REM-Fit Mattress Review—Everything You Need to Know

Everyone deserves a quality sleep courtesy of a good mattress. So if you're looking for such, this REM-Fit mattress review is exactly what you should read. Reviewing a mattress before purchase is a necessary step you need to do to get the best mattress that will meet your needs.

In case you notice, several mattresses are available in the market. This fact alone makes it challenging to identify the right one for you. That's why this article, which has in-depth research about the benefits of a quality mattress, will help you decide. We'll show you everything you need to know about this worthy REM-Fit mattress—its features, pros, cons, and value. Read on and learn more!

rem-fit mattress review

REM-Fit Mattress Review of Key Features

There's nothing as enjoyable as finding a comfortable mattress that makes your sleep time worthwhile. Ideally, a REM-Fit 500 or REM-Fit 400 is perfect for a cozy sleep. Below are the features that make it a luxury mattress worth investing in.

Premium Pocket Springs

One feature that makes the REM-Fit mattress the right pick is its premium pocket springs. Each pocket spring has springs sewn in a fabric pocket. This gives the mattress achieve the level of comfort required. For example, the REM-Fit 500 ortho mattress has 2000 premium pocket springs that are 15 cm for maximum support. These springs will support your body when asleep, ensuring you wake up with no joint pains at all.

The premium pocket springs also prevent you from disturbing your partner when you reposition yourself. This helps you both get quality sleep which is beneficial to your health. Any mattress you would want to opt for should have 15cm authentic pocket springs for best comfort.

Weightless Pressure Relief

A long, uninterrupted sleep is easily achievable with the REM-Fit mattress. When you're sleeping, some of your body parts come in contact with the mattress, like the hips or shoulders. This will create pressure on these joints, which can be painful and unbearable.

However, your body curves will create a comfort system on the memory foam. For example, the REM-Fit 500 has a zoned memory foam layer that delivers targeted support to different body parts. This will provide a soft and comfortable sleeping surface on top of the supportive spring system.

Hypoallergenic Outer Fabric

While doing a REM-Fit mattress review, you'll realize its cover is hypoallergenic, which is a good choice for those allergic to dust or pollen. The covers are resistant to microorganism dust, mites, and bed bugs. Such qualities indicate that your mattress will last longer as you won't have to clean the cover regularly. Not needing to treat allergic reactions is also a way of saving some cash.

Open Cell Memory Foam

You will also enjoy using this mattress as it has advanced temperature regulation, which prevents it from overheating. Whenever your bed overheats, you'll be unable to sleep on it, interfering with your sleep hours.

While doing the REM-Fit mattress review, you'll notice it has a combination of open-cell memory and a premium pocket spring that improves sleep quality. These are some of the qualities that make a luxury mattress worth buying.

Breathable Cover

The REM-Fit 400 mattresses have a breathable cover that facilitates good airflow and transport moisture to make them stay dry. A breathable mattress cover will make your bed warm and humid, contributing to quality sleep time. The soft silky cover is also removable, allowing you to clean it after some time of use.

Strong Foundation

rem-fit mattress

The high-density REM-Fit mattress is capable of holding more weight without defects. It has a deep layer at the base, enabling you to sit comfortably. The coating can withstand a total weight of up to 40 stones for about 15 years showing how strong and durable it is. The best part is that you can test the goodness of this mattress for 100 nights before deciding to buy it. If it doesn't meet your expectations, you get your money back and feel free to leave a REM-Fit mattress review to attest to this.

Edge-to-Edge Support

Another feature of the REM-Fit 400 mattresses is their strong edges. The foam encapsulated sidewall offers enough support that enables you to sleep at the edges without rolling over. The edge walls create balance across the mattress which also makes it durable.  

Where to Buy Your REM-Fit Mattress

We recommend buying your REM-Fit mattress straight from the source - REM-Fit! You can purchase your next REM-Fit mattress directly through their website with ease. They offer a 100-night free trial, free next day delivery, interest free payments AND a 15 year guarantee. So should you come across any issues, you know you will be covered with REM-Fit. 

REM-Fit also have a range of deals - check their latest offerings here.

REM-Fit have also been available to purchase through Amazon however at our latest review their items have been unavailable to purchase. Click here to check REM-Fit's availability on Amazon.

Performance Comparison

If you go check out the REM-Fit mattress review section, it's evident you'll love using it as it has immense benefits. Settling for this mattress with premium pocket springs will give your body adequate support while turning on the bed. The pocket springs also ensure you get uninterrupted sleep as your partner's movements don't affect your end of the mattress.

After sleeping on this mattress, you will also wake up with no aching joints and body parts. In the REM-Fit mattress review section, most customers are happy after it helped them recover their long-gone sleep. This is after the comfortable mattress relieved the back problems of some of the customers. 

Others with chronic conditions like arthritis were also happy after the mattress made them ease the tension on their back, enabling them to sleep better.

You'll also not have to suffer because of heat as it's capable of regulating the temperature. It also wicks away sweat which is a major problem, especially during summer. 

All these are possible because of the open cell memory foam, which allows for free airflow through the mattress that also disperses heat. Remember, some mattresses have coils, which make it uncomfortable to sleep all night. But this one has memory foam which gives you a cozy sleep experience.

Your allergic reactions will not be triggered while using the REM-Fit 500 due to its hypoallergenic outer fabric. This will be advantageous to your family members with asthma as dust or mite bugs won't affect their breathing system. And as you know, less dependence on medicine is cheaper and means you're staying healthy.

The removable breathable cover helps regulate temperature and aids better airflow, contributing to better sleep. The fabric is silky and soft, which wouldn't cause any irritations on the skin. You can also remove the cover and wash it to maintain high hygienic standards, which is impossible with most mattresses.

The mattresses are also high density and with edge-to-edge support. So, you can sit or sleep at the corners without falling or rolling over. The strong foundations also help make this mattress last longer, giving you a reason to leave a positive REM-Fit mattress review.


  • It's strong and durable
  • It allows for 100 nights trial
  • It allows for installment payment with no interest
  • It's available in different sizes and shapes for more comfort
  • It is of high quality and made of top standard materials
  • It has temperature control which prevents overheating
  • It helps create balance while sleeping and support various body parts
  • It has a hypoallergenic cover that resists dust, bed bugs, and mites


  • It is expensive

REM-Fit Mattress Value

For sure, your main reason for checking out a REM-Fit mattress review is to get the best that will offer you quality sleep. You'll undoubtedly achieve all this with this mattress, which relieves your back and joint pains as it gives enough body support through the night.

This mattress will also prevent unnecessary movements, avoiding possible slides to a new sleeping position whenever your partner turns. The REM-Fit mattress has premium pocket springs that are 15 cm and are strong enough to cushion pressure and movements. 

The pocket springs move independently as they're not linked together through a piece of wire. So, the pocket springs make it a better choice than the other mattresses with coil springs.

Additionally, you'll get value for your money as this mattress regulates temperature, preventing overheating, which can make sleeping unbearable. The sweat-wicking capability of this REM-Fit mattress will also give you ample time during the night.

You will also have various sizes and shapes to choose from which meet your wants and better your sleeping experience. What's more advantageous about this mattress is that it is dust, dust mites, and mold resistant. This prevents it from triggering allergic reactions and also makes those with diseases like asthma safer.

These mattresses are fairly priced and with great features that will give you value for your money. If you opt for these mattresses, you'll have the chance to pay in installments with no interest rates, unlike other brands.

What's more, you'll be given a 100 nights test period to see if it meets your demands when you buy this mattress. If it doesn't meet your expectations by any chance, you'll get your money back and return the mattress at no expense.

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Our Verdict - REM-Fit Mattress Reviewed

Getting a quality mattress that meets your expectations can be a challenge. However, you'll have a different testimony with the REM-Fit mattress. Thanks to the premium pocket springs, it will help relieve your back pain and prevent your partner from interrupting your sleep as they turn. The open cell memory foam will also avoid overheating, while the edge-to-edge support will stop you from falling. Feel free to check out this REM-Fit mattress review guide to help you finally, decide! 

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