7 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Japanese Floor Mattress

While most people may refer to a Japanese floor mattress as a futon, it is a padded sleeping accessory. It comprises a light cotton fiber, which you can place directly on your floor. Just like foam mattresses, Japanese floor beds are popular in Asia. They are convenient especially if you live in a small apartment or have limited space in your room.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you had to move to a new neighborhood, and the furniture and other household appliances gave you a hard time? Getting a Japanese floor mattress is a convenient alternative due to its portability! This foldable mattress is not rigid and offers you maximum comfort at an affordable price.

If you're considering getting yourself one, this article will provide you 7 reasons why you should consider a Japanese floor mattress. Check them out below!

japanese floor mattress

Why Are Japanese Mattresses On The Floor?

Have you ever heard of a tatami mat? Most Japanese apartments have padded floors called tatami. Most tatami mats are standard sizes and can be about 1.0m to 0.9m depending on your preferences.

Hence, if you are thinking of purchasing a Japanese floor mattress, your preference of size will depend on whether your floor is padded.

Note that Japanese people place their mattresses on the floor mainly due to their sleeping traditions. If you are curious whether this habit started recently, the answer is ultimate no. The Japanese sleeping history with floor mattresses spans back to the 10th century. Besides that, the Japanese people are among the healthiest lot globally, which does not take one by surprise given their outstanding sleeping habits.

Most research studies or a quick search on google will show you that sleeping on a soft mattress has adverse effects on your spine’s health. Furthermore, medical caregivers will inform you that our bodies are not made to lie on a soft cushion or luxurious mattresses. Indeed, sleeping on firmer surfaces has more merits than downsides.

Below is an ultimate guide of the seven reasons why you should consider Japanese floor mattresses:

1. Excellent for your back and neck

Lying on a Japanese floor mattress means your body is evenly supported. There are no dips, unlike when you lie on a bed frame. Your body is properly positioned and your back is correctly aligned. You don’t have neck or back pains and acquire a peaceful night’s sleep.

In addition, sleeping on the floor is a remedy for back pain patients. According to the Harvard Medical School, a soft mattress rarely supports your body, but a firm surface guarantees alignment of the spine and other body parts. Floor sleeping is healthy since it reduces pressure on your spine’s joints, thus, lessening the pain from prolonged sleep on the soft mattress.

2. The Japanese floor mattress directly connects you with your environment

Most jet lag victims report a lack of sleep from either traveling quickly over different time zones, hence, changing the sleeping time or eating patterns.

Sleeping on the Japanese floor bed is believed to help you acquire a better night’s sleep. Ground contact gives a better connection with the time zone. Research has shown that using a futon mattress will help your body react to cues that your day has started even before your alarm rings.

3. Encourages healthy blood circulation

Lying on a tatami mat or a tatami mat with a futon mattress ensures your body is properly positioned. It ensures that there are neither breathing barriers nor impediments to your blood flow. Moreover, your spine is aligned instead of other mattresses that do not guarantee you the above merits.

The Japanese floor mattress will save you from spine complications and the scare of visiting an orthopedic specialist. Indeed, people from Japan report one of the world’s longest life expectancies which is not a wonder given they sleep on futons. Very few people complain of back pains and disrupted sleeping patterns.

An even pattern of blood flow guarantees you a wide range of benefits such as enhanced muscle recovery, a stronger immune system, better organ functioning, especially the livers and the lungs.

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4. Excellent humidity management and heat insulation

Japanese floor mattresses are made of a rush-based material that incorporates aeration techniques. The aeration techniques guarantee proper heat insulation since the material of the mattress has thermal conductivity. This means that cold air cannot rise from beneath the mattress.

More advanced Japanese floor mattresses collect and release air from your room’s atmosphere. There will be a balance of humidity and temperature in your room during sleep, courtesy of this mattress.

Besides reducing humidity and insulating you from heat, the Japanese floor mattress reduces the possibility of the cold on a concrete floor penetrating the mattress material to your body through the insulators. Hence, depending on how cold your floor is, you can purchase a high-density Japanese floor mattress and use heavy beddings and sheets with your floor mattress.

5. The Japanese floor mattress offers a calming fragrance

The Japanese floor mattress is made of rush, a material with different aromatic components. It provides a dependable soothing effect that gives you a certain amount of calmness and comfort during your sleep. However, the aroma fades away with time. You should replace the mat’s surface every ten years.

6. The mattresses are easy to clean

A clean mattress guarantees you a healthy night’s sleep and ensures that your mattress surface is breathable. It is important to regularly air your mattress to avoid respiratory complications or, worse still, suffocation.

Using the Japanese futon bed gives you the benefit of cleaning the light rush-based material on a timely base. In addition, you can hoist the mattress on your balcony to let it dry. Besides, it takes a few hours to get completely dry.

7. A Japanese floor mattress reduces the amount of friction

The Japanese floor mattress is designed to rest on the floor firmly. Unlike foam mattresses and box mattresses, they provide a cooling effect, and little heat is generated during sleep. Funny enough, some people throw away their bed frames when they enjoy the comfort given by futon mattresses over the other western forms of mattresses.

Want to have your own Japanese floor mattress? You could pre-order one right here and on other online stores.  Feel free to use the guide above to choose the size of your Japanese floor bed!

What is a Tatami Sleeping Mat?

Most Japanese bedrooms do not contain a bed. Their minimalist approach led them to a unique method of sleeping. The tatami mattress is constructed from rice straw and grass covers. Furthermore, most Japanese rooms have floors padded with tatami mats, often open for other use. They make the floor comfortable, and in the case of sleeping, they give you sound sleep and a comfortable position, especially in high humidity and temperature areas.

The tatami mattress is used with other beddings, including the Shikibuton, a kakefuton, and hull pillows. These are beddings that improve the comfort and quality of sleep.

The merits of the tatami mattress include increased blood circulation, cooler temperature, optimized humidity levels, environment friendliness, better spinal alignment, and ideal use of apartment space.

Notably, the tatami mattress promotes co-sleeping. If you share your room with other family members, the tatami mat is an ideal choice. You could share it with babies and bigger children without buying separate beds and mattresses.

You can carry the tatami mat around, work, and do recreational activities such as a picnic. The portability of the tatami mat allows you to fold it and put it in the trunk of your car.

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Remember, you do not have to be in Japan to reap the benefits of having a Japanese floor mattress. You can always get yourself one especially if you live in a small apartment or have limited bedroom space. Alternatively, Japanese futon beds are the perfect spare beds when you have family and friends visiting for a sleepover. No need to worry as these comfortable floor beds are portable and space-saving!

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