Best Knee Pillows For Sleeping

Looking for the best knee pillow to give you more comfort at night? There are so many choices out there! This review will help you choose the right knee pillow for your needs. 

By now, you've probably come across all types of pillows for all parts of your body, so it's probably no surprise to find out that there are also pillows for knees.

Knee pillows can be used to treat several body issues, and we've created this guide to show you the best knee pillow on the market. The buying guide will help you understand which one is the most suitable for you and the factors you need to consider before making a final decision.

Find the Best Knee Pillow For You

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1. Abco Tech Knee Pillow


Quality Sleep with the Abco Knee Pillow

The Abco knee pillow can help to align your spine into the correct position, which is often caused by side sleeping which places unwanted stress on to the spine and right down to your legs. Placing this pillow in between your legs helps even if you sleep on your side, which then helps to heal and repair your vulnerable ligaments and joints.

The pillow leads to you having a better posture, so it also improves the overall quality and length of your sleep, so you feel more refreshed in the morning. Bad sleep often leads to stress and irritation, so this knee pillow can remove this.

Ideal For Pregnant Women

This pillow is ideal for pregnant women and is constructed from hypoallergenic material which has a removable cover making it easy to machine wash to you can keep it clean and fresh. The pillow is made using high quality 100% Visco-elastic memory foam which is soft and comfortable but also provides strong levels of support to your legs.

Memory Foam Pillow

It has the right balance between softness and firmness, which means it can align your body correctly and maintain this throughout the night. Due to being made from memory foam, it rebounds back to its original shape when it's not in use.

Risk Free Guarantee

When you purchase this knee pillow, you'll also receive a 100% risk-free guarantee so if you aren't sure about purchasing this gives you the added peace of mind.

Abco Knee Pillow Benefits

  • 100% Visco-Elastic Memory Foam
  • Aligns Spine Correctly
  • Hypoallergenic Removable Cover
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

2. Midland Bedding Knee Pillow


Best Budget Knee Pillow

The Midland Bedding knee pillow is a great option if you're on a budget. The pillow is made using high-quality memory foam which can securely stay in position between your legs, making it ideal for people of all ages, weights and height.

Memory Foam Support

The memory foam knee pillow applies pressure to your legs and knees to reduce pressure and provide pain relief to your vulnerable areas. The pillow is great for pregnancy or for people who are recovering from surgery. This means you can sit or lay in a range of positions without feeling uncomfortable.

Relieve Tension and Pain

The pillow works to maintain the alignment, so your back, hips and knees aren't strained, leading to a better nights sleep. This, in turn, relieves tension and improves the overall blood circulation throughout your body which leaves you feeling fresh in the morning.

The pillow can be used in multiple positions; either between the legs as you sleep on your side, under your arm as you read or between your legs as you lie flat on your back. You don't have to wait to get the pain to use this knee pillow, and this can be used to prevent the development of pain.

Midland Knee Pillow Benefits

  • Affordable
  • Aligns Body Effectively
  • Useful in a Range of Position

3. Sports Medica Knee Pillow


Orthopaedic Knee Pillow Developed By Doctors

The Sports Medica pillow has been developed by doctors to alleviate several body problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and to aid spine alignments plus also being important for recovering from surgery.

Memory Foam Comfort

The pillow is made using memory foam pillow so it provides great support and can be placed between your knees to stop unwanted pelvic rotation while improving the alignment of your spine. This is designed for side and back sleepers and will leave you flying out of bed in the morning full of energy.

The memory foam is high density so it can support a range of body weights and is odour free. The memory foam is covered with jacquard Airtech fabric which promotes airflow so you stay cool throughout the night and it's also supplied with a leg strap, so you don't disconnect from it in the night.

Free Handbook Included

With your purchase, you'll also receive a free handbook that allows you to get the most out of your new pillow. There is also a two-year guarantee which gives you the added peace of mind that you're buying a high-quality product.

Sports Medica Knee Pillow Benefits

  • High-Quality Memory Foam
  • Developed by Doctors
  • Breathable Jacquard Airtech cover
  • Free Handbook
  • Two-Year Guarantee

4. The Slumbar Knee Pillow


Knee Pillow to Relieve Pain

The Slumbar knee pillow has been designed to reduce and relieve you of any pain that's linked to lower back issues such as sciatica while also aiding recovery and blood circulation. The knee pillow is made from UK premium memory foam which supports your body to ensure that it remains well-aligned while contouring to the shape of your body.

Better Quality Sleep

This contouring motion ensures that your body remains in a consistent position for the full night to bring you a higher quality sleeping experience. This makes it a great knee pillow for sciatica.

The pillow doesn't have a strap which means that it won't restrict any blood flow or any of your natural movement throughout the night. The pillow is supplied with a breathable, washable cover that regulates your temperature, so you don't overheat.

Defeat Back Pain Guide Included

Provided with the pillow is a digital copy of "Dynamically Defeating Back Pain" which gives you a full run-through of essential information for you to solve your back pain. The memory foam material is compliant with UK Fire and safety regulations and comes supplied with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Slumbar Knee Pillow Benefits

  • UK Made Premium Memory Foam
  • Aligning And Contouring Qualities
  • Supplied With Back Pain Solving Guide
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

5. Bonmedico Ergonomic Knee Pillow


Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers

The Bonmedico knee pillow is ideal for side sleepers as it provides additional comfort while you sleep by applying soft comfort to the knee. Due to the shape of the pillow, it contours and moulds to the shape of your leg and has an ergonomic core made from viscous gel.

Long Life Pillow

This material means that the pillow will return to its original shape once you've finished using it, so it has a longer life without losing its shape or firmness. The pillow is wrapped in a removable case that has a soft velour finish making it soft to touch and can be machine washed at 60°C.

High Quality

The pillow has been verified to meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100, so you can be assured of its quality. It measures 25cm x 20cm x 15 / 7.5 cm making it compact and portable while also being supplied with a handy carry case.

Bonmedico Knee Pillow Benefits

  • Viscous Gel Mixture
  • Compliant With Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Supplied With Carrying Case
  • Soft And Comfortable

What is a Knee Pillow?

Knee pillows are normally small and have a noticeable indent so you can rest your knees on. The key is that when you use it your legs don't touch which ensures that you Spine and hips are well aligned which leads to more comfortable sleep, so you wake in the morning feeling more refreshed.

What Are Knee Pillows Made Of?

It's common for knee pillows to be made from memory foam because its main quality is that it can alter its shape to match the shape of your body. This means that they are more comfortable and contouring, with Latex also having similar properties.

best knee pillow

What is the Aim of a Knee Pillow?

Knee pillows function to reduce the pressure that can build up along your legs while you sleep, ensuring that your posture is healthy right throughout the night. It's commonly used for those who suffer from back pain, sciatica, bursitis or women who are pregnant.

You've probably realised that we've mentioned spline alignment several times, but why is this important? Spine alignment is how your head, shoulders, spine, hips, knees, and ankles relate and line up with each other and are vital for keeping the body healthy. Healthy spine alignment also reduces the stress on vulnerable body parts such as your spine.

You shouldn't just aim to align your spine when your body is hurting, but it's important for all humans. Placing a knee pillow between your legs when you sleep on your side, keeps your spine aligned. You may think that you can just use a normal pillow or an extra cushion however these are usually not fit for purpose and can cause more issues due to rounding your back but can be used as a short term solution.

Types of Knee Pillows

Now you may have noticed that many different types of knee pillows come in a range of shapes and sizes. The dimensions that you need will vary depending on several factors such as what part of your body you're trying to support, the size of your body or the sleeping surface size.

Wedge Knee Pillow

These are different from traditional wedge pillows that are designed for the head. Wedge-shaped knee pillows are designed primarily for back sleepers, and you place them beneath your legs which elevates them. This elevation increases blood circulation, which gives you a more comfortable sleep ensuring that your legs aren't sore or numb in the morning.

Long Knee Pillow

As the name suggests, a long knee pillow is longer compared to the standard sized knee pillow. This type of pillow extends from the knee right down to the feet and means this provides support to more of your body which is great if you suffer from issues such as shin pain.

Strap-on Knee Pillow

If you're a combination sleeper who doesn't stay in one position for the whole night, then a strap on knee pillow means that you can securely and comfortably keep your pillow in place for the full night. If you're a constant mover, then you'll end up not being supported for half the night.

Hourglass Knee Pillow

Some of the most popular knee pillows have an hourglass shape which makes them ideal for side sleepers. Because they're the most common, it means that the prices are more affordable as a result of many brands manufacturing them. Due to their shape, it means that it can keep your knees and legs in the same comfortable position all night.

Who Is A Knee Pillow For?

Pregnant Women

Knee pillows are great for pregnant women because it provides the necessary support, especially further down the pregnancy term. It's recommended that pregnant women sleep on their sides, but this can be increasingly uncomfortable, but knee pillows can lower the pressure build up in your muscles or joints.



If you've recently completed surgery, then it's common that your surgeon will recommend that you "keep the weight off". This means you need to spend as much time off your feet to speed up your recovery. A knee pillow could help in this situation, especially if your surgery was on delicate body areas such as your spine, knees or hips, leading to a faster recovery.

Suffer from Bad Posture

Bad posture can sneak up on you, and often people don't realise they have poor posture until they start to get joint pain or chronic issues such as back pain. Your bad posture can be caused by sleeping in an uncomfortable position for eight hours each night. A knee pillow ensures that you maintain a neutral spine alignment, so you're body isn't straining.

Poor Circulation

If you suffer from poor circulation, then a knee pillow can ease the pressure on your muscles and limbs. Some knee pillows can also ensure your legs remain elevated throughout the night, which can reduce any feeling of pins and needles, so you wake up in the morning with your whole body feeling well-rested.

Best Knee Pillow Buying Guide


The material of your knee pillow will play a big role in your overall sleeping experience. The amount of comfort that you get from the pillow will determine how well you sleep, and as discussed memory foam is the best material because it contours to the shape of your body while also supporting your bones, muscles and joints to give you a more restful sleep.

The material you choose will be dependent on your sleeping position while it will also determine its durability. Memory foam is extremely durable because not only does it conform to the shape of your body but it has good rebound qualities which means that it will revert to its original position when you've finished using it.

You should also understand the cover material as this is what your skin will be directly in contact with so ideally this should be hypoallergenic if you suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin.

Knee Pillow Size

The size of your pillow doesn't just mean the width and length but also the height and elevation angle. It's been recommended that the pillow should raise your legs above the line of your heart. Higher is not always better, because if it's too high, then this can lead to lower back and hip pain.

You need to ensure that your pillow has adequate thickness because if it's too thin, then it may not separate your legs enough, which can mean that your spine isn't aligned. The size of your bed will also determine the size of your pillow and whether you share it with somebody else because you don't want to disturb their sleep space with a large shaped pillow.

User Weight and Size

This is closely linked to the size of the pillow because if your pillow is a conforming material like memory foam, then the indent size and depth will be based on the weight of the user. A heavier person will require a pillow that is firmer than the density required by a lighter person.

This means the size of the user plays an important role in the size of the pillow that you choose. If you have shorter legs, then a knee pillow which has a large elevation can cause discomfort whereas if you have longer legs, then a sharp elevation may also be uncomfortable.


Knee pillows vary in price and are determined by several factors such as the material, size and type. Higher quality materials will often, but not always, be more expensive; however, lower-quality materials can lead to more affordable prices, but these products may need to be replaced more often.

We'd always recommend spending a little more on a higher quality product to ensure that you experience the best sleep. It also means that you'll need to replace it less often because the higher quality materials will retain their shape and firmness for longer, so you save money in the long run.


It may not be something that you usually consider when buying a pillow, but for knee pillows, the thickness is very important because this determines how well it aligns your spine and thus the comfort it provides.

If the pillow isn't thick enough, then it will struggle to do these two things. If the pillow has below-average density, then it may be too soft and flimsy, which can lead to even more unwanted discomfort.

You must consider your pillow density before making a final buying decision. You can read user reviews to understand your desired pillows performance and if it lived up to their expectations.

Your Sleeping Temperature

Do you find that you regularly sleep hot? If so, then you need to ensure that you choose a material that will help to regulate your temperature. Traditionally, memory foam had a reputation that it slept hot; however, the best knee pillows that use memory foam have sweat-wicking properties and breathable cores, which means that air can circulate more freely.

Also, have the heat concentrated on the knee areas isn't always an issue for everyone, though it can be for some, so it comes down to your personal preferences. It's not just the pillow filling that determines the temperature but also the pillow cover, which can also have breathable qualities that can offset the core material to give you a cooler sleep.

Knee Pillow Design

It's no good having a knee pillow that has the best materials if the pillow isn't designed so these materials can work effectively together to improve your sleep. The best knee pillow will have a core layer that is supported with a softer outer layer which provides a comfortable sleep and contours to the shape of your body.


It's common for knee pillows to not be machine washable because they're often made of high-quality foam that will lose their quality if placed under the pressure of a standard washing machine. The knee pillow covers are machine washable so you need to ensure that your desired knee pillow comes with a cover that is removable so you can regularly clean it to maintain a fresh sleeping surface.


Different knee pillows will come with a range of buying benefits which is dependant on the brand you buy from. Some will offer sleep trials where you have a fixed number of nights to try the pillow allowing you to return it within the stated time frame if you don't like the sleeping experience it provides.

Other manufactures will offer a satisfaction guarantee which allows you to return the pillow at any time. More commonly is a warranty period which covers you against damage such as your pillow losing its shape, and in this case, the manufacturer would send you a replacement.

Verdict - Finding the Best Knee Pillow

There are many good quality knee pillows on the market that offer a solution to different types of back, hip, knee and other joint related pain. We hope this article has helped you find the best knee pillow for your needs. 

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