The Best Pillow Speakers For Sleeping Reviewed

Listening to music can be incredibly comforting when trying to get to sleep and the easier it is to fall asleep, the quicker we can get into a deep, restful sleep which allows you to wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised in the morning.

If you find wearing headphones uncomfortable or having stereo speakers to be too loud then using a pillow speaker could be the solution for you. When this first entered the market, it was seen as a gimmick and a novelty item; however, over the year's it has developed into being an effective sleeping aid used by thousands of people.

Just like any electronic device, there are high quality and low-quality manufacturers and brands; this can make the buying process difficult if you're a first-time buyer. We have created a detailed guide to help you during this process to ensure that you buy the best pillow speakers.

1. Sleep n Sound Original Speaker Pillow


The Sound n sleep pillow speaker is a UK manufactured pillow with a hollow fibre filling with a built-in speaker that provides a restful sleeping experience. The speaker allows you to connect to your audio device to listen to your favourite files.

The pillow provides a medium level of support which is ideal for those that sleep on their back or front. 

Only you can hear the speaker, and it doesn't need to be on a high volume as the sound travels efficiently through and around the pillow. The sound is extremely clear and not muffled so you can hear every word.

It's great for helping existing conditions such as tinnitus. It's also great for insomniacs as the soft sounds can create a relaxing and calming state of mind which can make it easier to fall asleep.

The wires and electric components within the pillow are removable, and it can be wiped clean and air dried. The pillow itself is also hypoallergenic so it will reduce the chances of you experiencing any allergic reactions while using the pillow.

The creators of the product are so sure of its effectiveness and quality that a 2-year guarantee accompanies each purchase should anything go wrong with the product.


  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Comfortable Hollowfibre Pillow
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Washable Pillow Cover Included
  • No Need for Batteries or Charging

2. Roberts Radio Pillow Talk Speaker*


The Pillow Talk Speaker is an easy to use device that allows you to listen to music while you try and fall asleep. It discreetly fits under your pillow, and it's slimline so you won't be able to feel it when you lay down.
It's compatible with any type of radio, radio cassette, clock radio, smartphone or any other audio equipment fitted with a 3.5mm headphone socket
Roberts radio has been manufacturing and selling radios for many years so they're a household brand that you can trust. This device is high quality and long-lasting, so you won't need to replace it for quite a while.
The speaker allows you to enjoy your own personal listening in your own bed and the sound won't disturb anyone that you're sharing the bed with.


  • Slimline Design
  • High Quality
  • Discreet Listening
  • Strong Compatibility

3. Sangean Inline Pillow Speaker


Sangean specialises in electrical sleeping aids to help people all around the world solve their sleeping problems. The Sound Oasis pillow speakers are ultra thin so they can fit under your existing pillow without even realising that they're there.

They can produce a powerful level of sound and can be used for any size pillow from standard to King size as the music can pass through almost any pillow thickness or size.

The sound quality is surprisingly good for both music and voice , and there is a high level of clarity generated by the top quality stereo sound. The speakers require no batteries and plug straight in the source of your audio. The speakers can create a lovely relaxing atmosphere when combined with the Sound Oasis white noise machine.

The speakers feature inline volume control, so it's easy to control the volume of the sound throughout the night even in the dark. It's also less disturbing than having to use your device which will have a bright display.

You can connect the speaker to your device using the long 1.2 connecting cable. A cable this length is essential if you toss and turn in your sleep or the device is placed a distance from your bed.


  • Twin speakers produce impressive stereo sound quality
  • Powerful sound
  • Comfortable under the pillow
  • Long connecting cable
  • Inline volume contro

4. Homescapes Microfibre Pillow Speaker


Homescapes are a UK company that have been manufacturing high-quality pillows, duvets and mattress toppers for many years and have gained a strong reputation within the market. Due to customer demand, they created a pillow speaker however they set out to make it one of the best pillow speakers on the market.

Homescapes UK manufactured machine washable pillow is made from a high density 100% microfibre material that is anti-dust mite. 

It has a built-in speaker that connects to your MP3 player, smartphone or any 3.5mm jack compatible device. The pillow comes with a choice of firmness so you can choose a pillow that suits you the best and provides you with optimal comfort. The firmness of pillow you choose will be largely dependant on the whether you're a front, side or back sleeper.

The sound quality is high and can be heard through most pillows even when a case is on. 

Once connected to your audio device, the sound can be controlled, and other people who are present in the same room will not be able to hear the sound. The majority of people who already have a pillow are likely to overdue a replacement pillow, so this product can solve multiple issues.


  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Comfortable Hollowfibre Pillow
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Washable Pillow Cover Included
  • No Need for Batteries or Charging

5. SoundLAB Pillow Speaker


The SoundLAB  pillow speaker was first created in 2001, and since then it has undergone a series of improvements and has been updated to the version that we see today.

The newest model has been wonderfully designed and features a durable, soft and non-slip exterior made from foam, this combined with its flat shape makes it undetectable under your pillow, and you won't even realise its there.

The unit has built-in micro speakers that allow for private listening while delivering clear sounds at gentle, safe levels, and the music can pass through even the densest pillows.

The speakers project the sound throughout the whole pillow so even if you change position throughout the night you won't miss a sound. Now is the time to say goodbye to uncomfortable and fiddly earphones.

Its sound quality is what makes it stand out from the competition and whoever you share the room with will not be able to hear the sound that the speaker is producing.

The great thing about the speaker is that due to the built-in technology it requires no batteries, charging or power source and is operated by simply connecting to your source of music whether it be an MP3 player, a smartphone, TV or any stereo output that has the capability of connecting to a 3.5mm standard jack.


  • Durable
  • Great Sound Quality
  •  3.5mm Jack Plug

Types of Pillow Speakers

The general concept of all pillows is the same, which is to allow you to listen to music through your pillow throughout your sleep. However different pillows execute this function in different ways.

Pillows with built-in speaker

This type of speaker includes a pillow when you purchase it, and the speaker is built into the pillow and has a built-in stereo jack that allows you to plug in your MP3 player or smartphone.

Small portable speaker

This is a separate speaker unit that works with any existing pillow which allows you to control exactly where the speaker is placed.

Flat under pillow speakers

These pillows have a flat shape and are placed under your existing pillow. Because of a lack of height, you can't feel the shape of the speaker when you're lying on the pillow. These speakers are commonly covered in a soft material such as foam.

Pillow Speaker Benefits

Personal speaker

A good quality pillow speaker allows you to listen to your favourite audio without disturbing your partner or anyone else who is in the same room. Pillow speakers have little sound leakage, so even someone sleeping next to you is very unlikely to hear anything. It also stops any potential argument or disagreements about what music should be on in the room.


Wearing earbuds to sleep can be incredibly uncomfortable especially if you're a side sleeper. A pillow speaker is a great alternative as you can sleep unrestricted without waking up with a painful ear, or the earbud falling out part way through the night.

Help soothe existing medical issues.

Pillow speakers can help existing medical conditions that you suffer from. By playing appropriate background noise, you can improve conditions such as Tinnitus as the sound can distract you from the ringing sensation that Tinnitus causes.

Better quality of sleep

Using a pillow speaker can increase the quality of your sleep as it may make you fall asleep quicker and be a cure for your insomnia. It is also a great way to wind down after a long day and prepare your body for bed, so you get into a sleepy state.

Catch up on your latest audio

Whether you're listening to the latest music, audiobook, podcast or language books, the speaker pillow allows you to catch up on the latest material that you may not have time to listen to throughout the day.

Pillow Speakers Buying Guide

There are several factors that you need to consider before buying your speaker pillow. Some are very important while others are less important, but they still need to be thought about throughout.

Type of pillow

If you're buying a speaker with a built-in speaker, then you need to check that the type of pillow is suitable for your needs. Pillow speakers have come along way from their flimsy beginnings, and now most will come with a top range hollow fibre/microfibre filing and allow you to choose your level of firmness.

Sound quality

Sound quality is critical because you want to be able to hear the sounds clearly with no distortion or crackling. This can be difficult to judge before you buy it; however, within the guide, we also comment on the sound quality of each pillow speaker. Stereo speakers should always be a priority over the lower quality mono speakers.

Some pillow speakers even have two built-in speakers which allow you to listen to your audio in stereo sound, which is ideal if you enjoy listening to audio in bed before you even attempt to go to sleep.

Volume range

The volume is one of the most critical components as you need to be able to hear the speaker through the pillow. A broader range of volume control gives you a greater choice to find your perfect level.

Battery life

Small portable speakers can require batteries or a battery that needs recharging. You need to consider whether you're content with this arrangement before committing to purchase. However, the majority of pillow speakers do not require batteries or a power source and can operate using the power from your audio source.

Length of cord

The length of the cord is essential especially if you plan to keep your MP3 player on a bedside table instead of in the bed with you. Also if you tend not to keep still when you sleep and move around frequently, then you may need to choose a speaker that has a long enough cord.

Size of speaker

A smaller speaker will be portable and easier to pack away into your luggage if you're a frequent traveller. Older models of pillow speakers can often be larger and more obtrusive which can affect the comfort of your pillow. You can avoid this by ensuring that you purchase a later model.

Volume Control

Inline volume control is an extra feature that allows you to easily control the volume of the speakers without having to use your phone or MP3 player. This is easier than having to fiddle with buttons, and it is easy to operate even in the dark.


Just like any electronic products, there is a chance that it will become defective. To lessen the risk, it is essential to discover whether a product comes with a guarantee or warranty. So if something does go wrong, the manufacturer is there to assist.

Closing Remarks

So there you have it! You can now confidently go out and purchase a pillow speaker that meets your requirements and preferences.

We recommend the PillowSonic pillow because not only does it have great sound quality but it still allows you to use the pillow of your choice, leading to an even more comfy sleep.

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