Find the Best Mattress for Your Airbnb or Vacation Rental

Choosing the best mattress for an Airbnb rental can be difficult because you must make sure it will be comfortable for all your guests. You’ll need to anticipate your guest’s taste and preferences to make sure the mattress is accommodating so they have a relaxing stay and perhaps return for more.

best mattress for vacation rental

Most people using Airbnb are on holiday and it’s your job to make their vacation worthwhile. Choose a mattress that will make them comfortable, sleep well and wake up refreshed. Furthermore, you need your guests to leave positive reviews to encourage others to try out your rental property.  

Hotels have always been opting for quality mattresses that keep their clients happy and you can borrow this strategy. To help you pick out the ideal mattress, we have gathered a list of five coziest and most comfortable mattresses for Airbnb. The listed mattresses are well built, comfortable, durable and affordable - everything you need in your Airbnb mattress. 

Choose the Best Mattress for Your Airbnb

1. Nectar Mattress

Nectar brand is one of the best mattresses in the market. It has a medium firmness that most people appreciate. It prioritizes contouring and pressure relief. You can be sure that most clients will rest well and wake up refreshed.

nectar sleep mattress review

This mattress comes with several layers of memory foam to ensure maximum support and comfort. The first layer has 3-inch memory foam that hugs the body closely and contours throughout the body while supporting the spine.

The cover is infused with a cooling gel made of polyethylene to keep the mattress cool even when the sleeper sweats at night. Below the cover, there’s soft conventional foam that is firm and acts as a support and transition layer for the sleepers. It’s high density, firmer than the top layer and durable.

Nectar is also accommodating to people of light and medium weight and contours accordingly. That way you can be sure most users will be happy with the soft mattress. The mattress has no bouncy response but has a good motion transfer response.

Nectar Mattress Pros & Cons


  • Offers support and comfort to most sleepers

  • Responsive with a good edge support feature
  • Offers relief to pressure points

  • Affordable


  • It’s not friendly to heavier sleepers
  • It’s not responsive and can be a struggle getting off the bed

2. Inofia Mattress

Inofia is designed with zero pressure foam that contours according to your body’s outline. It bends around your physical structure relieving stress from your neck, spine, and hips. With the pocket coil spring system, the mattress responds to weight and adapts to the shape of your spine. It reduces motion transfer and supports the body evenly.


This mattress comes with a Perfegreeab cover made of 100% natural knitted fabric that allows proper ventilation while you sleep. It absorbs all the moisture and cools you down to avoid waking up in the middle of the night feeling hot. The mattress helps you cool down to enjoy a peaceful nap.

Inofia Mattress Pros & Cons


  • Provides maximum comfort and support
  • Durable and breathable
  • Innovative pocket springs with no motion transfer
  • Offers pressure relief to the neck, hips, and spine
  • Value for your money


  • Has a chemical odor that lasts a little longer than expected
  • Uncomfortable for people who prefer firmer mattresses

3. Simba Mattress

Simba mattress offers a premium sleep surface that is incredibly soft, supportive, and comfortable. The surface is covered with a hypoallergenic fabric that helps keep the mattress fresh and clean. This is a thoughtful feature for an Airbnb mattress.


This mattress has a Simba latex layer that prevents overheating for a cool and comfortable nap. The memory foam layer adapts to your body shape while eliminating stress from your joints, hips, and shoulders.

It also has seven ergonomic pressure zones that distribute weight evenly for a comfortable sleep. The mattress has a medium-firm surface with no motion transfer. Your guest will enjoy their night and wake up ready to start another day refreshed.

Learn more about Simba mattresses

Simba Mattress Pros & Cons


  • Helps relieve pressure from your neck, back and hips
  • Medium-firm surface
  • Hypoallergenic surface
  • Breathable mattress
  • Comfortable and supportive


  • Uncomfortable for people who prefer a soft mattress

4. Starlight Beds

A starlight bed has a coil spring unit that provides a great support system. The coils are durable and combine with a memory fiber that allows airflow for a cool night. The 3D non-woven structure has enough space for water and humidity to spread quickly for optimal temperature regulation.

starlight beds mattress

The fabric on its covers contains no allergy-triggering substances. This is great for guests since you never know who’s suffering from any allergies. Your clients will enjoy a fresher and cleaner night on your rental property.

The Starlight bed mattress is also super comfortable and has a bouncy effect. The sleeper will feel like they’re sleeping on clouds all night long. It’s made of a double memory fiber that contours naturally and reduces pressure on your back, hips, and shoulders. It’s also durable and can expect to serve your Airbnb space for a long time.

Starlight Beds Mattress Pros & Cons


  • Excellent quality
  • Adapts to the body posture and supports your spine
  • Durable
  • Fast delivery system


  • Springs can be uncomfortable for people who don’t like bouncy beds

5. DOSLEEPS King Mattress

Dosleeps is designed with a unique 9-zone support system of spring coil pockets. The spring coils eliminate motion disturbance, pressure points, and lower back pain. Each spring coil is made of stainless steel wire curled into a cylindrical shape. The springs are compressed and sealed in an innovative fabric pocket to reduce spring collision noise.

dosleep king mattress

On the surface, you’ll find a smooth fiber surface made of TENCEL Lyocell fibers that wick moisture efficiently. The fabric is designed to keep your body cool especially for those who sweat while sleeping. That way the guest can sleep soundly all night.

The spring coils are packed individually and independently, to allow contouring with each person’s body and a comfortable support system. The mattress doesn’t transfer motion allowing partners to sleep undisturbed even when one individual moves during the night.

The pocket spring coils are covered with a memory foam layer for maximum comfort. It also helps reduce pressure around the neck, shoulders, back, and hips by 87%. That way, your guests can rest comfortably and wake up refreshed.

DOSLEEPS King Mattress Pros & Cons


  • Layer of memory foam for extra comfort
  • Unique pocket spring coils for that extra bounce
  • Cover fabric is breathable allowing you to stay cool and dry all night
  • Provides support and relieves pressure from your back, hips, and joints


  • Not everyone likes a bouncy mattress
  • It’s quite heavy

How to Choose the Best Mattress for an Airbnb or Vacation Rental Property

Choosing a mattress for your Airbnb rental property can be challenging. You have to look for a mattress that caters to most sleepers ensuring they have a peaceful sleep. You need to determine what the most important features are before you make an order.

While there are some common aspects most mattresses share, there’s a way to refine your search. Here are some of the most essential features you should consider to get the coziest mattresses in the market.

Mattress Size

Consider the size of your rental bedroom space. If it’s a holiday home with large rooms, a king-size or queen-size bed and mattresses are convenient. If it’s a studio apartment or small bedroom space, consider a smaller bed to avoid the room feeling cramped. You need extra space for drawers and nightstands to make your guests comfortable.

Firmness Level

Everyone prefers different levels of firmness on their mattress. To give your clients the perfect balance, make sure you choose a mattress with medium firmness ranging about 5 or 6. That way, the majority of sleepers won’t have a problem with the mattress.

Mattress Price

It’s a good idea to invest in a worthy mattress. It will give you a good return on investment in the long run. Invest in a quality mattress, might be costly but with happier customers, it’s worth it. Furthermore, you’re buying a mattress once and will serve your business for years to come.

best mattress for airbnb

Temperature Regulation

No one is ever comfortable sleeping in hot or cold temperatures. Choose a mattress with a cooling effect to keep your guests comfortable throughout their sleep. It should have an above-average temperature regulation system, especially in warm environments. Consider mostly hybrid and latex mattresses that retain the least amount of heat.

No One Likes a Noisy Mattress

Squeaky mattresses are annoying and guests won’t appreciate them. A noisy mattress could ruin a honeymoon or intimate activities between couples. You can choose memory foam beds or hybrids designed to cancel noise.

Contouring for Superior Comfort

A good mattress should distribute weight evenly and adapt to the body’s structure. It should contour along the body to improve spinal support and relieve pressure from the joints. Moderate contours, perhaps, are best for a rental property to accommodate the guest’s preferences.

Durability for Longevity

Replacing a mattress after every few months is a costly affair that is avoidable. You need to look for a durable mattress with quality materials layered well from top to bottom.

Pressure Relief for Maximum Comfort

Most people experience pain and pressure around the neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips during their sleep. The strain could be a result of a hard or poor quality mattress creating a bad posture when sleeping. To avoid complaints and bad reviews, look for a mattress that cushions and supports the body to relieve stress from all those pressure points. You can choose from a memory foam mattress, latex, and hybrids for best results.

Motion Isolation

Some guests might need to share a bed such as couples, parents with kids or siblings and they’ll need larger beds to accommodate their needs. A mattress with motion isolation would be a considerate gesture. That way, an individual can sleep soundly while the other tosses and turns without any disturbances. Memory foam mattresses are best recommended in this category.

Edge Support

Your guests should be comfortable and safe during their sleep. No host wants to hear their guests rolled out of bed while napping. Hybrid and latex beds have the best edge support. They are well built with a strong edge that keeps the sleeper on the bed.

Ease of Movement

When a mattress has limited bounce and abundant sink, sometimes it can be a little hard to get in and out of bed. A good mattress should be responsive for comfort and aid intimate activities.

Ease of Care and Cleaning

Generally, an Airbnb rental property should always be clean and fresh. Your guest would also appreciate sleeping on a clean mattress. To avoid struggling with cleaning your mattress, look for mattresses that are easier to clean and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to protect the quality of your mattress. It’s also easier to do routine clean-ups and remove all spots or stains immediately after the guests leave. You can also buy mattress protectors to act as barriers against spills, dust, bed bugs, and allergens.


You need to provide quality services in your Airbnb rental properties. A good mattress is part of good services and goes a long way when you need good reviews. We have listed above some of the best mattresses we have tested and considered a good option for any rental property.

You can always ship a mattress from any brand and use the trial period to determine if they’re worth the hype. Since you need all your guests to enjoy their stay, make sure the mattress you choose meets the needs of your guest to keep them happy and recommend you to their family and friends.

We carefully considered each mattress in this list and they covered the best price ranges with amazing features. We have also included a buyer’s guide to help you in your search for the coziest mattress for Airbnb.

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