10 Strategies For When You Are Too Tired To Sleep

Have you ever felt too tired to sleep? So exhausted, yet you cannot go to sleep? After a long day of work, your greatest desire is to get to bed and have some quality sleep. Oftentimes, when you are overtired, your body will have trouble dropping off.

Overtiredness causes many changes in your mental health, making it hard to fall asleep. It is very frustrating that you get into your bed at night and all your mind does is race with what has been happening during the day. No matter how hard you try to close your eyes and get sleep, it does not work in any possible way. 

You might think that only babies have a hard time falling asleep, right? Well, adults do, too. There are many reasons why you might be feeling too tired to sleep. For instance, you might be suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, digestion imbalance, and change in the environment.

If your sleeping problem persists, it’s time to talk to your doctor. Don't always overlook such issues as your body might be telling you something.

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Is It Possible To Be Too Tired To Sleep?

Yes, it’s possible to feel too exhausted and at the same time have problems sleeping. There are many health problems and life stress which can leave you feeling tired throughout the day. For people who do a lot of manual labor or heavy lifting, the body might be in shock, making it hard and too tired to sleep. 

You might as well be having a lot on your plate with work deadlines, kids' homework, upcoming projects, presentations, or other major life events making you restless. If that's the case, as soon as the stress triggers pass you should be able to fall asleep as normal.

You should only worry if the problem is prolonged. You may be spending your day working your brain, which will make you feel too exhausted to sleep. Unless you realize you are stressed, you will continue having difficulties falling asleep at night. When you are tired, your body functioning changes. This affects your mental processes, which affects your sleeping patterns.

Can Oversleeping Fatigue Affect your Sleep?

Too much sleep can increase your levels of fatigue. It makes sense when we say that less sleep causes you fatigue. However, too much sleep might also leave you feeling too exhausted to rest again the next day. You may find that the days you decide to sleep more than your regular hours, you spend your day feeling unmotivated. Oversleeping will make you feel tired all day and increase the risk of depression and headaches.

Oversleeping might also be a result of a sleep disorder known as hypersomnia. It's a condition where you can never enjoy normal sleeping patterns and feel tired constantly.

What are Ten Strategies for When You Are Too Tired to Sleep?

Depriving your body of the sleep, you desperately need can be very harmful. Especially, if you are too exhausted. You're not doomed to toss and turn every night. If you have been having trouble sleeping when you feel tired, you can try to find several ways to help you get a good sleep or you may check out these ten strategies to get yourself to sleep:

1. Practice mindfulness.

If you find that your mind is racing, take time to understand yourself physically, emotionally,and mentally. Try to figure out why you are getting so exhausted and deal with it positively.

2. Avoid any distractions before trying to fall asleep.

When you are overtired and want to fall asleep, avoid screens and turn off all notifications from your phone. When it comes to sleeping at night, allow your body to decompress to make it easier to fall asleep.

3. Try sleeping in a quiet and dark space desirable for sleep.

Sometimes lighting distracts you from falling asleep.

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4. Ensure that your bedroom has a comfortable temperature.

Too hot or too cold a temperature can distract you from sleeping.

5. Get comfortable.

You may not be aware, but your mattress and pillows may be the reason you are too tired to sleep. Always ensure that your mattress is in good shape and comfortable. A comfortable bed makes you fall asleep faster.

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6. Practice yoga and meditation.

When stressed or depressed, you tend to feel more overtired. Thus, you have difficulties falling asleep. Practicing yoga and meditation helps to calm your mind and relax your body. Besides, the practices will significantly improve your sleep. Practicing these techniques will help you get an excellent rest and wake up re-energized.

7. Watch what and when you eat.

Your diet may be the reason you are too tired to sleep. The food you eat before sleeping may affect your sleep. So you should also consider a balanced diet.

8. Limit your caffeine intake and instead drink a soothing beverage.

Many people use caffeine to fight fatigue and get more alert. However, caffeine can affect your sleep quality and duration. If you partake in too much caffeine, you will struggle to sleep regardless of how tired you are.

9. Visualize things that make you happy.

10. Try sleep-enhancing supplements like magnesium to activate the neurotransmitters responsible for sleep.

Final Thoughts

Having problems falling and staying asleep is frustrating and can also affect your mental, emotional and physical health. When you are overtired, you may struggle to fall asleep. However, if you follow the above techniques, you will fight the fatigue in your body and have an easier time falling asleep.

When you feel too tired to sleep, think about everything that could interfere with your rest. From there, you can then, adopt habits that will motivate you to get a night of better sleep. Ensure that your mind is relaxed when getting to bed by practicing meditation and being mindful.

A relaxed mind will only concentrate on sleeping instead of having racing thoughts of what happened during the day. Such racing thoughts will make you feel too tired to sleep.

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