Too Tired to Sleep? Here are 5 Ways to Beat Over Tiredness

Imagine after having a long day at work and when you finally get into bed, you’re too tired to sleep. It’s frustrating, right?

In normal circumstances, when you are exhausted, you are supposed to fall asleep immediately after hitting the bed. If you have been struggling to sleep even after being too exhausted, there must be a problem. Before you decide to use the sleeping pills when you are too exhausted to sleep, try to figure out what could cause your fatigue and insomnia.

You might be suffering from underlying health issues or stress that leave you tired and make it difficult to sleep and relax. Some of the main reasons for lack of sleep might be your circadian rhythm is off, anxiety, poor napping habits, depression, sleep disorders, and poor dieting.

If you feel tired, cannot sleep, and have already tried all recommended sleep remedies, the best option is to visit your doctor. Your doctor will help you understand the underlying problem of your sleeping problem and get a recommendation that will offer you restful sleep.

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Why Are You Too Tired To Sleep?

Even though there are days when you feel tired, feeling run down to the extent that you cannot sleep is not normal. Especially if such occurrence happens frequently. Some of the common reasons why you might be feeling too tired to sleep are as follows:

#1. Your circadian rhythm may be off

Circadian rhythms are mental, physical, and behavioral changes that follow a cycle of 24 hours. It acts as our internal timekeeper. The system uses light, dark and other biological clocks to regulate our body’s metabolism, temperature, sleep, and hormones.

A circadian rhythm tells our bodies when they need to relax. Every individual has a circadian rhythm. Therefore it is not common for you to feel tired. Your circadian rhythm may be off if you start feeling too exhausted to sleep. You may experience episodes of insomnia.

#2. Depression

A common symptom of tiredness is depression. Depression can drain all your energy and make it hard to fall asleep. When you are depressed, you often feel hopeless, sad you have pains and aches. Sleep problems are prevalent when depressed since depression appears to disturb circadian relationships.

Know more about how sleep deprivation can affect your health and beauty in this article.

#3. Consuming too much caffeine

Caffeine beverages often give you a temporary boost of energy. However, if you over-relies on them, they may make you feel exhausted. Too much caffeine can destroy your sleep and cause you too much fatigue. When you feel so tired, you may consume a large amount of caffeine, impairing your sleep cycle. Thus reducing your caffeine intake will help reduce your fatigue levels and restore your sleep.

#4. Dietary imbalances

Another reason you might feel so tired to sleep is an imbalanced diet. Your diet significantly impacts the way your body feels. To ensure your body performs critical processes, you must consume a balanced diet high in nutrient-dense food. Undereating or eating food low in nutrient value may make you feel too exhausted to sleep. Consuming food high in ultra-processed food is a threat to your energy levels. If you want to reduce feeling too tired to sleep, always eat a balanced diet since it supports a night of healthy sleep.

#5. Not getting enough high-quality sleep

Getting enough sleep is vital for your overall health. Many people do not get enough sleep which causes feeling too exhausted to sleep. Certain medical conditions can prevent you from getting enough sleep, like kidney problems. To avoid feeling extremely tired to sleep, ensure you curb your insomnia problems since it might be the primary reason you cannot sleep even when you feel so tired.

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Five Ways to Beat Over Tiredness

Having an adequate sleep is very fundamental for good mental health. Being too tired to sleep can be very dangerous since you will continue developing daytime fatigue. It is hard to be productive during the daytime if you do not sleep well. You can take various measures to beat over your constant feeling of tiredness. Being too tired to sleep could be something severe, and thus if it persists, it is good to seek medical assistance.

#1. Eat a balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet boosts your energy levels. Make sure you get enough nutrients from the type of food you consume. A balanced diet enhances healthy digestion, thus reducing your chronic fatigue.

#2. Get regular exercise

Regular exercise is the best way to boost your energy levels. It also assures you of more high-quality sleep and minimizes fatigue symptoms.

#3. Drink more water

To keep your body running at optimum levels, ensure you stay well hydrated. Dehydration reduces your energy levels, making you feel exhausted. Besides, dehydration negatively affects your sleep.

#4. Cut down on caffeine

Lowering your caffeine intake can give you more energy in the long run. Initially, caffeine boosts your energy, but it will eventually wear you off, making you feel more tired.

If you want a restful night, avoid taking caffeine after dinner.

#5. Reduce stress

Stress is hazardous to your overall health. It takes your physical and mental energy. Stress hormones negatively affect your sleep and your health. Stress may lead to depression which makes you feel too tired to sleep. When you are stressed, try out mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation.

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Final Thought

Overtiredness is a common thing among adults. Being too tired during the day that you have a hard time sleeping at night is harmful to your health. It can cause many changes in your mental health, making it even more challenging to fall asleep. The condition where you feel too tired but cannot sleep is insomnia. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that makes it difficult to fall asleep.

After having a long day of working, the best thing would be to go and have a peaceful sleep. It's important to seek medical attention when you fail to get sleep despite your fatigue. Being too tired to sleep can also occur because of other everyday things like poor dieting, dehydration, and poor sleeping pattern.

Therefore, ensure that you identify the things that could be causing you to be too tired to sleep especially at night. After you know what might be going on, you can now take action to regain your quality sleep back.

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