7 Benefits Of A Portable Mattress

After spending your entire day working or possibly, hiking in the woods, an easy to set up bed is ideal. The same way, getting a quality sleep is achieved by having a stable bed to carry all your weight. If you're looking for a mattress that can do these, a portable mattress is exactly what you should have!

A portable mattress is a great temporary solution for guest sleepovers, camping, or for kids' playground area. You want a mattress that’s easy to fold up or roll down, ready for campfire stories. It’s also a good solution when moving especially when things are all packed up and you're too exhausted to unpack.

It's best to buy portable beds for small home spaces. It allows you to utilize your area for other activities during the day and make bed at night. Portable mattresses are also lightweight, foldable, and take up less space. It can easily fit into your storage spaces without being too bulky.

When you’re hosting family and friends, you can spread out the mattress to create more room for people to seat on and let them sleep when it’s time to rest. You can also use it to shield your toddler from the harsh cold floor when playing.

Portable beds for adults are easy to assemble and cheap since you do not have to worry about purchasing an entire bed. All you need is a good quality portable mattress to get the best sleep after a long day.

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7 Benefits of a Portable Mattress

Having a portable mattress in your home benefits you in many ways. You can even bring the portable mattress from the storage and make a comfortable setting for yourself, friends, or family. Check out these benefits of having one at home:

Saving Space

Not everyone lives in big houses. You must set spaces for guests to sleep or accommodate your larger family. With a portable bed for adults, you can create a sleeping space easily. When not in use, you can fold it and keep it away.

Travel Friendly

This kind of mattress is easily foldable. If you plan to go camping with friends, you can put it at the back of the car with ease. If you want to camp near your vehicle and need a comfortable sitting arrangement near the car, then a portable mattress is your best choice.


A portable mattress is the best solution for you if you have a tight budget and still want to enjoy a peaceful sleep at night. They are less expensive compared to regular beds with a mattress.


There are many portable mattresses to choose from in the market. The mattress varies in foam type, size, mattress depth, colors, and some can even be convertible to a sofa. Therefore, you are not limited with the choices available. You can surely find one according to your preferences.

Compact and Easy to Store

Portable mattresses are designed in a collapsible design, thus making them easier to store. You can get the portable bed in a tri-fold design that reduces the mattress' overall size when folded.

Portable Mattress is Perfect for Guests and Small Children

A portable mattress works best for children who love playing and rolling on the floor. You cannot compare an ordinary mat to this. It is much safer than leaving your kids on a bed where there might fall while playing. The portable mattress is also much more comfortable than having your guests sleep on the couch.

They have guaranteed support and comfort

Portable mattresses made with foam material offer higher-level support and comfort when sleeping. They are also available in a thicker version which provides more back support. Thus, back pain is minimized with portable mattresses.

Disadvantages of Portable Mattress

  • Portable mattresses are not very thick, which can cause severe back pain to adults. If you want a long-term portable bed for adults, it may not be a good choice if the thickness is insufficient.
  • This mattress is not suitable for old and sick people, especially those suffering from back pain.
  • If the mattress is not cleaned or maintained well, it can cause allergies.

Types of Portable Mattress

There are different types of portable mattresses available in the market. Every type is designed to cater to particular needs, while others have multipurpose usage.

Trifold Mattress

This is the best portable bed you can purchase. Trifold mattresses do not require any frame structure since it is designed to be used on the floor.

Two-Fold with Frame

This portable mattress is supported by a metallic frame that can get folded. It is easy to move, and you can easily slide it under your regular bed for better space management.

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Memory Foam Mattress

The most commonly used material for mattresses is memory foam. The best thing about a portable memory foam mattress is its ability to conform depending on your weight. This aspect makes it more durable that the rest.

How Do I Choose a Portable Mattress?

After understanding the benefits of having a portable mattress, the next step is deciding whether to purchase one. Before buying, you must consider various factors to ensure you get the mattress that suits your needs.

There are portable beds for adults while there are also some specifically meant for children's use. A lot of portable mattress varieties are available in the market. So when choosing a portable mattress, consider the following:

The usage of the mattress

Portable mattresses can be used in multiple ways. A portable bed is not just purposed for creating additional sleeping space. Instead of playing on a hard floor, you can also use the mattress for toddlers to play on. Therefore, think about who will use and how you want to use the mattress.

Need more space in your home? Get a floor mattress! Check out our list of the best floor mattresses and find the one that fits your need.

Material or Foam of Mattress

Even though portable mattresses are affordable, a high-quality mattress lasts longer. The material of the mattress is what makes it durable. You can choose a mattress made from foam, cotton, and polyester. But always make sure you select the portable mattress with a long lifespan.

Size of Mattress

The size of mattress you choose should fit your available room space well. You can measure the room you would like to the portable beds for guests to ensure you buy the best size option.

Warranty Period of Mattress

Review the terms and conditions related to the warranty period of the portable mattress carefully. Some portable mattress brands offer a few years of warranty, while others provide a lifetime warranty. This means there would be a difference in the pricing of both mattresses. This is where you need to draw the line to ensure you make the best purchase decision.

How Does a Portable Mattress Feel?

A portable mattress is designed for convenience and saving space. You're also looking for a mattress that can provide you with sufficient support and comfort. Typically, most portable mattresses are used temporarily which can cause joint or back pains. However, if you’re looking for a long-term mattress it’s best to consider other mattresses.

Portable beds for adults should offer consistent support and comfort for as long as you use them. So it’s important to test the comfortability even if it’s a temporary outdoor solution. Check out the size and shape to avoid picking the wrong mattress.

A good portable mattress should be convenient, but doesn’t have to be heavy. Measure the size while folded to estimate how much car boot or closet space it takes. It should also be quick to fold and unfold at a moment's notice. You don’t need to struggle for hours to set up a place to sleep or when take off. 

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Final Thoughts

Little space at home can be challenging, especially when trying to arrange sleeping spaces. You might consider hosting your friends or guests for a sleepover, going camping, or creating a space for your kids to play. If you have been thinking about saving your space, that is where the portable mattress comes in.

There are a variety of portable mattresses in the market. So even on a tight budget, you are assured of getting a good mattress for your family. Portable mattresses are ideal since they are easy to fold and store away after use, space saving, and offers comfortable sleep. You can also easily travel with them if you are going for outdoor activities like camping.

Lastly, ensure that you consider the quality and durability of the mattress before purchasing. Portable mattresses are a comfy and affordable solution when you need temporary bed space. If you do not like a crowded room, having a portable mattress is your best choice.

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