How To Sleep Better with an Orthopedic Mattress for Back Pain?

Are you experiencing persistent back pains after sleep? Those back pains might be caused by the regular mattress you are using. As experts say, sleeping on the wrong mattress affects your spine health. If you keep experiencing such condition, it's the perfect time for you to try an orthopedic mattress for your back pain.

The term orthopedic is a medical term referring to the correction of muscle and bone deformities. Some related terms you might encounter when performing a related search includes orthopedic physician and orthopedic surgeon. However, these terms should not scare you since the description of the orthopedic mattress is less scary. 

Let us look into the other details of an orthopedic mattress for back pain and see why it's worth getting yourself one!

orthopedic mattress for back pain

What is an Orthopedic Mattress?

An orthopedic mattress is designed to provide joint balance, pivot the spine, and equally affirm the whole body during sleep. The mattresses were innovated after extensive research and expert advice from medical practitioners. Their studies focused on preventing and evading sleep-related back pains and spine injuries caused by mattresses that did not meet the health standards.

Research articles will not tell you the harm of wrongfully choosing your mattress until you develop neck or spine injury from under-standard mattresses and visit an orthopedic clinic. Similarly, the doctors will acquaint you with how an even distribution of weight reduces the chance of tension build-up on pressure points, especially on the hips and neck. 

In addition, if you have done some background research, you are aware that orthopedic mattresses guarantee proper spine and body alignment. Thus, yielding you peaceful and satisfying nights of full rest.

Is there a Difference between an Orthopedic Mattress and a Normal Mattress?

Although most people question the difference between a normal mattress and an orthopedic mattress, both mattresses differ in functionality. Sales people will scare you with the technical term to often describe a mattress that gives you balanced support and comfort. However, an orthopedic mattress is often recommended to patients with acute neck and back pain.

A Brief History of the Orthopedic Mattress

The benefits of orthopedics were discovered in the early 1950s. It is at this time that medical practitioners built the first orthopedic mattress aimed at alleviating the stress of patients with back and neck pains. Consequently, their plan worked following the implementation of orthopedic fundamentals.

Key Features of an Orthopedic Mattress

  • Orthopedic mattresses are softer towards the head and the legs. Besides, the mattress will give you an impression of neither firmness nor softness since your body weight is evenly spread throughout the mattress.
  • The mattress has a spring with a 12.5 gauge. The tightness insinuates that you will easily sense the difference between this and an ordinary mattress.
  • Research has proven that the orthopedic mattress is one of the most durable mattresses. A normal mattress will serve you for seven to 10 years, depending on its tautness and the structure of your bed. Given this benefit, picture how long the orthopedic mattress can serve you. It can still be possibly passed on to your grandson’s grandson!
  • Most orthopedic mattresses offer maximum body support. Similarly, they enhance the recovery process of people with neck and back injuries.
  • An orthopedic surgeon or doctor would recommend the mattress since it offers a healthy posture during sleep.
  • Offers excellent comfort and support, among other health and psychological benefits, during sleep.

What is an Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress?

orthopedic memory foam mattress

An orthopedic memory foam mattress is a combination of the memory foam mattress and an orthopedic mattress. You will often find orthopedic memory foam mattresses that have a layer of memory foam and support foam at the same time.

Memory foam utilizes the heat emitted from your body to form contours that resemble your body shape. Consequently, the mattress guarantees you spine alignment and improved healthy sleep. However, the mattress suits people who get the weird feeling of being sucked into a memory foam mattress.

An orthopedic memory foam mattress will give you a firmness and balance that the memory foam mattress does not guarantee. In other words, the orthopedic memory foam deploys additional benefits compared to the memory foam mattress.

However, you must be careful since salesmen might deceive you that a memory foam mattress is an orthopedic one, since the difference between both mattress in appearance is slight. Thus, you must keenly assess the firmness of the mattress and the amount of warmth it produces before making a purchase.

Typically, the memory foam mattress softens much faster than the orthopedic mattress due to the amount of warmth it generates. Moreover, individuals who sleep on an orthopedic mattress are more likely to witness a more peaceful night sleep than their counterparts since they sleep under less temperate conditions. However, if you are from a cold place, you might opt for a warmer mattress such as the memory foam mattress.

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Orthopedic Mattress for Back Pains

If you want to reduce pain from your pressure points, you could use an orthopedic mattress. Doctors recommend that you purchase such mattress if you are diagnosed with arthritis and related joint disorders, since the mattress give you a balance at all points of your body. Also, the mattress is suitable if you acquire fatigue after sleep from lack of breath and mattress tautness.

Orthopedic mattress lets you move around during sleep since it does not give you the ‘absorbing’ feeling as does the memory foam mattress. Many people also prefer the mattress when they want to rectify their posture especially if the spine and other bones are dislocated.

Furthermore, if you want to contribute towards environmental conservation, an orthopedic mattress is the way to go since the manufacturers do not utilize fossil fuels when making the mattress material.

As earlier mentioned, the orthopedic mattress is durable and feels less clingy.  However, it takes much research and expert advice for people to come into terms with what brand of orthopedic mattress they prefer.

What is an Orthopedic Bed?

You will mostly find orthopedic beds in hospitals with a firm orthopedic mattress to affirm the recovery of patients with physical injuries. Furthermore the beds have an orthopedic bedboard placed under the mattress to supplement the comfort offered by the mattress.

Similarly, most orthopedic beds have frames that help pivot their firmness and traction on the hospital floor. Likewise, the beds are used for home based care to patients who have severe spine injuries.

orthopedic bed

Our Verdict - Orthopedic Mattress for Back Pain

Back pains are inconvenient if it keeps on coming back. One of the best ways to prevent joint pains from becoming worse is to find a mattress that relieves the pain while giving you peaceful rest. 

If you are seeking to buy an orthopedic mattress for back pain, it is better you do more background research first and read through the reviews on similar purchases from different customers.

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