9 Things You Need to Know About a Waterproof Mattress

Waterproof mattresses are a lifesaver especially if you have kids or pets. Spilling liquids on the mattress can damage or destroy the components within. Buying a good mattress protector can be a solution. But let's face it, it moves when you toss and turn around; leaving the mattress exposed. Small kids can also soil the bed. That's normal, but you can’t afford to buy a new mattress every few months. 

In this article, we'll discuss why having a waterproof mattress is best for you. Plus, some key points you need to know before investing in one!

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What is a Waterproof Mattress?

A waterproof mattress has an impermeable exterior that resists fluids and prevents particles from entering your mattress’ interior surfaces. It aids in providing you with in-built protection. Such feature insinuates that microorganisms cannot pass through the waterproof material.

Unlike standard mattresses with mattress protectors, the protective material will not loosen with time and ruin your night’s sleep with how it moves. The waterproof mattress option is the most sterile shielded mattress option. It provides you with the best level of protection for your bed and anyone who sleeps in it.

In addition, the waterproof mattress is a pleasant and convenient mattress option. It does not entail you peeling it off. Just like in the case of a mattress cover, which needs to be washed semi-weekly. Similarly, you do not need to maintain the mattress since spills and mishaps can easily be wiped off.

How to Protect Your Mattress from Urine?

It can be incredibly embarrassing to deal with nocturnal enuresis if you or a loved one suffers from it. To remediate this, you can try various options such as having disposable undergarments, plastic underpants, and protective undergarments However, it is efficient that you use a waterproof mattress for more improved sleep and prolonged mattress life.

A waterproof mattress protector is a better option since it has a tone of benefits. Some advantages you can gain includes an ever-clean bed, a protected mattress warranty, and quality sleep. In addition to purchasing the waterproof mattress, you must ensure you regularly reap off the mattress cover and clean it. This ensures that the mattress fabric is always clean and clear of odor.

Moreover, it would help if you constantly air the beddings and mattress to improve circulation between the mattress layers and the bed.

You may purchase a waterproof mattress protector, such as a mattress cover, mattress pad, or mattress encasement to protect your mattress from adult bedwetting. Here are a few key tips to help you when choosing a product:

Cleaning is simple with vinyl coverings. They can be wiped clean with just soap and water, whereas urethane bed covers and mattress pads must be machine-washed and dried.

It takes several cycles for most mattress pads to dry completely. Standard mattress protectors may not provide the best protection, but they are usually the most cost-effective alternative in the near run. In the long run, however, they may prove to be the more expensive option because their lack of protection may shorten the life of your mattress, forcing you to replace it more regularly.

Double waterproof mattresses are more expensive. They are, nevertheless, still fairly priced and provide a higher level of security. However, keep in mind that you'll probably need more than one waterproof mattress protector to ensure that your bed is covered whenever one needs to be washed.

Urethane covers are the most comfortable because they are breathable. Vinyl is less expensive, but it does not breathe or allow heat to pass through.

Fitted covers are placed on the mattress like a fitted sheet. Encasements, on the other hand, zip around the entire mattress and may require assistance to secure.

Nine Things You Should Know About A Waterproof Mattress

1. Waterproof mattresses can sometimes get hot

Waterproof mattresses comprise a mattress pad which entails a vinyl coating. The coating serves the purpose of protecting the inner part of your mattress from spills that would otherwise seep in. However, this protective layer sometimes gets hot, especially during warm nights. Thus, it can give you a feeling of discomfort and laxity.

But don't worry, there is good news!

Most of the waterproof mattresses available are memory foam mattresses. Unfortunately, the memory foam mattress pads retain much heat due to their high density. Although the heat is challenging to get rid of, you have different options.

First, you need to choose a bed frame that leaves an allowance between the mattress and the frame. Consequently, the allowance ensures maximum circulation of air. Second, you can purchase beddings that accommodate airflow and suit your sleeping habits and patterns; in texture and density.

Remember that your choice relies on your room temperature at different times of the year. Third, foam waterproof gel mattresses have a gel cooling layer. This layer has heating absorbing characteristics and is incorporated with copper, charcoal, graphite, and, in some situations, cooling fibers.

Finally, consider altering the material of your mattress pad to ensure you encounter less sweating during your night’s sleep.

2. A waterproof mattress protector is just a coating

A waterproof mattress protector is different from a mattress protector. The waterproof mattress protector is a water repellent coating made of fluid impermeable material. The waterproof mattress coverings are made to reduce the burden of regularly cleaning your mattress. It also shields your mattress from absorbing fluids or biological excretion like sweat and urine.

However, the protector does not serve you with the effectiveness and convenience that a waterproof mattress can offer you. Depending on the materials they are made from, the covers are sometimes noisy and uncomfortable during sleep. Although, if the need to protect your mattress from the fluids is temporary, the mattress covers are already a good option.

Can You Wash A Mattress Protector

3. Ensuring that your mattress is clean improves the quality of your sleep

Using a waterproof mattress your mattress against bugs, bacteria, odor, stains, and spills. This not only improves your mattress’ durability but also your state of health. Without protection, allergens and microorganisms can penetrate the core of your mattress. Over time, it can cause you potential allergies, asthma, and skin diseases.

You can save much money from hospital bills and extend your mattress life only by purchasing a waterproof mattress or mattress cover.

4. A waterproof mattress controls the amount of dust

It is very easy for you to understand the purpose of a waterproof mattress, given its name. However, the mattress does more than protect water and fluid from entering its core. The waterproof mattress’ coating works to prevent the accumulation of dust, notwithstanding the dust levels where you live. Remember, the waterproof mattress gives you better service than the protector alone since it's less noisy and more comfortable.

5. A waterproof mattress is easy to clean

Using a waterproof mattress keeps spills and leaks away from the mattress. However, the waterproof mattresses are not entirely shielded from tiny dust pieces. Hence, the need to clean them regularly. The mattresses mostly come with a vinyl backing atop a fabric layer. You can wash the layer in a washing machine or any other means you regularly do your laundry.

Get more tips on how to clean your mattress with our Ultimate Guide on Cleaning Your Mattress here.

6. A mattress cover protects against mold and mildew

Everyone perspires, regardless of age. However, you or your family could be sweating profusely and experiencing unpleasant odor shielded from your mattress. A waterproof mattress helps you achieve a peaceful night’s sleep and have a fragrant room each time you retire to bed.

Meanwhile, the lifespan of mattress protectors varies depending on the situation. Nevertheless, a mattress protector should last one to two years on average. You may only have to replace the waterproof mattress protector, if needed.

what causes yellow stains on mattress

7. A waterproof mattress has more warranty than the standard mattress

Most memory foam mattresses and standard mattresses manufacturers guarantee you a ten to twenty-year warranty. But the duration also depends on the mattress type since some even offers lifetime assurance. The warranty covers replacements, repairs, or refunds, depending on how severe the problem is.

Still, the warranties do not cater to burns and spills. But if you purchase a waterproof mattress, it is shielded from spills, so your mattress’ warranty is lengthened. You benefit from an increased possibility of getting a refund or replacement if anything happens to your mattress.

8. You can easily purchase a waterproof mattress

Depending on your budget, you can purchase either a waterproof mattress or a mattress cover for protection. Especially since dust and allergens develop on the surface of your mattress over time. Many other particles or mites can also be trapped within, depending on pollutant emissions and where you live. Over time, this can result you with long nights of no sleep.

Now, if you have a furry pet at home, your mattress may become encrusted with fur if you don't use a waterproof mattress protector. Moreover, pollen from plants might potentially get caught in your mattress, too.

Many online outlets provide good deals on different qualities of waterproof mattresses and mattress protectors. Just check on them well.

9. Most waterproof mattresses have double mattress protectors

The main advantage you gain from using a waterproof mattress over a mattress protector is that the mattress comes with two layers of mattress protectors. This means that you reap twice the benefits a mattress protector offers. It also includes protection from dust, biological excretions, and bad odor.

Additionally, the layers are removable and washable to ensure that the mattress fabric stays new beneath them. For instance, the waterproof mattresses listed on Amazon are fully fitted with an elasticated skirt to ensure that the waterproof material is less noisy and exemplarily comfortable. In addition, the mattress covers are made so that they are breathable.

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In Conclusion

A waterproof mattress could save you the extra bucks wasted on replacing soiled mattresses and also allows you to keep it for a long time. You can choose to get a double waterproof mattress with layers that are removable and washable. Especially since this will take away the extra dust or dirt that your mattress might collect.

Still, it's best to make sure that you feel great lying on the mattress before buying a waterproof mattress or any other type of mattress in general. In that way, experiencing support and comfort during sleep will never be compromised.

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