Get Through Summer With This Kuddly Cooling Blanket

What's the best way to stay cool during summer? A Kuddly cooling blanket of course! It doesn't only offer you durability and quality, but also provides many benefits especially for those who have trouble sleeping at night. Interested in more info about this amazing product we reviewed today- check out our review below!

When it’s summer, and you're looking for a way to cool down your body without spending a fortune on air conditioning, the Kuddly cooling blanket is a must-have. Turning up the AC can get expensive and environmentally harmful, so as an alternative, a quality blanket from Kuddly definitely comes in handy.

kuddly cooling blanket

Kuddly cooling blankets are made of natural materials that help regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool and comfortable all summer long. Plus, they’re designed to improve your mood and give you a good night's sleep.

In this Kuddly cooling blanket review, we're going to show you why this cooling blanket is worth your money. Check out its features, pros and cons, and the overall value you'll get once you have this amazing Kuddly cooling blanket. Let's start now!

Features of Kuddly Cooling Blanket

Presence of HydroCool Technology

The Kuddly cooling blanket contains tiny capsules designed to absorb excess body heat, keeping you fresh and comfortable. The HydroCool technology is made of all-natural ingredients that are surely safe for children, animals, and the environment.

Snuggle With Soft Natural Materials

You may choose from organic cotton or soy silk materials, which are available in warm colors suitable for both boys and girls. These are all machine washable for easy care and cleaning.

Reversible Blanket With 2 Designs

The Kuddly cooling blanket features a reversible style which allows you to easily change the blanket's design to complement your home décor. Select from blue, brown, green, orange, or pink colors. The reverse side is a solid white and perfect for masking any stains with regular use and washing.

Healthy & Safe for Children, Pets, and the Environment

Cooling blankets are free of harsh chemicals, toxins, or preservatives commonly found in most cooling products. These make them safe to use especially around children or pets with sensitive skin or allergies. So, if you or one of your family members have allergy issues, there's no reason to be afraid of buying this amazing blanket.

Helps Induce Truly Restorative Sleep

The Kuddly cooling blanket's cooling effect helps improve circulation and regulate body temperature, enabling you to fall asleep faster. Still, this product is not intended as a medical device but can help provide extra relief.

Optimally Weighted at 5kgs (~11 lbs.)

The cooling blanket is weighted, so you can use it on top of your bed sheets to provide you with soothing, natural cold. The fabric cover is made from 100% cotton, so you know that this product is completely safe for children and pets.

Just remember that while the cooling blanket has been optimized to provide optimal cooling performance, it is not designed to cool the entire surface of your bed.


Performance Comparison of Kuddly Cooling Blanket

Unlike most regular blankets sold in the market, Kuddly cooling blankets are therapeutic sleeping assets that can help you sleep more sound and peaceful. They are ideal, especially if you're leading a stressful and tense lifestyle, leaving you feeling panicked and anxious when it's time for bed.

Battling bedtime anxiety can be extremely difficult, but cooling weighted blankets provide a restful approach. They make you feel tranquil and light so you won't have a hard time sleeping at all. So, you can be assured that this blanket is more than just your regular blanket. It is also a good therapy session.

When shopping for Kuddly cooling blankets or its competitors, it’s important to pay attention to the blanket's size, fabric composition, weight, and price before making a decision. Some of the cooling blankets in the market have soft poly-cotton fabric; some are made with bamboo viscose, while others are constructed with 100% breathable cotton. The blankets are also available in various weights, ranging from 10 to 25 pounds, so always choose what suits your budget and needs.

Looking for another quality-made weighted blanket? Try out another crowd-favourite: Rest Easy Weighted Blanket.

Pros of Kuddly Cooling Blanket

Help People Sleep Better

As mentioned, more sleep means better health. Studies have shown the link between weight and sleep restriction. This makes sense because if you are overweight, you tend to have built up more fat around your neck at night while sleeping. Since the cooling blanket is weighted, it will help with such condition.

Provides a Relaxing Feel

Cooling weighted blankets can help reduce nighttime tossing and turning. The blanket relaxes the sympathetic nervous system through deep pressure touch, also known as a hugging sensation. A weighted blanket can assist your body in regulating the levels of your serotonin, otherwise known as the happiness hormone, melatonin, the sleep hormone, and cortisol, the stress hormone.

Useful for Treating Insomnia

An adult or child might be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) if they have issues with social interaction, communication, sensory processing, interests, and activities. These issues can also lead to behavior, sleep, and anxiety challenges. Having a weighted blanket at home might be useful for managing these symptoms.

Useful for Managing Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

A person diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) might feel overstimulated by sight, sound, tactile input, or even internal feelings. Weighted blankets provide proprioceptive input, which may feel calming to the individual. Several parents have noted that their child with SPD falls asleep easier after being "snuggled" by a weighted blanket.

Managing Anxiety

Many people experience anxiety before bedtime, which can cause insomnia. A weighted blanket helps some people feel safe and secure by providing deep pressure input, similar to a firm hug. This input can be relaxing and might help the person with anxiety unwind and fall asleep deeply.

Have Several Benefits for Achieving Overall Wellness

As a common knowledge, the quality of your sleep impacts your overall well-being. People with poor sleeping quality may experience many health issues over time. But if you use a weighted cooling blanket, you can improve your sleep quality. Sleeping plays an important role in promoting overall wellness, and the temperature of the blanket you use also impacts your ability to get asleep better and faster.

Weight Management

Cooling weighted blankets are also great for people who want to manage their weight. Deep pressure touch input is very useful for settling down the nervous system and promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. This is especially true for people who want to lose weight and avoid constant stressors in their lives.

Cons of Using a Kuddly Cooling Blanket

Not All Weighted Blankets are Cooling

Not all weighted blankets are meant to regulate the temperature of your body. If you do not buy a blanket made to provide cooling effects like Kuddly does, it may pass more heat back into your body and prevent you from relaxing enough to sleep well.

Not All Weighted Blankets are Environmentally Friendly

Some weighted blankets are filled with plastic pellets or plastic beads, but most manufacturers do not use sustainable production methods. Instead, they use methods that often end up polluting our environment and cause harm to animals and wildlife.

Sleeping Under Weighted Blanket Takes Time to Adjust

The first time you sleep under a weighted blanket, your body will be confused and alarmed by the increased weight. You may experience restless nights or even wake up in pain because of the uncomfortable pressure that will feel like heavy bricks weighing on you.

Cooling Weighted Blankets are Not for Everyone

Some weighted blankets are designed to keep you cool during summer or warm during winter. The thought is that the blanket conforms to your body temperature, thus regulating it. In that case, children under the age of four aren't advised to use a weighted blanket as they are not yet developed enough to handle the weight.

Also, you shouldn't sleep under a weighted blanket if you have obstructive sleep apnea, are claustrophobic, or have breathing issues. This is because the body may not learn to regulate under the blanket's weight.

Value: Is Kuddly Cooling Blanket Worth it?


If you are looking for a cooling blanket to make you sleep better at night during summer, then a Kuddly cooling blanket will ensure that your bedding stays cool.

It is made with unique technology to regulate your body temperature as you sleep. You will find that it continues to stay cold all night long, even after hours of contact with the skin. It remains dry and breathable, keeping excess moisture away from your skin for great comfort and hygiene.

Kuddly cooling blankets are made to be durable and last for years. Thanks to this unique blanket's design features, you can enjoy the benefits of a truly comfortable sleep with less irritation. The outer fabric is heavy, but soft to touch. It will feel cool on the skin when you first feel it but won't chill you once you get under your bedsheets.

It is made of a specially-woven fabric that has been treated with a technology related to NASA's space blankets. A microcrystalline plant extract forms a moisture barrier on the surface, so your body can keep cool as you sleep.  With all these qualities, do you think the Kuddly cooling blanket is worth your penny? Definitely yes! This cooling blanket is worth every coin you spend on it.

Our Final Verdict: Kuddly Cooling Blanket Review

As highlighted in this Kuddly cooling blanket review, the Kuddly blanket is tailored to make you feel comfortable and cool during your sleep. It's designed to be durable, safe, and lasting for years. You can now enjoy the benefits of a sound and peaceful sleep with less irritation and disruption.

Kuddly is a surely excellent therapeutic sleeping aid to battle the heat this summer. If you're feeling hot at night, it is highly recommended that you check out Kuddly cooling blankets for your bedding needs. They don't just suit your home decors, but they can also be great gift ideas to your family and friends, too. What are you waiting for? Get yourself a Kuddly cooling blanket and enjoy many nights of cool and quality sleep, especially during summer.


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