of sleep can lead to a vast number of physical and mental issues including the way your brain functions. This can lead to your productivity at work decreasing which can also affect your day to day decision-making skills.

Sleeping eye masks are a natural, affordable solution to help you to get to sleep faster and not have your sleep disturbed throughout the night. They are usually made from a soft yet durable fabric which covers both eyes simultaneously.

This blocks out any external light sources, so you are always in darkness. Eye masks are fixed to your head using a comfortable elasticated strap which keeps it secure throughout your sleep.

Benefits of an eye mask for sleeping

Melatonin Production

Melatonin is an essential hormone secreted by the Pineal gland that ensures your body's sleep cycles function efficiently. Production of this hormone only happens when your brain senses darkness, so even if you already sleep in a dark room even the lights from your phone or LCD clock screen can disrupt this Melatonin production.

Most people already know how important it is to block out noise when sleeping; however light requirements are often overlooked and ignored. But you can now see how important it is.

Blocks out external light

Sleeping eye masks help to block out any external light, especially light that you can't control such as street lights outside your window or if you have someone watching tv in the same room.

A study by the National Institute of Sleep concluded that using ear plugs and a sleep mask reduces the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and it also causes a rise in the amount of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

Researchers also found that the subjects in the study also had significantly higher levels of melatonin circulating in their blood which means that they woke up less often that the subject who didn't wear eye masks of ear plugs.​

Great if you struggle to get to sleep

If it takes you some time to fall asleep, then this could be a great remedy, and you may not yet realise that external light is the most significant factor in your lack of sleep.

Gives you a proper sleep cycle

Total darkness allows you to get into a proper deep sleep so you can get straight into a regular sleep and wake cycle which helps your body to produce the correct levels of Melatonin.

Buying Guide

There are several things you should look out for when deciding which eye mask to purchase. At first, they may seem unimportant, but once we explain, you'll understand why.

Does it block the light?

The obvious question right? But this is the most important factor that it carries out the function of blocking out the light, allowing you to get to sleep to improve the quality of your sleep.


When you have the eye mask on, you shouldn't feel any pressure on your eyes throughout the night as this can harm your sleep. It should fit snugly and be comfortable.


It shouldn't fit too tightly, and there should be ample room for your eyelids to move freely. If you want extra room to prevent your eyes from rubbing against the mask, then you can purchase an eye mask which is indented or has contoured eye pockets which then means your eyes are less restricted during sleep.


The size of the mask you purchase is down to your personal preference. Some prefer to have a larger mask to block out every bit of light, while others prefer a smaller mask that is more portable and smaller for travel.

The size of your head also matters because you don't want to buy a smaller mask if you have a larger than the average sized head. However, buying an eye mask with an adjustable strap will solve this issue.


The cost of an eye mask is very affordable especially considering its potential benefits to the quality of your sleep., but this still can be a factor for some.

Aromatherapy benefits

Some sleep eye masks have aromatherapy qualities built into them, such as Lavender or Chamomile which when released have relaxing properties which make it easier to get to sleep. These herbs have been used in aromatherapy all around the world for centuries.


The fabric should be comforting and soft, yet it should not be too moist throughout the night. A microfibre, soft wool or fleece material is ideal especially because it needs to machine washable.

Function over looks

It can be easy to be drawn to the best looking eye mask while considering its benefits after. It's important to put the features and practicality of each eye mask first before it looks.

Will a Sleep Mask Improve My Sleep?

Sleeping with an eye mask will improve the sleep of the majority of people; however, there are cases where this may not be the solution:

Other reasons for Insomnia

If you have deeper underlying causes for your insomnia, then this may not be the solution. However, eye masks for sleeping are incredibly inexpensive so it would be wise to try it.

Already have a total blackout.

This is highly unlikely unless you live in a rural area because in any metropolitan area, town or city there will always be external light sources. Whether it's street lamps, LED lights from clock displays or TV.

Closing Remarks

There you have it! These are the five eye masks that we recommend as the best eye masks for sleeping. Of course, the Tempur eye mask is way ahead of the competition so would be the best option. But the remaining four products will also improve the quality of your sleep to some degree.

Have a read of the guide again, as this is a hugely important and could be the solution to your poor sleep quality.

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