The Best Pregnancy Pillow for Maternity

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful, happiest and important periods in a woman's life.  It is truly a blessing however, the majority of women experience huge changes in their body especially the size of their belly.

The most common body complaint is the emergence of back pain and as the baby continues to grow its can become even harder to sleep comfortably.​ 

Positioning multiple pillows to comfort you belly, back and neck can be difficult especially if you move throughout your sleep. To help expectant mothers we have created a guide to show you the best pregnancy maternity pillows on the market designed to help you sleep in ultimate comfort.





PregnancyPillows U Shape Lavender Pillow



Snaggol U Shape Pregnancy Pillow



Lancashire Textiles U Shape Pregnancy Pillow



Pillow Pleasure Pregnancy Pillow



Bedding Direct Pregnancy Pillow



What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is an enlarged pillow which are designed for expectant mothers. They are usually larger than traditional sized pillows which allows for them to provide a strong level of support to your whole body including your neck, back and belly.

This can help alleviate and prevent lower lumbar pain, posterior pelvic pain whilst allowing you to get a higher quality of sleep which will only benefit you and your baby.

Types of Pregnancy Pillow

The pregnancy pillow market has developed massively in recent years, and there are now a number of different types and shapes of pregnancy pillow. Whilst they all have the main aim of providing comfort and reducing aches and pains, the final choice you make will depend on you individual preferences and requirements.

Full Body Shaped Pregnancy Pillows.

​Full body pregnancy pillow have been created so that they wrap around the entire body of a pregnant women including the bump. This provides a great level of support and comfort. Full body shaped pillows are usually around 5-6 feet long so that they are big enough the majority of women.

A full body pregnancy pillow provides support for the vulnerable areas such as the neck, back and belly to ensure that you don't wake up in the morning with a sore back. There are two main types of full body pregnancy pillows:​

​U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

This is the most comfortable type of pregnancy pillow and proved additional support to the belly and back and is ideal if you're moving into the final stages of your pregnancy and your belly is at its largest.​


  • Provides full body support
  • Can be used deep into pregnancy
  • Can be used to sleep with toddler post pregnancy
  • In one piece unlike trying to position several individual smaller pillows.


  • Affordable, but still the most expensive type of pregnancy pillow.
  • Take up a large area when in use

C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

The C shaped pregnancy pillow allows the user to lie in a riding position, with the base of the C between her legs whilst placing her head on the top part of the pillow. The back is then rested on the curve of the C shape which eases the pressure and allow her to rest comfortably.​ Just like the U shaped pregnancy pillow, it also provides support to the neck and belly.


  • Can be used by women of all sizes and shapes
  • The curve of the C offers extra back support
  • Can be used to sleep with toddler post pregnancy


  • They are large shaped which can be a problem if you don't have much space.

Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

A wedge pregnancy pillow is often refered to as a maternity cushion and functions exactly as its name suggests. You wedge the cushion either to support your back or belly to bring additional comfort to improve your quality of sleep.

The pregnancy wedge is a versatile pillow and it is available in a range of fillings including Polyester, Fibre or Memory Foam and is also available in a large range of shapes and sizes. The main positions that the pillow is used for is:

  • Under the belly to reduce pressure and weight on the hips and bacl
  • Behind the back to allow you to comfrotably sleep on your back
  • underneath a regular pillow to raise the level of your head, which helps to reduce heartburn and reflux.


  • Highly versatile
  • Cheap compared to full size pillows
  • Portable
  • Doesn't take up much space in the bed
  • Can be used to sleep with toddler post pregnancy


  • Only supports small areas of the body
  • May need other pillows for other body areas

Full length Pregnancy Pillow

​Full length pregnancy pillows are designed to be as long as the users body and are in a rectangular shape and straight. This shape helps them to support the whole body which means that you will not need any additional pillows to support you.

Some full length pillows are fixed into that position, whereas some are flexible and can be manoeuvred into your desired shape.​


  • Provides full body support
  • Also provides support to the head


  • Uses up a large amount of bed space
  • Not suitable if you prefer to sleep on your back

Why Buy a Pregnancy Pillow?

Whilst we now know that pregnancy pillows help expectant mothers get a better nights sleep by preventing and soothing aches and pains, lets dig a little deeper into more reasons why you should purchase a pregnancy pillow

​Studies have conducted which have proven that around 75% of pregnant women experience back pain at some point during their pregnancy which negatively affects their ability to sleep. This is why even doctors recommend that pregnant women should purchase the best pregnancy pillow on the market to help them sleep at night.

It has been reported that in 15% of pregnant women, back pain becomes so severe that it begins to interfere with their normal daily routine which then stops them from carrying out their normal tasks.

This is why a pregnancy pillow is so important as it allows a pregnant woman to sleep in complete comfort and peace.

Medical research has also led to professionals recommending that when women enter their final phase of pregnancy they should sleep on their left sides to benefit the baby. Side sleeping is very difficult to do for the entire night, but with a pregnancy pillows it's easy. ​

A certain portion of pregnant women find every sleeping position uncomfortable and painful ​ This lead to many sleepless nights which affects your mood through out the day leading to grogginess and irritability.

If you force yourself into sleeping into unfamiliar position, during pregnancy this can lead to a whole host of problems including carpal tunnel, sciatica, gastric reflux and heartburn. ​

Benefits of a Pregnancy Pillow

Prevents and relieves body pain

​This is the main benefit of using a pregnancy maternity pillow. Throughout your pregnancy as you get bigger and heavier when the baby is growing, pressure will increase on certain body parts and buying the best maternity pillow will help to reduce this pressure and pain especially through the prone areas of the back, neck,shoulders, belly and hips.

Aids sleep

All pregnant women will agree when I say that sleeping can be a tough task, but a pregnancy pillow with the right shape and firmness can promote relaxation and comfort. This will allow you to sleep for longer and get to sleep quicker.

Improves circulation

It is recommended that pregnant women adjust their sleeping position and sleep on their side. This improves the blood circulation, however this position can be difficult to sleep in when pregnant but a pregnancy pillow allows you to stay comfortable sleeping in the side position.

Reduces allergies

When your pregnant you need to take more precautions and be more careful with your health to keep your unborn baby safe. Unlike traditional pillows, the majority of pregnancy pillows are hypoallergenic to ensure that you avoid allergy flare ups.


No matter the position that you prefer to sleep in, a pregnancy pillow will aid and allow you to sleep in that position whilst improving your comfort levels ensuring that you wake feeling refreshed and ready to complete your daily tasks.​

Pregnancy pillows are often used post pregnancy throughout the breastfeeding phase and many use it for the odd night they sleep with their toddler.

Pregnancy Pillow Buying Guide

Removable & Washable cover

​Be sure to purchase a maternity pillow with a removable cover. The great thing about them is that they are machine washable so you can regularly wash them as they get dirt and dusty.

This will prevent the build up of dangerous dirt that could cause allergies or infections. A removable cover also allows you to replace it with a new one when the existing cover becomes old.


​It's highly important that you check that your desired pregnancy pillow is hypoallergenic. The last thing you want to do during pregnancy is trigger an allergy. Purchasing a hypoallergenic pregnancy pillow will lower the risk of your baby contracting diseases due to the mothers allergic reaction.

The Filling

​There are several common pillow filings that are used, and these filings will have an effect on several factors such as longevity, price, firmness, shape etc.

​The first common choice of filing is polyester fibre that is soft and will remain quiet throughout the night no matter how much you change position. Memory foam is a strong choice as it will conform to any changes in the position of your body and mould around you. Natural and organic filings are eco friendly and will contain hypoallergenic qualities.


You should consider the size dimensions of the pregnancy pillow that you're interesting in buying. First of all to ensure that it will actually fit on your existing bed, and also if you share a bed with a partner that you can both still fit.​ This also comes down personal preference whether you want a large pillow or a slim line pillow.


We recommend that you purchase the pillow that provides full body support from top to bottom including your head, neck, belly, back and leg area. Take into consideration which parts of your body already hurt and ensure you buy a pillow that cushions these areas.​


The most effective pregnancy pillows are lightweight especially if you plan to move it from room to room ideal for mothers who throughout the day nap in the living room, but move to the bed during the night.

During your pregnancy, energy is precious and you don't want to waste it moving a heavy object just to get comfortable.​ A rule of thumb, most pregnancy pillows are lightweight so you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Your sleeping position

​Your preferred sleeping position should play a part in the pregnancy pillow that you purchase. Do you sleep on your back or your side? If you prefer to sleep on your side you should choose a U shape or C shape pillow that will provide support to your belly.


All maternity pillows are affordable so this shouldn't play a huge part in your buying decision. Your main aim should be to find a pillow that provides the best level of comfort to support you and your developing baby.​ Don't risk your comfort just to save a couple of pounds.

1. PregnancyPillows U Shape Lavender Pregnancy Pillow Review


PregnancyPillows are a UK brand that specialise solely in pregnancy pillows so you know they know what they're doing. This award winning pregnancy pillow is in a U shape and features and ergonomic design to contour around your body as you sleep on your side. 

Maintaining this position positively affects the baby by improving blood and nutrient flow. The design of the pillow aligns the spin, hips,shoulders, and supports the head, bump, back and hips simultaneously.​

The pregnancy pillow has been specially crafted and designed to encourage you to sleep on you left side which is recommended from the second trimester and beyond which encourages the baby to get into the best position for delivery.

The pillow also prevents you from rolling onto your back during your sleep as this can reduce blood flow to both the mum and the baby.​ The bottom of the pillow also lightly elevates you legs whilst reducing the pressure on you back and bump.

A special Lavender aroma coated fabric is used to cover the pillow. For hundreds of years Lavender has been used as sleeping aid to help people get to sleep quicker.​

Benefits of PregnancyPillows U Shape Pillow

  • Asthma and allergy freindly
  • Made with a fabric that contains a Lavender aroma 
  • Provides a high level of support and comfort to reduce the pressure on you joints.
  • Comes with a free pillowcase
  • Removable case for easy and quick washing
  • The pillow is extremely quiet so will not wake you if you move throughout the night.
  • Ideal for preventing and curing existing pains and aches.

Bottom Line

This product is our pick as the best pregnancy body pillow that is available to buy. Not only is it extremely supportive and long lasting but it also is made with Lavender infused fabric to take you sleep to another level.

Although this has been a hit with the customers, if Lavender really isn't your thing then you can purchase the same pillow but without the fabric being Lavender infused.

2. Sanggol U Shape Pregnancy Pillow Review


Sanggol are a UK manufacturer of maternity products, and one of their flagship releases is a high quality pregnancy pillow. This uniquely designed pregnancy pillow contours the natural shape of the mother to provide complete support for the whole body throughout the entire nights sleep.

This is a truly multi use pregnancy pillow that can be used for supporting the mother whilst sleeping and is often used post pregnancy by the mother for nursing and breastfeeding.​

The pillow filling is made up of ​hollow fibre material that provides firm enough feeling so the mother feels supported whilst also feeling extremely comfy.

Due to the pillows large size is provides total body support from head to toe including the ​back,belly and shoulders.

Benefits of Sanggol U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

  • Provides 360 degree support covering every part of your body
  • Can be used for both sleeping, nursing and breastfeeding
  • Can provide support for other illnesses and issues such as Carpel Tunnel, Gastric Reflex and Congestion.
  • Includes free 100% Cotton pillowcase
  • Filled with Hollow Fibre material to provide support and firmness which also comfortably contours to you body shape.

Bottom Line

You will not be dissatisfied with this product and you can see how much has gone into its design and manufacturing. The majority of the product reviews are extremely satisfied by the product especially pregnant women who were already having a hard time sleeping.

3. Lancashire Textiles U Shape Pregnancy Pillow Review


This U shape pregnancy pillow has been designed to suit all body shapes and sizes as it cradles your body providing the support you need to have a comfortable sleep including the more exposed body parts such as the back and belly.

Its Hypoallergenic qualities means you are safe from any allergy flare ups whilst you use the pillow. The filling is a spiral hollow fibre material that contours your body so you feel secure throughout your whole sleep.​

It can be used for both sleep support and for breastfeeding, whilst some users have used the pillow to aid their recovery for other issues such as fibromyalgia​.

The pillow case is also machine washable, so even though pillows can have bacteria build very quickly, you can easy and quickly clean and dry the pillow.​

Benefits of Lancashire Textiles U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

  • Full body pillow supporting all parts of the body
  • Dual use for both sleeping and breastfeeding
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable removable cover
  • Flexible design so it can support you in any sleeping position

Bottom Line

This pregnancy pillow will support your body where you need it most and it will last several years meaning that you can use it for more than one pregnancy cycle. It's affordable price makes it accessible for most expectant mothers.

Because of its effectiveness the pillow has many users who aren't even pregnant, but have other body issues such as back injuries, shoulder issues or recovering from surgery.

4. Pillow Pleasure U Shape Pregnancy Pillow Review


The U shape Pillow Pleasure full body solution is perfect for supporting your bump and other vulnerable areas of your body throughout your sleep. This is not just for sleeping but also for snuggling up on the sofa.

With its hypoallergenic features and its 100% Cotton case means that the cover stays cool to touch whilst keeping your body warm and supported where you need it the most.

It has also provided pain relief for many customers for a large number of different conditions including osteoporosis, Arthritis, back, shoulder and neck pain.

The pillow also has a removable washable cover so you can keep the pillow clean with ease and regularly wash it.​

Benefits of Pillow Pleasure U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

  • Large sized pillow to support your full body
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable removable cover
  • Supports you in any sleeping position
  • 100% Cotton cover case 

Bottom Line

This product has been around for a number of years and shows no signing of disappearing from the market and has built up a large number of loyal followers and users who have experienced great results by using the pregnancy pillow.

The pillow is well stuffed and firm to provide you with all the support you need in all the right positions.​

5. Bedding Direct U Shape Pregnancy Pillow Review


By now you know the difference that a top quality pillow can have on your sleep quality, and you can rapidly go from sleepless nights to a relaxing nights sleep.

Bedding Direct are a UK based company with a UK manufactured pregnancy pillow​ range, that provides exceptional support for the entire body which is great for expectant mothers.

The full body pillow will provide ample support for your growing belly whilst also protecting and supporting your back, hips and neck giving you a great nights sleep.

The pillow is also hypoallergenic so it will not cause any allergic reactions so you can keep your baby even safer from any adverse illnesses.​

Benefits of Bedding Direct U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

  • Spiral Hollow Fibre Filing to provide firm support and comfort
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable removable cover
  • Made in Britain

Bottom Line

Bedding Direct has made a conscious decision to make this pillow oversized so it will provide every part of your body with the support it needs throughout your sleep so you will no longer wake up in the morning with aches and pains but you'll be bursting to attack the day.

This will make your pregnancy slightly easier and more comfortable to deal with so you can enjoy the happier moments.

Closing Remarks

Finding the best maternity pillow can be difficult espeically if you decide to buy one when you're already experiencing some form of pain.

For this reason we recommend that you purchase one earlier into your pregnancy so you can prevent the pain from starting. With this guide we've made it easy for you to buy a pillow that meets your needs

Its important to remember that a regular full nights sleep​ is a necessity for a healthy pregnancy and you must put yours and the baby's needs first.  When you wake up after a full 8 hour sleep and you feel refreshed, thats exactly how the baby feels inside you because the lack of movement makes the baby relax.

A happy mum makes a happy baby and a pregnancy pillow will put you on the road to happiness.

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