Is the Kuddly Pillow the Key to Your Next Cosy Sleep?

Kuddly pillows are becoming more and more popular thanks to the unmatched comfort they bring unlike any other pillows in the market today. If you’re wondering how it feels like to cuddle in your pillow or night and have that feeling of someone hugging you, try Kuddly Dream Pillows. 

There’s more to Kuddly pillow than just a cosy sleep. Imagine sleeping without worrying about where to put your phone, your keys, and your other belongings. A Kuddly pillow is the solution to all of your sleeping and storage woes. With its built-in pockets, you can store all of your belongings in one place without having to worry about them getting mixed up or lost. Plus, the Kuddly dream pillow makes a great phone holder so you can watch Netflix or surf the web in bed without having to hold onto your phone.


Interesting, right? Well, continue reading this Kuddly pillow review to learn why this dream pillow from Kuddly is the best pillow to have for your next cosy sleep.

Key Features of the Kuddly Dream Pillow

Adjustable Height and Firmness

First of all, the Kuddly pillow is adjustable in both height and firmness. If you have a baby, this pillow is guaranteed to be good for your baby's health as it helps support their back when lying down or sitting up. With this feature, your child won’t be suffering from a stiff neck.

It's Made to Suit all Sleep Positions

Kuddly pillow is well made to suit all sleep positions. Whether you’re a side sleeper or back sleeper, the pillow will ensure you get unmatched comfort for relaxation. Forget about waking up tired and with neck pain the next morning with this pillow. 

It Remains Cool All Night

Another thing about Kuddly pillow is that it remains cool throughout the night. This means you can also use it as a cooling pad for your baby. It’s perfect for those sweaty summer nights when you just need something cool.

The Pillow is Hypoallergenic

This dream pillow is made of 100% hypoallergenic material. The material will be able to absorb moisture without absorbing bacteria or mold, which means that you don’t have to worry about having any allergic reactions. You will wake up feeling fresh and healthy even if you have allergy issues such as asthma.

It’s Machine Washable

Besides being anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, the Kuddly pillow is also very easy to maintain since its cover can be washed in a machine. If you don’t have a washing machine, you can still hand wash it easily using soap and water.

It's Filled With Shredded CertiPUR-Us Certified Memory Foam

The Shredded Memory Foam is CertiPUR - US certified, which means that the pillow is free of any dangerous chemicals. This also makes it safe for your entire family since you can be sure that there are no materials that could cause them discomfort or harm throughout the night.

The Inner Fabric is 100% Microfiber

This pillow is made from 100% microfiber material, which is no doubt a high-quality material. This is a very soft material that can’t be felt through the pillow and hence, ensures that you won't feel any discomfort while sleeping.

Comes With Breathable Feature

This is an advanced feature that makes the pillow even more comfortable. It has a breathable surface as well as a non-allergenic shell which makes it highly breathable.

Performance Comparison

Aside from being the ideal pillow for back and side sleepers, the Kuddly pillow is also the best bet for people with allergies after they allergy-proof their bedrooms. It is a classic memory foam pillow with many positive reviews on Amazon, averaging 4.5 stars out of 5. Many users love this pillow because of its breathability, softness, and quality which are the exact pillow specifications that you need for a peaceful, cosy night.

The Kuddly dream pilllow's design is truly unique, as it comes with a zip that allows you to remove or add filling according to your preference. This makes the pillow suitable for different sleeping positions, making it perfect for everyone regardless of how you sleep.


As mentioned, Kuddly's memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified. It does not contain harmful chemicals or fire retardants that can be irritating to the respiratory system. It’s conforming and can keep body temperature at an optimal level, so you stay cool all night long.

And compared to other pillow brands, the Kuddly dream pillow is the best pillow you can get at its price point. It is a great value for money as it comes with several desirable features and is made with quality in mind. You can be sure that it will last for several years, making it an ideal choice if you are looking to purchase a long-term pillow.

Kuddly Pillows Pros and Cons


  • Retain Contours: Kuddly pillows retain contours, which is very important as it assists in keeping your spine aligned. This is quite opposite with regular pillows, which tend to tilt your head in an incline.
  • Prevent Snoring: Kuddly pillows may prevent snoring by keeping your head in a neutral position. Using a Kuddly dream pillow allows your head to remain aligned with your neck and spine during sleep, so your air passages will remain open and prevent snoring.
  • Relieves Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain: This dream pillow also relieves neck, shoulder, and back pain by simply molding your head. The pain can be as simple as computer work or as strenuous as physical labor.
  • Relief from Pressure Points: The Kuddly pillow provides relief for pressure points that cause pain by distributing the weight and contouring to your head, the same way memory foam mattresses distribute the weight of your body.
  • Helps With Spine Alignment: The middle part of this pillow is hollow to give your neck and spine a natural alignment. This prevents the muscles in your back from becoming tired as you sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed and without stiffness or pain.
  • Comes With Pockets for Storage: This pillow also comes with two pockets on the sides so you can keep your eyeglasses, phone, or any other item close at hand.
  • Easy to Clean: Soap and water are all it takes to clean this versatile memory foam pillow. It's also hypoallergenic and resistant to mold, dust mites, and allergens.
  • Has Very Stable Against Motion Transfer: The shredded memory foam ensures that the Kuddly dream pillow won't move while you're sleeping. You won't notice any disturbance when your partner rolls over or moves around during the night.
  • Therapeutic Memory Foam for Neck Pain: The Kuddly pillow is specially designed for therapeutic use. The shredded memory foam conforms to the shape of your neck and reduces pressure on your spine, shoulders, and head during sleep.


  • Climate Temperature Affects Firmness: The firmness of the Kuddly pillow can also be influenced by climate temperature. Memory foam becomes harder when the humidity is low and softer in humid conditions.
  • The Density May Prevent the Material Breathability: The Kuddly pillow may be the right pillow for you if you are looking for a soft, supportive, and cosy fit. However, not all Kuddly pillows are created equal. Some are so dense that they can make you sweat all night. The breathability factor also depends on the material and the quality of the pillow.
  • Chemical Off-Gassing and VOCs: The pillow's manufacturer may include chemicals in their pillows to make them smell good. Unfortunately, these chemicals can be dangerous for your health because they can cause breathing issues, headaches, nausea, and even dizziness.
  • High Maintenance: Pillows with special padding will require special washing instructions, and your pillow can become harder or less comfortable if you don't follow the proper washing instructions.
  • Heavy Price Tag: Many high-quality pillows aren't cheap, and Kuddly pillow is one of them. But this pillow definitely offers value for your money so you won’t regret spending money on them.

The Value of Buying Kuddly Pillows

Kuddly pillows have been the talk of the town in these recent days. Given their standout features, these pillows are surely high-value products that are worth paying for.

The Kuddly dream pillow is the first special pillow with a cooling gel pad built right inside it. You can order one or two of these pillows right away since they come in twin packs. These soft cushions work great whether you sleep alone or share your bed with another person.

Additionally, Kuddly pillows are made to withstand wear-and-tear since they are manufactured with the finest materials. This is one reason why they can last for more than two years or so. If you only use the pillow for your head while you sleep, then it may even stretch through more than ten years of use. The Kuddly pillow will no doubt offer value for your money considering how long it will serve you.

You can order yours directly from Kuddly's official website and enjoy cosy sleep like no other for several years.


Final Verdict on Kuddly Pillows

There you have it! Our Kuddly pillow review highlights why Kuddly pillows are a great solution for people not only with allergies, but also for those back and side sleepers who love pillows under their heads during sleep. All the positive reviews online show that these Kuddly dream pillows work well and can even last through years of use. 

Without a doubt, a Kuddly pillow is one investment you should consider if you want to have a cosy sleep with a durable and comfy pillow in your bed.

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