6 Reasons to Wash Your Face Before Bed

Whether you’re coming home from a long day at the office or you’ve been out socialising all night, it can be hard to find the motivation and energy to wash your face before bed when you’ve barely got any energy.

There are several reasons why you should spare an extra minute and wash your face before bed because this will save you a lot of problems in the long run.

washing your face before bed

Benefits of Washing Your Face Before Bed

1. Lower Acne Breakouts

You probably don’t even realise how much you touch your face throughout the day which makes it extremely dirty by the time you make it to the end of the day.

If you don’t wash your face at night, then all the bacteria on your face can develop overnight, and your bed is warm which bacteria thrive on to grow even faster.

Not washing your face can result in acne developing, whereas if you wash your face at night, you can remove the dirt, bacteria and oil which unclogs your pores making you less likely to have acne breakouts.

2. Cleaner Linen

If you don’t wash your face at night, then you have the potential to transfer a full day of dirt and oil onto your pillow.

This isn’t just limited to dirt, but if you wear makeup, then this can also be transferred. Most people don’t change their pillowcase daily, so this will bacteria will build up night after night compounding the effects.

By washing your face before bed, this keeps your linen cleaner for longer, so you don’t have to worry about the threat of a massive build-up of bacteria and allergens.

3. Avoid Eye Infections

Sleeping with make-up on and then pressing your face against your pillow when you can cause it to smudge into your eyes which can lead to irritation. As a one off you’ll probably be fine, but over time this can cause the oil glands in your eyelid to begin to clog which results in a build-up of bacteria.

This can lead to symptoms such as inflammation and then styes which need to be removed by a medical professional. All this can be avoided by merely washing your face before bed. Washing your face may not be enough to remove all traces of make-up so you may need to use makeup remover.

4. Washing Your Face Before Bed Aids Wrinkle Prevention

In our day to day life, we're exposed to free radicals that are present in the natural environment. These free radicals attach to makeup which can cause them to break down healthy collagen within the skin.

This can lead to speeding the process of
fine lines and wrinkles developing. If you don’t wash your face before you go to bed, then your skin will have to battle against these free radicals all night to stop them from damaging your skin. This is especially important if you’re spending money on anti-ageing treatments as this could be contributing to them being less effective.

5. Increase Hydration of the Skin

If you apply moisturiser and other skin care products in the morning, then they will usually evaporate throughout the day.

However, when you wash your face in the evening, this will be part of your broader skincare regime which includes applying another layer of moisturiser which will hydrate and nourish the skin overnight.

Skincare products lose their effectiveness after a few hours, and a new layer needs to be applied so doing this at night is hugely beneficial for the skin.

At night your body goes through a natural process of producing less natural oils, which is the reason why night skin care products are usually denser and thicker. If you skip washing your face and moisturising, then this can cause your face to feel dry and dehydrated.

6. Increase the Effectiveness of Skin Care Products

Following on from increasing hydration, the body’s skin undergoes its main repairing process throughout the night which means that the products you have on your face have a significant influence on the overall quality of your skin.

Many of the usual skin care products include ingredients such as retinol and peptides that have a better effect on cleaner skin because they can be absorbed deeper into the skin which accelerates skin repairing.

Also, the soothing nature of applying moisturiser can relax and calm you making you more prepared for sleep.


There are many benefits to washing your face before bed. It won't be long before it becomes part of your regular skin care routine and you start to see the benefits. Now it's time to get into the routine to wash your face before bed!

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