How Your Mattress Could Be Causing You Back Pain

How Does Your Mattress Cause Your Back Pain?

When back pain comes suddenly, especially after sleeping, it can get confusing and inconvenient to an individual. You might be thinking, can a mattress cause back pain? Possibly! Getting persistent back pains after sleeping, particularly when you have not changed your schedule, lies on the type of mattress you have been using.

Globally many people have been going through their day-to-day operations trying to find out why they sleep and wake up with severe back pains. However, despite the frequent back pain, they experience every time they wake up, they never do anything about it nor find the leading cause.

Surprisingly, severe back pains are not a result of sickness, the problem is all related to the mattress you have been using. Sleeping on a bad mattress can result in severe and even worsen your back pain.

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Why Do You Need a Good Mattress

  • Lack of a good mattress causes poor sleeping posture.
  • A good mattress allows your spine to rejuvenate and rest throughout the night.
  • A bad mattress Strains your muscles and does not keep the muscles aligned, increasing the back pain.
  • If you fail to have a good mattress, you suffer from sleep discomfort.

The type of mattress you choose must match your preferences and ensure that it keeps you rested when you sleep. It should provide you with back support. There are many types of mattresses in the market, and choosing the best mattress is difficult.

Besides, determining a good mattress is not as easy as it sounds. However, you can consider certain tips to ensure that you settle for the best mattress possible. Mattresses play a significant role in enhancing our sleep quality and controlling our feelings each morning after waking up.

If individuals continue sleeping on the wrong mattresses, they will continue complaining about back pain because the spine loses its alignment. You must understand the science behind selecting the correct sleeping surface as per your sleeping habits. Bad mattresses do cause not only back pain but also shoulder aches and neck stiffness

How Can a Mattress Cause Back Pain?

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There are many clues that you can identify to be exact that a bad mattress is the cause of your back pain. Some of these clues include:

  • Feeling the pain immediately after you wake up
  • Tossing frequently in an attempt to find sleep
  • You have been using your mattress for more than eight years
  • The mattress is hard or soft making your spine uncomfortable
  • You keep losing sleep during the night
  • Your mattress is new
  • A cheap mattress and poor quality mattress

A Hard Mattress

Did you know that a foam mattress is suitable for low back pain?  However, you need to know that you don’t need a mattress that is firm to the extent you feel like you have been sleeping on the floor. Various studies have found that you need to have a medium-firm mattress that is good for improving lower back pain than a mattress that is firm.

A tough mattress can cause misalignment of the muscles. You must be aware that a poor quality mattress that is also firm can result in spine alignment since it will push your shoulders and hips up, thus preventing the spine from having a neutral resting position.

A New Mattress

It is natural for our bodies to take time when adjusting to new changes. This applies to when the body is introduced to a new sleeping surface. When you start experiencing back pain after changing to a new mattress, the possibility that the new mattress is causing back pain is high. In these cases, you have to give your body time to adjust to the new changes. However, you must ensure that the mattress is of high quality.

Your Mattress is Saggy and Uneven

Many sleep experts have identified that sleeping in an old, uneven, and saggy mattress is most likely to cause severe back pain. Therefore, if you have been sleeping on such a mattress, you don’t have to think further since the mattress is the main cause of your back pain. Using a sagging mattress, especially in the middle, is dangerous for your spine health.

The Best Mattress for Back Pain

The highly-rated mattresses which are the best for your back pain are latex and memory foam mattresses. They are considered best since they conform to your body, support the spine, and keep it aligned. Besides this, mattresses will structure all the pressure points in your body.

Memory foam mattresses are beneficial since they provide a balance of support. Memory foam and latex are also considered the best since they alleviate pressure on your joints, contour your body, and reduce aches.

  • Latex is a good mattress since it is supportive and film.
  • It also provides comfort, just like the memory foam mattress.
  • Latex evens body weight distribution.

While buying these mattresses, you must select the best quality and dense memory foam. Note that most inexpensive mattresses do not offer the necessary support and may worsen your condition. This means you have to go for expensive and high-quality memory foam and latex mattresses.

Since there are many types of mattresses in the market, you can be guided by your personal mattress preferences and medical consultation to understand the best type of mattress you can adopt to prevent back pain. While considering changing a mattress, always go for medium-firm mattresses since they effectively reduce back pain.

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How do you Pick a Good Mattress for Your Back?

  • Consider your sleeping preferences
  • Consider a mattress that makes you feel like you are floating in the air
  • Get a mattress that has back support for alignment of the spine, and that offers support for the natural curves
  • Inquire about the physical components of the mattress and visit different mattress stores to test out different mattresses
  • Read reviews from customers who have solved their back pain problem by purchasing a good mattress
  • Be aware that hard mattresses are always the best

Our Verdict - Can a Mattress Cause Back Pain?

If you're still thinking whether can a mattress cause back pain, it could be! Sleeping on the wrong mattress is the primary cause of back pain when waking up. Having a mattress that supports the spine is fundamental for getting a healthy and enriching sleep. Therefore, you should consider getting yourself a quality medium-hard mattress since it reduces lower back pain cases.

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