Simba Vs Nectar Mattress – Which One Is Best For You?

Are you looking for your next mattress that is not only super comfortable but environmentally friendly? Your solution might just be in a Simba or Nectar mattress!

simba vs nectar mattress review

Simba and Nectar brands make some of the best mattresses in Europe. Both brands have been in the market for decades and continue to improve their quality garnering many 5-star reviews. While both Nectar mattress and Simba mattress are great products, choosing between them is harder, right?

Nectar offers you a universal comfort mattress with medium firmness, 100% carbon neutrality and it’s certified By ClimatePartner. Nectar offers you an open-cell technology that adds a cooling effect while you sleep. It is equipped with a support system great for relieving pressure on your hips and hips while aligning your spine properly.

As for Simba, It comes with an amazing thread count making it feel like sleeping on clouds. It also offers you the cooling technology ensuring you sleep comfortably. If you suffer from joint and bone problems, this mattress offers you the most relief and support system. To get the most services, you get to choose between three top rated categories including the Simba Hybrid, Simba Hybrid Pro, and the Simba Hybrid Luxe.  

To help you choose the right mattress, we have gathered a wealth of information for comparison. You’ll find key points that state similarities and differences of Simba Vs Nectar mattress to help you sleep comfortably when you gift yourself with the best mattress.

Nectar Mattress

Product Details

nectar mattress review

Free Shipping and Returns


365 Night Home Trial


Forever Warranty


Simba Mattress

Product Details


Free Delivery 


200 Night Home Trial


10 Year Warranty


Mattress Construction

When it comes to the make, Nectar and Simba have a fundamental difference. Nectar is a foam mattress while Simba offers the Hybrid and Hybrid Pro. To avoid confusion, we’ll discuss the original Simba Hybrid-only as the primary on this article.

Nectar memory foam is built exclusively for body shaping, support, pressure relief, and body contouring. Nectar mattress comes with 5 layers of an adaptive cooling mattress top, smart memory foam, pressure reliever memory foam, a 7 convenient zone support system, and a comfortable positioning base.

Simba Hybrid consists of both foam and springs for a dramatic effect. Hybrid mattresses are made to offer good support springs, body contouring, and a lack of motion transfer on foam. This hybrid mattress also has five layers of a breathable sleep top, a cooling comfortable layer, a responsive memory foam, supportive pocket springs, and a zone base dedicated to relieving pressure. Simba mattress is best for people who need pressure relief, good support, cooling effects, and a little bounce.

Mattress Firmness

Mattress firmness can affect your sleep both positively and negatively. If you suffer from joint pain, back pain, a hard mattress will make matters worse. Also, your sleeping position such as side, stomach, or back sleepers can dictate how you feel in the morning. So, if you choose either Nectar mattress or Simba mattress, you get good support that aligns your spine and relieves pressure from your joints.

Both Simba Vs Nectar are medium-firm mattresses and score about 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. So, you can rest easy and enjoy your mattress for a long time without any discomfort in the long run.

Ecological Impact

Mattresses have had a bad reputation when it comes to economic impact. When old mattresses are thrown out, they end up polluting the planet. If you decide to burn them, the gases are toxic and contribute to damaging the environment. Simba and Nectar have put this problem to rest and have come up with a modern mattress that is environmentally friendly.

Nectar has now collaborated with the ClimatePartner organization to come up with environmentally friendly mattresses that are effectively carbon neutral. Nectar mattress has also gone through screening and confirmed free of harsh chemicals and gases.

Simba is also dedicated to producing safe mattresses that produce zero waste. All their manufacturing by-products are recycled and they avoid using animal products. Similar to Nectar, the Simba Hybrid mattress has CertiPUR certification for all its foam layers.

Simba vs Nectar Mattress - Notable Features

To stand out from the crowd, Nectar mattress and Simba created some notable features unique to each brand. For instance, Nectar comes with a unique mattress equipped to keep you cool throughout your sleep. The cover is made of breathable cotton that allows heat and air to circulate freely keeping you cool. As for the Simba mattress, the cover is hypoallergenic and serves well people who struggle with allergens. The cover is also removable and washable allowing you to get rid of the collected dirt.


Both Nectar and Simba mattresses are durable and worthy investments. You can expect the mattresses to retain their quality for up to 10 years. You can expect a slight smell from Nectar after unboxing but expect it to go away after a few days. As for noise, both mattresses are equally quiet and you won’t be bothered by any latex noise when you toss or turn. The carefully placed layers absorb most of the noise and probably the only noise you’ll notice would be from the bed frame.

Motion Transfer

Simba Hybrid mattress and Nectar mattress are both best for limiting motion disturbance. This feature mostly favors couples or those who share a bed and one or both are restless sleepers. Nectar features thick, slow-moving memory foam that reduces motion transfer. This means, if one person is tossing and turning, the other won’t be bothered by the movement and enjoys their sleep peacefully. Simba also has a memory foam layer at the surface that absorbs motion, and the micro-coils move individually to limit movement transfer.

Edge Support

Nectar mattress offers you controlled edge support that collapses a little allowing you to sit at the edge and lean over to tie your shoes. You can also lie comfortably at the edge without falling off the bed. Simba Hybrid also comes with strong edge support that provides additional stability at the sides. This feature is also great for people who struggle to get out of bed or have limited mobility.

Heat Regulation & Breathability

Heat at night can affect the quality of your sleep and you need the right temperatures to be comfortable. Your body produces most of the heat and circulation is important. Nectar memory foam traps body heat and insulates you like the mattress hugs you during your sleep. The cover is made of breathable cotton that allows the excess heat to escape and create a cool surface.

Simba Hybrid is designed with an open-cell foam layer that helps regulate your body temperature. The spacious coil layer allows the hot air to circulate and move away from the sleeper. That way you can enjoy a cool night’s sleep without any discomfort.


Comfort and support

Simba Hybrid Mattress

Sleeping on Simba Hybrid is comfortable and pleasant. It is medium hard and offers great support for your body regardless of your weight. The memory foam distributes your weight evenly and sinks a little while taking your body shape to accommodate you better. It feels like hugging you all through the night while it bounces back after you wake up.

This Hybrid mattress is best for side and back sleepers. It has proven exceptionally comfortable and supportive for years without losing its essence. Don’t expect this mattress to spring back like the traditional spring mattress but it still has a sweet bounce in it. You’ll particularly enjoy it when you turn or are getting out of bed. Thanks to its breathability feature, you won’t overheat during your sleep, especially during summer.

Nectar Mattress

Nectar also focuses on superior comfort and support. It is designed for people with back, body, and joint pain. The mattress can support weight up to 400 pounds for an individual and surprisingly a combined weight of about 800 pounds for two sleepers.

This memory foam can withstand the test of time and you can forget about buying another mattress for a few years. You’ll find comfort in the top plusher layers that offer your lying body excellent contouring. Note that it doesn’t sink much to limit motion transfer but still supports you in whatever sleeping position you prefer.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Simba Vs Nectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress


  • Comes with a soft mattress that offers you premium comfort
  • Memory foam offers you superior support
  • It helps relieve pressure in joints and back
  • It limits all motion transfers
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 365 night home trial
  • Forever warranty!


  • It’s not a bouncy mattress

Simba Mattress


  • It offers you cloud-like softness
  • It comes with a micro-coil hybrid that allows body contouring
  • Exceptional movement isolation 
  • Comes with a removable cover that you can wash and easily put back on
  • Best for stomach and back sleepers
  • 10 year guarantee
  • 200 night in-home trial
  • Free delivery to your room of choice when you buy direct with Simba Sleep


  • The cover needs hand washing

Verdict - Simba vs Nectar Sleep Comparison

Both Simba Hybrid and Nectar mattress Brands are superior and offer you the best features your money can buy. Good sleep should be your top priority and a good mattress should provide you the platform to snooze away into dreamland. A good mattress is an investment that you should never take lightly.

Therefore, you need to carefully consider each brand and compare Simba Vs Nectar mattresses to see which one suits you best. We hope this article answered most of your worries and made your decision making a lot easier.

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