9 Reasons Why You May Need A Custom Mattress

Are you having constant sleepless nights? Perhaps, you're waking up with horrible joint pain which makes your day miserable? Have you ever thought that maybe, it's time to finally get yourself your own custom mattress for a better sleep quality?

You need not think twice!

A custom made mattress contributes to a quality sleep and helps you achieve an energized morning. Since your body took time to rest its muscles in a made to measure bed, it brings you a lot of other health benefits, including relief from joint pains and comfort like no other.

However, getting a custom made mattress that works best for you can be quite challenging. To begin with, you need to figure out exactly what your preferences are. If you're planning to go get one, below are some of the things you can look out for when choosing your own custom mattress.

custom mattress

Can you custom make a mattress?

Yes, you can! A DIY made to measure mattress may seem homemade, but choosing quality materials helps you pack up layers of the comfortable, durable, and supportive custom mattress. If a custom mattress is something you’re considering to get for your bedrooms, here are a few tips to help you set up your mattress:

Understanding the mattress construction

Any mattress would have this basic setup:

  • A base layer made of low-priced foam
  • A support core
  • A top comfort layer
  • A mattress cover

Choosing the type of mattress you want to custom make

The made to measure mattress you want to make influences the materials you'll be using. Below are some common types of mattresses:

  • Foam mattress
  • Latex mattresses
  • Hybrid mattresses

What is your firmness level?

We all have our own preferences: hard mattresses, medium-level, or soft mattresses. You can layer-up the materials to reach the level of firmness you desire. As long as the mattress provides you ample support and comfort, you don’t need to go extra for the sake of adding layers.

Checking the Impression Load Deflection (ILD) can also help you determine to measure the softness or firmness of a foam mattress. ILD usually measures the force you need to compress a foam mattress by a measurable amount. An ILD value over 36 indicates that the foam is substantial, whereas a soft foam has an ILD rating of 19 to 21.

Medium firmness lies between ILD ratings of 22 to 31. The density of a memory form is essential for the foam to offer adequate support to your weight. Pounds per cubic foot are the units for measuring the density, with a scale ranging from 2.5 to 8 pounds per cubic foot (PCF).

Density determines the responsiveness of the foam. How quickly a foam regains its shape after exerting pressure on it is dependent on the density value. Density is key to the support layer and comfort layers to trap less heat.

custom made mattress

Sourcing the materials and actual construction

As outlined earlier, you need a polyfoam base, a 6 to 8-inch support core, comfort layers of intended ILD, density, and mattress cover. If you're sourcing for materials, Gb Foam Direct offers great deals for cut-size foams.

Steps for actual construction:

  • Start by measuring the size of the base to fit your made to measure bed.
  • Measure your intended depth that will be more supportive.
  • Spread the mattress cover on the surface.
  • Place the base layer in the cover.
  • Place the support layer up next on top of the base layer.
  • The next step is to place comfort layers on top of the support layer. Begin with the firmest and finish with the less firm at the very top
  • Zip up the cover, and voila! Your custom bed is now ready. Make it more elegant by spreading sheets to your liking.

Why choose a custom mattress?

Made to measure beds come with many benefits as they are tailored to your preferences. If you're still unsure, let's dive into these nine reasons why you may need a custom mattress:

Say goodbye to sleep disorders

Made to measure beds accommodates any sleeping position. As a result, you struggle less with finding a better sleeping position to help you sleep. Overall, it is comfortable all way round.

Avoid back pain

You might be familiar with back pain when sleeping on a hard or even soft mattress. Back pain is primarily due to the mattress not relieving the pressure points that cause it. A custom mattress ensures the right measure of softness and firmness levels to help you avoid back pains.

Recover your muscles

Our bodies require sleep to recover from the day's exercise. You may experience soreness if your mattress is not doing the job. A custom mattress syncs well with your weight to help manage the pain as it provides a reliable environment for your muscles to rest adequately.

Save space with a custom made mattress

Standard mattress sizes may feel too small or too large for you. Ideally, if you have limited space in your room, finding where exactly to place your mattress is critical. A custom made mattress would be a fit in this scenario so you can optimize your room space.

Got a limited space in your room? You might need a Japanese futon bed! Check out our article to see why it's worth getting one!

Improves your health

Are you allergic to dust mites, mold, and other microscopic bugs? These bugs cause itching and sneezing, making your sleep uncomfortable and keeps you up all night. You could create a custom mattress with natural and hypoallergenic materials to aid your allergic reactions.

Fit you and your partner's preferences

You and your partner may have different mattress preferences, but you don't want your partner to sleep on a different bed. Made to measure beds are the ideal solution to fit both parties. Both of you can agree on a neutral preference to help you decide for a custom mattress.


Value for your money

Have you ever felt like your investment was lost on something that doesn't help you? Don't worry, with a made to measure mattress, this won't likely be the case. Having a custom mattress may be relatively expensive, but the customizations are worth your money. You will surely enjoy your bed every time you spend time on it.

Suiting your style

Do you want a stylish feel for your bedroom? Made to measure beds help you design your bedroom according to your liking, whether simple, contemporary, or a more classy feel. You can come up with many designs and customize your mattress to match the style.

Saves you money

Standard mattresses from random stores have many mediators involved. The cost hikes as they alter the price to their profit. A made to measure mattress will force you to contact the manufacturer, and you'll only spend for the customization. This will save your money as it has elements you require and, again, no middlemen involved.

Final Words

Custom mattresses are comfortable, convenient, and durable. They allow you to choose the right components to build the mattress of your dreams. You’re allowed to go crazy with the demands, but make sure it results in a mattress that serves you well.

As discussed here, when choosing the customization that suits you, consider the benefits of each component you desire. Also, aside from fitting the aesthetics of your room, made to measure beds bring you additional health benefits and quality sleep like no other.

Always remember that it's possible to tailor fit the features of your custom mattress to feel like the best types of mattresses on the market. As long as, you sort out your preferences which can help you get the right materials and fit.

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