Why The Type of Bassinet Mattress You Buy Is Important?

A bassinet mattress is a type of mattress that plays an important role to support your child and keep them comfortable while sleeping. The tiny mattress should be gentle on your newborn baby since the body is still fragile. However, choosing the right type of bassinet mattress might be tricky for you. 

To help you decide why bassinet mattresses are better for your newborn, this article will list down the benefits and other reasons why you should get one immediately!

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What is a Bassinet Mattress?

The bassinet mattress is a compact and tiny mattress that you can place close to your bed. After carrying your newborn child from home, you will need somewhere safe for them to sleep since you cannot sleep on the same bed with a newborn for their safety, notwithstanding the amount of love you have for them.

Hence, you can choose between laying your kid in a crib or a bassinet bed. A bassinet mattress is a great resting place for toddlers, newborns, and younger babies. Although it is relatively smaller than a crib, what's better is that you can often place them closer to your bed during the night.

Considering you will need to check on your newborn constantly, the bassinet comes in handy. Besides, the bassinet has movable parts so that your baby can sleep close to you during the daytime as you attend to house chores and other duties.

What is the purpose of a Bassinet Mattress?

It is important to get your child a bassinet mattress to help improve their quality of sleep. A bassinet mattress supports and comforts the child during their sleep. In addition, the mattress guarantees your baby’s safety, regardless of their posture during sleep or where they lay down.

What are the advantages of Using a Bassinet?

Using the right type of bassinet bed and mattress gives both you and your baby several benefits. These includes the following:

Conserving Space

This aspect is one of the most common reasons why you will hear your friends say they chose a bassinet mattress and bed for their toddlers. Pediatricians often suggest that you sleep in the same room with your newborn child, but not specifically on the same surface. Thus, if you do not have extra space for a crib, a bassinet mattress and bed come in handy to help you maximize that minimum space in your room while serving the child’s needs.


A bassinet mattress is easily accessible due to its small size and proximity to your bed. With this, you can immediately attend to your baby in between sleeping breaks. This is important especially since you cannot share a bed together with a less than six month old baby.

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Buying a bassinet mattress and bed is more cost-effective than purchasing a mini crib. Furthermore, the bassinet is just a temporary option since the baby will soon grow out of the tiny bed and most likely, will jump into yours. Even better, they can move into their nursery in a different room. Unless you plan to have more kids, the bassinet is the best temporary option for your young kids.

Has a Lighter Weight than the Crib

A bassinet has lesser weight than a crib. As illustrated in the mobility aspect listed above, it makes it portable, so you can always move around your house with your baby in close vicinity. Moreover, the bassinet’s lightness aspect makes it easy to keep your bedroom tidy with much effort. You can easily arrange the room even after moving around the house with the bassinet.

Bassinets are Great for the Baby's First Few Months

There are different categories of bassinets, including the small motion bassinets, which you only have to give a little press on the bassinet’s base to keep it moving. The option ensures that your baby do not get their sleep disrupted. This also helps to guarantee that you get convenience as you attend to other chores around your household.

What Kind of Mattress is Best for A Bassinet?

According to pediatricians, your baby’s mattress should not exceed more than one and a half inches in thickness. Any bassinet mattress that is thicker than that poses pressure points and spine injuries to your baby. Before purchasing the bassinet mattress, ensure that the mattress pad is smooth and exceptionally firm.

If you are using a bassinet bed, ensure that the mattress fits well in it. Always take note of the width, and to be sure, make sure that it is not more than one and a half inches in width. A thick mattress could not only injure your baby’s frail bones, but also pose the risk of suffocating them.

Moreover, you will need additional beddings for your mattress as your child grows older. Examples of such are mattress protectors, fitted sheets, baby wraps, knitted baby blankets, and swaddles.

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Make Your Presence Felt in the Bassinet

Your child can detect your fragrance almost immediately, which makes them feel safe. Thus, keeping the bassinet close to your bed ensures that your baby gets to have a sound and undisrupted sleep. 

Although you cannot co-sleep with your child in the bassinet, you can make the little effort of making their sheets smell like you. It is proven that this method always works.

Keep the Bassinet near your Bed

The easiest method to ensure that your baby adjusts to sleeping alone is to place their bassinet pad close to your bed. That way, your toddler will sense your presence near and leave them with no fear or fear of loneliness.

If your baby wakes up crying in the middle of a night’s sleep, then you are in a convenient position of picking them up and swaddling them. In addition, keeping the bassinet in your vicinity ensures that you can keep a watchful eye on them.

Consequently, both you and the baby can get a more satisfying night’s sleep, as you will not have insecurities about the baby’s conditions in between sleeping sessions.

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Maintain a Consistent Routine

Upholding a consistent sleep routine helps your baby acquire a regular quality sleep pattern. The regimen only works if you learn to put your baby to sleep at the same spot of the bassinet mattress each time.

Moreover, you can put the baby to sleep after a warm bath, a little nursing, and a gentle massage. Swaddle your child and sing to him when he appears tired. Put him in a bassinet after he falls asleep and watch him sleep comfortably!


Your new born baby deserves a cool, dry, and comfortable place to sleep. A good bassinet mattress could help your baby relax and stop fussing every time you put him or her to sleep. Buying a bassinet mattress for your kid can surely help them enjoy a sound sleep. Still, you have to be mindful of your baby’s comfort and conduct your due diligence first before investing in one.

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