How to Dispose of a Mattress

An estimated 50,000 mattresses are thrown out every day in the United States. Unfortunately, many of them are not disposed of properly. They end up in alleyways, bodies of water, animal habitats, and on roadsides.

Many also end up in landfills, causing unsafe conditions for sanitation employees. It’s important to dispose of your mattress correctly so that you do not contribute to this pollution.

Mattresses only last 5 to 10 years, depending on the type of mattress it is and how well you take care of and maintain it. Buying a new mattress can be exciting and provides you with a fresh, comfy surface for your body to rest on at night.

Many people like to hand their old mattresses down to others by donating them or giving them to their children. However, old mattresses past ten years of age can harbour allergens and unwanted critters such as bed bugs.

Furthermore, children’s bodies need proper support at night to develop correctly. Therefore, donating and handing down old mattresses is not always the best option.

Many secondhand stores will take your mattress, but they will not resell it. They sometimes take the mattresses to dispose of them responsibly.

If your mattress is less than five years old or gently used, you may consider selling it, giving it away, or handing it down to your children. If you want to donate your mattress, consider asking local churches and homeless shelters.

Secondhand stores may take your mattress, but only to responsibly dispose of it. If a mattress is still in good condition, disposing of it seems like a waste.

Try finding someone who can benefit from the donation. Your other option is to sell it. You can try selling it in a garage sale or on sites online such as Craigslist.

If you sell online, make sure to meet somewhere public to make the exchange. Never allow a purchaser from the internet into your home. This means that you’ll still need to find a way to transport your mattress.

Whether your mattress is in good enough condition to give away or sell, or if it needs to be disposed of, never contribute to pollution with your mattress. Too many mattresses are thrown away in ways that damage the environment or the creatures that live in it.

This provides unsafe environments for nature and is irresponsible. If you need to dispose of your mattress, try one of the following options.


Simple Ways to Dispose of a Mattress

Rely on your Mattress Company

Some mattress companies offer free pickup and disposal of old mattresses. When they deliver your new mattress, they’ll also take the old one to dispose of properly. Companies like to do this to make sure that mattresses do not end up being handed down or improperly disposed of.

It isn’t good for business when mattresses are treated like they can last forever. It is also merely more responsible for ensuring that the mattresses do not end up on the sides of roads or in lakes and rivers. Most companies will dispose of the mattress for free, while some require a fee. Ask your mattress retailer for more information.

Find a Recycling Company

Instead of disposing of your mattress at your local landfill and contributing to pollution and unsafe working conditions for refuse workers, find a recycling company. Bye Bye Mattress and Earth 911  are two companies that accept mattresses for recycling and proper disposal.

They’ll generally do so free of charge. Depending on the centre, they may pick up the mattress or you may need to drop it off. There may be other centres in your area, so do some research for local recycling companies.

Hire a Pro

If your mattress retailer does not offer free pickup and disposal, you can hire a company to remove your mattress for a fee. They’ll schedule a time with you to come to your home, pick up the mattress, and responsibly dispose of it.

The fees vary by company, but can often be over $100. Shop around for the best prices, but you will likely have to pay a hefty fee. However, they take care of everything from the heavy lifting to properly disposing of the mattress so that you don’t have to.

Ask the Professionals 

Call your local garbage service to request information about disposal of mattresses. They will have more information about your local agencies, companies, and laws regarding disposal.

They should be able to explain if they can take the mattress or provide you with local recycling companies or professionals who dispose of mattresses. Many landfills charge an extra fee to dump mattresses.

However, landfills are not a good option to dispose of your mattress because they cause flammable air pockets to form that is toxic and unsafe for workers.

Recycle it Yourself

You can break down the mattress yourself with the right tools and a little time and effort. Begin by cutting around the perimeter of the surface to reveal the box springs and wooden frame.

Cut off the cloth and foam. These materials can be disposed of with the rest of your regular rubbish. Use a saw to cut the frame, which can be used as wood scraps for a fire or turned into wood chips. The box springs can be either sold for scrap or taken to a recycling centre.


Properly disposing of a mattress is the responsible thing to do. It’s important to inspect your mattress to decide if it is in good enough condition for others or if it needs to be disposed of.

Mattresses in good condition should at least be donated to those less fortunate. However, mattresses which have seen better days and are too old should be properly disposed of.

Again, never pollute the planet with your old mattress. If you’re purchasing a new mattress, your first line of contact should be your mattress retailer. Many retailers will pick up old mattresses when they deliver the new one to ensure that they don’t end up being incorrectly disposed of.

If they don’t offer this service or if you’re not buying a new mattress from a retailer, there are several other options to ensure that you do not contribute to pollution with your mattress.

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