How to Stay Cool in the Summer Without Air Conditioning

Summer is an excellent time of the year thanks to the sunny weather which generally puts us in a better mood, and we get to enjoy the longer days. However, there is one thing that sunny weather causes and that’s making it harder to get to sleep when the temperature remains high throughout the night.

Summertime can reduce the amount of quality sleep we get and generally lead to a night of tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. Luckily there are several things you can do to stay cool throughout the hot summer months.

1. Cooling Fan

A cooling fan is a simple device that will help to cool you down if you’re overheating and can stay on throughout the night. One thing to note is that if you’re a light sleeper, you may need to purchase a silent fan which will not disturb you while you try to sleep.


A fan is one of the best solutions for a hot room primarily because it takes such a short period to cool the room down, are long-lasting and relatively affordable. A fan also means that you can keep your windows closed which prevents insects from flying into your room.

2. Cooling Pillow

A cooling pillow is usually a mat that is either placed under or over your existing pillow and has a cooling gel interior which works to disperse heat and transfer the cool feeling on to your body parts that are in contact with it.

This is an affordable option that provides instant relief. If you need even more of a cooling effect, then you can also place the mat into the fridge or freezer. A cooling pillow gives you a more permanent and longer lasting version of the cold side of the pillow.

3. Sleep Alone

Sharing a bed can make those hot nights even hotter, especially for couples that enjoy snuggling. If you have a separate bed, then you may need to even sleep in different beds, although if your bed is big enough, you may need to sleep without being in contact with each other, so you don’t get too hot.

It may sound ridiculous that we’re suggesting not to touch each other, but in the height of summer, it’ll be the last thing you’ll want to do when you’re feeling sweaty and hot.

4. Eat a Lighter Meal Before Bed

Have you ever had a heavy meal and then found it difficult to sleep after you’ve finished?

What you eat before bed is essential and affects how hot you feel when you sleep. If you’re planning to have a large heavy meal, then this can make you hotter because the more food you ingest, the more your body metabolises to digest the food which causes your temperature to rise.

So instead of a heavy meal, we’d recommend you have a lighter meal such as a salad. This has the most significant effect right before bed so if you have a heavy meal planned, then consume it several hours before bed.

5. Lower Tog Duvet

Duvets come in tog level ratings which refers to the density and how effective the duvet is at thermal insulation to trap heat. The higher the tog rating, the more effective it is at retaining heat, so if you’re getting too hot in bed then it’s recommended that you purchase a lower tog rating which will feel lighter and keep you cooler throughout the night.

It also means that it will absorb less sweat so won’t start to smell bad as quickly compared to a higher tog rating duvet in summer.

6. Open a Window

If all else fails, open a window which will let fresher air flow in and displace the hot air inside the room to bring the temperature down. Although if the climate is humid, then there will be a lack of cool air that can flow into the room so it may have little effect.


7. Cooling Mattress

Although memory foam mattresses traditionally sleep hot, many alternatives can work to keep you fresh. There are new memory foam mattresses that either has a cooling gel layer or have pocketed springs which promote airflow to keep you cool.

If this means that you need to buy a new mattress, then this will also help to improve your sleep because you can get a new sleep surface that will support your body more adequately.

8. Cooling Mattress Topper

Understandably, buying a new mattress isn’t a small purchase, and you may not be able to go out and buy a new one suddenly.

The alternative to this is to buy a cooling mattress topper, which is a layer of material that goes on top of your existing mattress to not only provide another layer of comfort but also give you cooling benefits. To get these benefits, you need to buy a mattress topper that has cooling qualities.

9. Switch Off Electrical Appliances

Electrical items will give off heat when they’re switched on, so if you find yourself feeling hot, then it’s a good idea to turn them all off which will help to lower the temperature.

Of course, you can’t turn off everything such as your alarm clock that you need to wake you up in the morning.

Also if you have appliances that give off too much heat, then they may not be energy efficient, so this could be an indicator that they need replacing for a more energy efficient model.

10. Wear Less Clothes

If you’re struggling to stay cool, then try to sleep with less restrictive clothing that is soft and made from breathable cotton.

Another alternative is to go fully naked. However, this has mixed opinions because although it keeps some people cool, other people claim that it causes sweat to stick to you whereas fabric would wick the sweat away. This is something that you should test because it works for different people.

11. Stay Hydrated

You need to ensure that you stay hydrated so you should drink a glass of water before you go to bed. Sweating will make you lose body fluid as will tossing and turning throughout the night.

You should also keep a glass of water near your bed, so you don’t have to get up through the night. You shouldn’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink water as this often means that you were dehydrated long before this.

12. Sheet Material

If you’re someone that likes to sleep with a sheet over them regardless of the temperature, then you need to make sure they’re made of the right material. 100% cotton sheets are the recommended material because they are more breathable than alternatives while also being comfortable.

Also, cotton sheets also absorb sweat not only making it easier to fall asleep but also making it less likely for you to overheat throughout the night.

13. Cold Shower

If you’re struggling to cool your home down, then you need to cool down your body instead which a cold shower can do.

This will also rinse your sweat off leaving you feeling fresh and clean making you more comfortable, leading to it taking less time to fall asleep due to your lower body temperature.

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