11 Ways to Stay Warm When Sleeping

Getting to sleep can be seen as a science. If we’re too cold or too hot, then we’re going to struggle to get to sleep.

If you’re feeling cold, then there’s plenty of steps that you can take to stay warm. We’ve created this guide to show you how to keep warm to suit a range of budgets.

1. Use a Heater

A heater is a simple solution for a simple problem. There are many different types of heaters including portable, convector and oil filled depending on your needs and budget.

These can be left on temporarily to warm up the room before you sleep or you can keep them on a low temperature throughout the night to maintain the temperature level.

Because you’re trying to sleep, a convector heater is the most suitable because they're quiet when in operation so you won’t be woken up by any noise.

2. Hot Water Bottle

A good old fashioned water bottle can be an inexpensive solution to feeling cold when you’re trying to sleep. You fill it with hot water, and the insulating material usually retains the heat for most of the night, so you don’t need to refill it throughout the night.

The heat not only keeps you warm but you can also put it in the bed before you’re ready to go to bed and it'll warm up the sheets, so it feels warm and toasty when you finally make it into bed.

3. Higher Tog Duvet

The tog rating of a duvet relates to how effective it is at insulating heat and the higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet which makes it ideal for, the colder winter nights.

On the other hand, lower tog duvets are better suited to warmer summer climates. Our recommended tog rating is 10.5 because this makes it ideal for all seasons while also retaining heat, so you don’t feel too cold. But if you do start to sweat, then your heat will be dispersed.

4. Electric Blanket

If your duvet isn’t enough to keep you warm, then you can invest in an electric blanket. They are the same size as a conventionally sized duvet but have an electrical heating element inbuilt which you can toggle on or off.


When turned on, heat is generated which is transferred through the blanket so you can feel it. The higher quality blankets allow you to alter the temperature. Traditionally electric blankets were seen as a luxury, but now the quality has risen and the prices, so they are affordable for the majority of people.

5. More Layers

Wearing more clothes to bed will help you to retain more heat and control your body temperature without having to change the temperature of the room. Wool clothing is an ideal material for keeping warm, and you also can use additional blankets to provide even more warmth.

The human head can lose a lot of heat so if it’s cold then wearing a woolly hat can also make a substantial positive difference. If you’re feeling cold at night, the first thing you should look at is the clothes you’re wearing.

6. Buy a Thick Rug

In the modern home, wood and laminate flooring is very popular not just because of its looks but because of its low price. However, if you find that a room in your house is continuously cold, then it could be because of the flooring.

Lay down a thick rug, and this can help to insulate the room and will also give you somewhere warm to place your feet when you get out of bed. For the style conscious readers, this will also give you a way of improving the interior design of your home.

7. Eat a Meal

Eating a hot meal can help you stay warm throughout the night. A heavy meal will increase your metabolism as your body tries to digest and break down the nutrients.

This metabolic activity produces heat and raises the temperature of your body, how noticeable this is will vary from person to person.

One thing to note is don’t overeat because this could have the opposite effect and make it hard to get to sleep due to bloating or other digestive problems.

Slow burning fats are the most effective because it will keep your metabolism firing for the whole night.

8. Insulate Your Home

Check your home for any drafts because it only takes one to keep your home or room cold. The most common places drafts exist underneath doors or where windows join the window sill.

Solving draft issues can come in a range of ways such as double glazing, insulating walls or installing thick curtains. Usually the more expensive the solution, the more long-lasting and effective it is.

Insulating your home will also save you money in the long run because it means your heating doesn’t need to be as high because less heat is being lost.


9. Hot Drinks

Drinking a hot drink will keep your body warm but of course, is a short term measure, but you’ll usually stay warm enough to fall asleep.

Herbal tea is an ideal choice because it will have the added benefit of relaxing you making it even easier to fall asleep because of its calming ability.

10. Sleep Further Away From Windows

This won’t work for every bedroom, but if in your current layout your bed is positioned under or near a window then this can be colder than the rest of the room.

By moving the bed to the other side of the room, this can be noticeably warmer because glass stays cool which makes the area by the bed cold.

11. Warm Shower or Bath

Taking a warm bath or shower just before you’re ready to go to bed will help to keep you warm because this will raise your body temperature, which makes you more comfortable so to it taking less time for you to fall asleep. Herbal scented body soap also has a calming effect.

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