Why Choosing the Best Mattress for Your AirBnB is So Important for Your Guests Holiday

When choosing the best mattress for Airbnb, you need to have an open mind. Your guests probably have different tastes and preferences but with a few similarities. It’s your responsibility to make sure all your guests are comfortable and well rested during their stay in your rental property.

Go the extra mile and buy a mattress that is durable, comfortable and high rating. You might need to add covers and mattress toppers to increase your bed’s longevity. Similar to the best hotels, your Airbnb should prioritise your guest’s needs and a good mattress is the way to go. To help you with the search you need to ask yourself a few questions.

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Which Is The Best AirBnB Mattress That Will Satisfy Most Of Your Guests?

Mattresses nowadays are designed by the highest tech with comfort in mind. You can find anything you want, as long as you have standards to maintain. Otherwise, you might end up wasting money on a mattress that leaves negative reviews on your Airbnb property.

The best mattress should offer comfort and support to ensure a good night sleep. You can consider size, materials, features, and shape with general sleepers in mind.

For instance, if your rental property is a vacation home, most likely your guests will be families with young kids, couples, girlfriends, or business associates.

As you pick mattresses for each room, imagine which guest would most be comfortable in that space and pick a model that best suits his or her needs.

Each mattress is made of different materials with best features and drawbacks. As you consider each guest for different rooms, note that they might have allergies, joint issues, or varying weight.

Memory Foam Mattresses for AirBnb

You can check out memory foam mattresses that align the spine and relieve pressure points. Most sleepers appreciate this type of mattress.

It allows contouring and keeps your guest cool throughout the night. It comes with medium firmness allowing people who suffer from joint pain and back issues to sleep better during their stay. Memory foam is also great for couples or parents with minimal motion transfer. That way, each individual can truly enjoy his or her vacation until the sun comes up.

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Inner Spring Mattresses For Your Holiday Home

Inner Springs mattresses offer a good bounce and support to most guests. It’s great for heavier sleepers looking to relax after a long day of activities.

It has a medium firmness with coil springs allowing excess moisture to evaporate when the sleeper sweats during the night. They are also great for people who don’t mind a little bounce to their rest. Kids too would love the bouncy nature but might find it a little harsh for their young backs.

Latex Mattresses For AirBnb

Latex mattresses work similar to memory foam but with a higher price tag. There are two types of latex mattresses, natural and synthetic. Depending on your budget and Airbnb luxury category, your guests will love it.

If you’re hosting executive clients, splurge on the natural mattresses and make their stay worth every dollar they spend.

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Hybrid Mattresses For Vacation Homes

If you can’t settle between springs or memory foam, you can get a hybrid mattress. It combines both buoyancy and comfort under one mattress. That way, the indecisive clients can rest well without any complaints. The mattress offers comfort, support, and pressure relief with extra layers of memory foam for more contouring.

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Air Mattresses For Extra Guests

Sometimes clients may have more people than the beds you set up. Sort out the situation with airbed mattresses. They are perfect for holidays when everyone gathers and needs extra beds for more guests.

Airbed mattresses are easy to set up at night and take down in the morning. The guest has the freedom to choose the firmness and sleep away happy to catch up with everyone else. That way your guests will appreciate your fore sight and recommend your rental properties to their family and friends.

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How Much Is Your Budget For The Best Mattress For Airbnb?

The type of mattress you choose determines the price range you should expect to pay. So if you’re on a tight budget, first consider how much you can afford and check out the mattresses in that category. Not that expensive doesn't always mean quality. Let’s breakdown what to expect in mattresses in price ranges between 0 to $2500.

Mattress Budget: Free - $200

You might want to start with a used mattress if you’re on a budget. Honestly, it’s not a good idea especially for a rental property. The mattresses might be damaged, have stains, bad odors, or bedbugs. You never know how other people handled the mattress before you. It’s best not to expose your guests to such unhygienic situations. If truly you’re on a budget, you can get a good mattress worth $100 for starters and upgrade after you saved some cash.

Mattress Budget: $200 - $600

At this price range, you can get a quality mattress made from a variety of materials. Mattresses in this category have a lifespan of about 4 years for average sleepers or less for heavy sleepers. It’s also a good option for the startup Airbnb business. You’ll most likely find memory foam, polyfoam and airbed mattresses in this category.

Mattress Budget: $600 - $900

This level has some of the best mattresses for Airbnb. You have a wider range to choose from with best features to accompany the mattress. You’ll get a ten year warranty from famous mattress brands with additional shipping and return policies. You can expect extra comfort with varying thickness levels to choose from.

Mattress Budget: $900 - $2500

If budget isn’t an issue, you can go all out and ensure the ultimate luxury experience in your rental property. This category has the best mattresses for Airbnb existing in the market. You can customize the features to accommodate different clients. The mattress comes with a lifetime warranty with an amazing customer support system. When you pay a premium , you get all the luxury your money can buy.

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Which Mattresses Do Hotels Use?

Since you’re offering services similar to hotels, you might be wondering how they choose their mattresses. It’s no secret that most hotels have the best mattresses that make you feel relaxed and refreshed the next morning. You want your guests to have the same feeling every time they visit

Hotels use the coveted double sided or flippable mattresses. This means, the staff flips the mattresses regularly to increase their lifespan. Both sides are built with the same layers for balanced comfort on both sides. Over time, this feature is a money saving trick allowing you to maximize your profit.

Double-sided mattresses have extra foam layers compared to the normal one-sided mattresses. They also have heavy-duty coils that allow you to sleep on both sides comfortably. You can also ask around or research a hotel where you love their mattress and contact the mattress brand to order a similar one.

What Is The Best Firmness Level For Your Guest?

A bed’s firmness feels different especially for heavier sleepers. For instance, people weighing less than 150 pounds don’t put much pressure on a mattress. They need softer mattresses to rest better. On the other hand, heavier sleepers require a firm mattress. Softer mattresses will sink deep due to the weight making their sleep uncomfortable.

Since you’re shopping for a mattress for your guests, go for medium firmness level 6, that way all your guests will be comfortable regardless of their sleeping positions.

How Do You Care For Your Airbnb Mattress?

Caring for your mattresses should be your priority. Guests pay top dollar for a clean and safe space. Apart from washing the sheets and other beddings, the mattress too should be cleaned. Things happen during the night and your mattress might get stains from vomit, blood, sweat, urine and other liquids. You’ll need to look for a mattress that is easy to clean to maintain high standards.

Bed bugs, dust mites and other unattractive things might find their way into your mattresses and destroy your reputation. After going through the process of buying the best mattress for Airbnb, check out the cleaning instructions. You can always flip the mattress from time to time to increase its lifespan.

After a guest checks out, remove all the bedding and spot check for stains and clean them immediately. 

If you let the stain sit there longer, it might be harder to remove on a later day. Sprinkle some baking soda and let it sit there for a few hours then vacuum to remove all the dirt.

To avoid such situations, buy a mattress cover or protector to extend your mattress lifespan. The mattress cover shields your guest bed from spills or stains and makes it easier to clean. You don’t want to risk any mattress damage that would affect it. You can also get a mattress topper for extra support and comfort. So if you bought a cheap mattress or your mattress is worn out after a period of use, add a topper instead of buying a new mattress.

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There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the best mattress for your Airbnb property. Choosing a high quality mattress that is comfortable and durable will ensure it lasts and your guests will have a enjoyable, relaxing holiday. A happy guest means they will return to your Airbnb or vacation home again and again. 

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